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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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user posted image 3G Heartstealing with z-code and 2 Spriter’s Alts in base *incuhatchable*



• Another 3G (does not need to be a Valentine) with 2 different Spriter’s Alts in the base 

• One clean 3G checker with 1-2 valentine type Spriter’s Alts in its base (one from the white or purple ‘09 Valentines, the blue Arsani, or the blue Radiant Angel are priority)


3G Heartstealing with 2 Spriter’s Alts

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Rosebud_hatchi.gif  2nd Gen from Shimmer  Please offer here!


Looking for 1:
2nd Gen Valentine from Valentine Spriter's Alt
2nd Gen Thuwed Valentine (If any were bred this year)
CB Gold


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These 2g and 3g beauties:









2g Radiant Angel x Script

2g Soulstone or heartstealer from holly



Please message me.

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Have: CB Arsani, CB Rosebud, 4g Gold


Want: 2018 Valentine's dragon, because I'm an idiot who managed to pick up the wrong egg and didn't realize it until after the event ended. :wacko:

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4 minutes ago, Angra_Mainyu said:

Have: CB Arsani, CB Rosebud, 4g Gold


Want: 2018 Valentine's dragon, because I'm an idiot who managed to pick up the wrong egg and didn't realize it until after the event ended. :wacko:


They are still dropping today! Just in the regular biomes :) 


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1 minute ago, jumpsnake said:


They are still dropping today! Just in the regular biomes :) 


Oh! Well, problem solved, I guess! Thank you very much! :D

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Soulstone_mature_hatchi.png 2G from Golden Metallic, parents named (5 days and 13 hours)

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2G from Script, parents named (6 days and 22 hours)

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2G from Golden Lunar, parents named (6 days and 7 hours)

user posted image 2G from Magma, parents named (5 days and 10 hours)

user posted image 4G perfect checker from Daydreams (4 days and 20 hours)




AUTO user posted image 2G Sweetling from any of these: 

Script, Yellow Zyumorph, White Zyumorph, Red Zyumorph, Blue Zyumorph, Red Fire Gem, Khusa, Gaia Xenowyrm, Pyro Xenowyrm, Fell, Terrae, Khusa, Spessartine. 

I do not care about names, or unnamed, or what they're named.


Thanks in advance! Also please see signature. Happy to combine <3




user posted image 2G from BBW, nice parent names: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zXVjw

user posted image 2G from Monarch, nice parent names: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ui0UI





Thanks in advance!  Please PM me, I don't bite ^^

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Sweetling hatchling, 3rd gen checker with... ohboy alt Black, chocolate spriter's alt Sweetling, alt Sweetling, spriter's alt Mistletoe, and a regular Black.

It's pretty but not what I've been looking for...



2nd gen rosebud, any pretty pairing. Nicely named parents are a plus.


Make an offer on my hatchling



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5. gen Valentine '09 egg Valentine_egg.gif

chequer with Gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/ta6PH



another combination of valentine chequer, 5. gen chequer would be great, I'd also consider a Rosebud or Heartseeker

I'm fond of strong color contrasts, I'm not so fond of pink/pink or pink/red combinations.  Combos with other holidays would be super welcome, combos with metallics only with silvers, please.


2. gen Soulstone


Make an offer on my Valentine '09!



2. gen Soulstone hatchie Soulstone_hatchi.png

from Snow Dragon https://dragcave.net/lineage/1xWxM



another 2. gen Soulstone, preferably not from holiday dragon

Make an offer on my Soulstone!

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On 2/15/2018 at 5:06 AM, waya81 said:


Sweetling_egg.gif 2G Alt sweetling x pyral https://dragcave.net/lineage/HJwOc

Arsani_egg.gif 2g x gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/szwbf

Radiant_Angel_egg.png 2g x gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/PtFAv

Radiant_Angel_egg.png 2g x Omen https://dragcave.net/lineage/qOpa5

Heartstealing_egg.png 2G x frostbite https://dragcave.net/lineage/14LPN

Soulstone_egg.png  2g x aria https://dragcave.net/lineage/3fdL5

Soulstone_egg.png  2g x witchlight https://dragcave.net/lineage/iQhZU


  2G x gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ds6bN


 2G x azure glacewing https://dragcave.net/lineage/SgjzA (now a hatchling)



looking for 


2G Sweetling x green fire gem (I bred a pair, but didn't realize my egg slots were full :(  )

2G RA x gaia


3G Val 09 x silver tinsel

4g Val 09 x daydream

3G rosebud x  blue banded, vine

2G rosebud x pink

5G rosebud x purple

2G arsani x gold

3g arsani x brute

4G arsani x shadow walker

4g arsani x stripe

2g RA x Cavern lurker


Hubby needs

2G Val 09 x azure glacewing

4g sweetling x solstice

2g rosebud x christmas magi




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2g RA hatchie from RA x Garland


2g Soulstone from blue zyu x soulstone


2g Soulstone from GON x soulstone (named parents)


Sweetling egg, low time, with alternating sweetling and alt sweetling parents (lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dmUvv)


Can combine.


