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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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On 2/20/2018 at 5:53 AM, sara4cows said:

Arsani_hatchi.gif 4th Gen for freezing  Make an offer here!

Looking for:
2nd gen hatchling offers, no pure breds please.

Pretty 2 head or Drake combos are nice as well as commons from complimenting colors or traits.


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Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 2nd-gen x Gold, nicely named parents -- RA x Gold offer!

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 3rd-gen perfect checker x Magma -- RA x Magma offer!

Heartseeker_mature_hatchi.png 4th-gen perfect stair x Horse, cute code GGRUB -- Heartseeker x Horse offer!

Heartseeker_mature_hatchi.png 3rd-EG perfect checker x Silver, cute code FhMew -- Heartseeker x Silver offer!


TOP PRIORITY if any are still out there! =

2nd-gen Heartseeker from Horse, Fever, Albino, or Green Fire Gem; or 4th-EG Heartseeker from Ribbon Dancer!


2nd, 3rd, or 4th-gen checkers:

RA x Sinii Krai
Mutamore x Script
Val '09 x Albino or Brute

Messy Mutamore or Soulstone to freeze

Offers!  Try me, I'm interested in all sorts of dragons. ;-)

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Sweetling_hatchi.gif    2nd gen Alt father Sweetling x Black, nicely named parents. ~he will turn dark on an alt scroll.


Sweetling_hatchi.gif  3rd gen Sweetling stairstep Thuwed.  All named ancestors, parents described.


Soulstone_hatchi.png  2nd gen Soulstone from Azure Glacewing, cutely named parents. ~stunned


Soulstone_hatchi.png  2nd gen Soulstone from Ice, father named. ~stunned


Mutamore_hatchi.gif  2nd gen Mutamore from Gaia, cutely named parents. ~stunned


 Soulstone_mature_hatchi.png  2nd gen Soulstone from Holly, nicely named parents. ~stunned


Sweetling_hatchi.gif  2nd gen Sweetling (pink father) x Winter Seasonal, named nicely parents. ~stunned


Heartseeker_hatchi.gif  2nd gen Heartseeker from blue Fire Gem, father named.


Heartstealing_hatchi.gif  2nd gen Heartstealing from Astrapi, nicely named parents.






Will consider swap or other offers.  On the fence as to what pairings I like best, will decline if I don't care for it.  Mostly safe to say I don't like purple and green pairings but I've been known to make exceptions if the parents have cute names I like. Soulstone x Snow with nicely named parents would be nice.  No soulstone x script, or any breed x omen.


It'll take a very good offer to get the alt father sweetling x black as I do have a potential mate on my scroll, and I rather like the soulstone & holly and mutamore & gaia hatchlings.



Make an offer on my alt father Sweetling x Black hatchling!

Make an offer on my Thuwed Sweetling hatchling!

Make an offer on my Soulstone & Azure Glacewing hatchling!  Traded, thank you!

Make an offer on my Soulstone & Ice hatchling!

Make an offer on my Mutamore & Gaia hatchling!

Make an offer on my Soulstone & Holly  hatchling! -Grew up

Make an offer on my Sweetling (pink) x Winter Seasonal hatchling! ~in another teleport, PM

Make an offer on my Heartseeker x blue Fire Gem hatchling!  Traded, thank you!

Make an offer on my Heartstealing & Astrapi hatchling!

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Mutamore_hatchi.gif 3G from Gold checker.  Named lineage!  Teleport Link



2G Silver Tinsel from Mutamore --- priority!  Will breed/add to my trade for this.

2G Sweetling from silver Lunar

3G RA from Pyrope checker

3G Sweetling from rainbow Copper checker

2G Silver from Mutamore

4G Silver from Sweetling checker

3G Purple from Rosebud checker

3G Lumina from Heartstealing checker

Other offers/Please PM for other Holiday offspring I need!

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I have:

- two 2G mutamore hatchlings (siblings, actually): https://dragcave.net/teleport/ec67ecb5810dc0f280641674b1cccec8

- two lovely 3G checker valentine hatchies (1 radiant angel, 1 heartstealer): https://dragcave.net/teleport/4be3767bf33a8e67396a911d62289fa2


All hatchlings are close to growing up (almost ER).



I would love:

any-lineaged soulstones for freezing.

- a 2G soulstone from a nice pairing (I'm not picky).

- CB val '09.


Would happily combine for the last one. Just shoot me a PM if you have one, and tell me what you'd like. :)


Thank you.

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3G Rosebud x Almandine checker hatchie (fogged for safety)




Bloodswap or 2G Rosebud x Almandine, purple line in sig is okay. PM me to discuss.


Traded, thank you very much! :D


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Well, I think that about does it for Valentine trading this year.  I don't think there are any more available.  So I'm ending this thread with a nice little Valentine closing verse.  💗


💓"Roses are red, violets are blue💙

💘Valentine wishes for you,💞

💌The whole year through!"💕


God Bless!😁

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