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IOU friendly, but I'm very busy offline and can't always visit the forums, please PM to confirm pick-up before breeding! Thanks! :)

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    Got my minimum CB scroll goals :)
    Low gen:
    2nd gen Thuwed especially FEMALE (when gendered for checker)
    2nd gen Mint from male BRONZE SHIMMER and female UPSIDE DOWN MINT
    2nd gen bronze shimmer with heartstealer
    (2nd gen bronze shimmer with mistletoe, female if gendered -am on a list for this one!)
    2nd gen gold tinsel with mutamore
    2nd gen gold tinsel with wrapping wing
    2nd gen silver tinsel with witchlight
    (I have a CB bronze shimmer male to breed swaps for Holiday checkers or others you need, he's good at fails though when it's not a holiday mate :D :D)

    Special lineages as mates for something:
    Perfect checkers:
    3rd gen rock with Radiant Angels
    4th gen Valentine 09 with male lurkers
    4th gen Valentine 09 with male marrows
    4th gen Valentine 09 with male nocturne

    3rd gen even shadowwalker with alt sweetling grandfathers, not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/EDwGJ
    3rd gen Deep Sea with exact lineage of http://dragcave.net/lineage/8h0li
    Even-gen lineages from UPSIDE DOWN mints, especially purebreds, that I do not own yet.

    Also loved:
    Any higher even gen perfect checker or PB, *in pairs*. I'm trying to match up some of my pretty dragons before I get lots of others that I don't have mates for (see list above), so please no other single checkers for the time being. But breeding pairs for a higher-gen perfect checker are loved, even if both are commons!
    Crazy lineages, like a high-gen even purposefully inbred