PM with offers. I really just want a couple of messy S1 and S2 soulstone and heartstealing hatchies for freezing.

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Have: A bunch of checker hatchies

user posted image 3g Spring x Arsani

user posted image 3g Radiant Angel x Green Copper

user posted image 3g Heartseeker x Green Copper

user posted image 3g Heartseeker x Grave (with alt)



user posted image 3g Radiant Angel x Mageia (unrelated to 1 and 2)


Please PM me if you're interested in one or two of the above! I'm very interested in carrying this line on to 5g.

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I Have:

2G RA from Caligene || Teleport

2G Mutamore from Spinel || Teleport

2G RA from Pillow || Teleport

2G Heartstealing from Mageia || Teleport

2G Heartseeker from Crimson Firegem || Teleport


ALSO HAVE: 2G Heartstealing from Holly || 3G Mutamore from Silver Herald (Ichigo Kurosaki)


I Want:

>> 2G Radiant Angel from Gaia - I am looking for descendants of specific dragons, so if you have this pairing please offer or PM and I will check

>> 2G Mutamore from Jadeshard (green Gemshard) - the same applies for this

Will combine for the above if the baby is from the right parents

>> 2G Soulstones (I don't know what pairings I'm after, but offer away and I will accept if I like it or decline if I don't) edit: Soulstone from Speckle-Throat

>> Arsani from purple Neb (will decline if related to my dragons)

>> Sweetling from Hellfire (will decline if related to my dragons)

>> Other offers! Valentines offers are welcome, although I'm unlikely to accept high gen offers of pairings I haven't mentioned. Non-Valentines offers are also welcome!


I will combine for a 2G Radiant Angel from Spriter's Alt x Kingcrowne (not S e p h i r o t h) or 2G Prize/kin. PM me about the Hollykin or altkin! (I'm only looking to trade these for something I specifically want, especially the altkin)


:wub: Thank! :wub:

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hello, I just came back to dragon cave after a long departure. I don't have much to offer but I picked up a nice val'09 which I won't be able to continue.  I am looking for a 2nd gen from 2017 valentine.  I wasn't around and couldn't catch any abandoned ones.  A 2nd gen with non-rare / non-holiday mate will be great.  I don't have any CD gold or tinsel or anything too fancy.  thanks :)



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Valentine_hatchi.gif 2nd-gen Val 09 from khusa. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ff7fd5fb36e565ba78ae2a5791b5c8a5

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from script. https://dragcave.net/teleport/57a0afe9f5646dd4db7b97048518e708



Other 2nd-gen Valentines, nicely named parents only. In specific:


SOULSTONES: from albino, black, blacktip, carmine, diamond, ember, blue firegem, harvest, lumina, silver lunar, nhiostrife, nocturne, almandine, red, purple ridgewing, royal crimson, winter, shadowwalker, spirit ward, sunrise, sweetling, thunder, tsunami

VAL 09: albino, celestial, electric, lurker, marrow, moonstone, nocturne, skywing, spirit ward, stripe, tsunami, undine, water, waterhorse, GoN

SWEETLINGS: antarean, brute, canopy, coastal, deepsea, red dorsal, red firegem, blue gemshard, hellfire, lumina, nhiostrife, nocturne, purple ridgewing, royal blue, soulstone, swallowtail, tea, terra, undine, black zyu, pink zyu, red zyu, GoN

ROSEBUDS: antarean, azure, lumina, red, striped river, terra, undine, pink zyu

HEARTSEEKER: cassare, frost


HEARTSTEALER: horse, pink, spring

MUTAMORE: blue gemshard, horse, lumina, royal crimson, spring


Also accepting CB xenos and zyus.


PM me or offer on the links, thanks!

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Arsani_hatchi.gif 2nd gen Arsani from Tsunami hatchling, named parents


Looking for:

2nd gen valentine hatchling from named parents, especially these:

Val09 from white, nhiostrife

Rosebud from spring, blusang

Heartseeker from white, seragamma, nhiostrife, monarch

Arsani from storm, blusang, nhiostrife, undine

Radiant angel from white

Heartstealing from silver lunar herald, bleeding moon, lumina, royal blue, white, frostbite, water

Mutamore from blue gemshard, specklethroat, blue lunar herald, azurewing

Soulstone from bolt, lumina, terrae, earth, electric


I might be picky, but I use decline if I'm not interested, so offer away!

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