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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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Have 2nd gen heartseeker from soulstone




2nd gen sweetling from red dragon




2nd gen mutamore from script




need any gendered mutamore hatchie plz



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Soulstone_hatchi.png2g Soulstone from Gold Shimmer




Soulstone_egg.png/Soulstone_hatchi.png2g Soulstone from Gold Tinsel(one from Snape is auto & I can add more for it!)


No other offers, please, I am more than happy to keep her, but I realised I prefer the look of this pairing with the Tinsel, so thought I'd give it a shot, perhaps someone feels otherwise :)

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Rosebud_egg.gif gen 6 Rosebud x Gold

Sweetling_egg.gif gen 3 Sweetling x Gold




Rosebud_egg.gif gen 2 or 3 Rosebud x "dark colored dragons" (I mean, Black Marrows, Omen, Caligene, Blue Firegem and other like that)

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Arsani_hatchi.gif 10 lineaged Arsani hatchies: Arsani 1 Arsani 2 Arsani 3 Arsani 4 Arsani 5 Arsani 6 Arsani 7 Arsani 8 Arsani 9 Arsani 10

Heartseeker_hatchi.gif 9 lineaged Heartseeker hatchies: Heartseeker 1 Heartseeker 2 Heartseeker 3 Heartseeker 4 Heartseeker 5 Heartseeker 6 Heartseeker 7 Heartseeker 8 Heartseeker 9

Valentine_hatchi.gif 1 lineaged Val '09 hatchie: Val '09

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 1 lineaged Radiant Angel hatchie: Radiant Angel




Sweetling_egg.gifSweetling_hatchi.gif will give any/all (plus anything else I can catch/breed) for 1 CB Sweetling

Mint_hatchi.gif 1:1 CB Mint hatchie IOUs (for after the event)


PM for teleport links

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Radiant_Angel_hatchi.png 2nd gen from Gold

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd gen from Bolt


Would Love:

Bloodswaps from nicely named parents, please



Radiant Angel

Soulstone ---> Gone, thank you

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Radiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png  3rd gen Radiant Angel x Mageia checker @ 5day





Any lineage Soulstone

Messy inbred hatchling for freezing.  Need sweetling, rosebud, arsani, radiant angel, mutamore, and soulstone.

Offers!  This one has to go!


Make an offer on my Radiant Angel hatchling! Traded, thanks!

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2G Mutamore from silver Shimmer, NOW A HATCHIE, teleport



Prizekin swap - would love a 2G Heartstealing from gold Shimmer (not Endless Butter), but all offers considered!

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2g Mutamore_hatchi.gif Mutamore x Gold, both parents have nice one-word names

2g Soulstone_hatchi.png Soulstone x Script, both parents named




other 2g Soulstone egg or hatchie each (named parents preferred), not from Holiday x Holiday pairings

not looking for anything specific but will decline pairings I don't like



Please pm for Mutamore, currently offered on another trade. Traded. Thank you!

Make an offer on my Soulstone That was fast :blink: Thank you for all the offers, wasn't an easy decision!

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Have :


2nd gen ~ Valentine_hatchi.gif ~ lineage: gdinM.png.2e965e61ed89236a23dbd1345392b043.png




has 13hrs left until grown



Want :


A 2nd gen Sweetling egg from cb parents (one being an Alt sweetling)





Trade: ~ 2nd gen ~



Thanks in advanced!! ^__^

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Arsani_hatchi.gif 2nd-gen arsani from holly. https://dragcave.net/teleport/95bafac35b18bb152cbc13710b663b6a

Mutamore_hatchi.gif2nd-gen mutamore from astrapi. https://dragcave.net/teleport/8c4c42d59374424b79c13bee315d0700

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from yellow zyu. https://dragcave.net/teleport/358b5f57faf5d4fa19aa3dda3e58c8e5

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from purple. https://dragcave.net/teleport/3f4832fc04554907ec7e38f05909ee52

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from blue lunar. https://dragcave.net/teleport/de3ce375a089675452077bb1a84072d0

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from yulebuck. https://dragcave.net/teleport/dbbdeb2d117e4b9a4bbf167b8eac05db


Other 2nd-gen Valentines, nicely named parents only. In specific:


SOULSTONES: from albino, black, blacktip, carmine, diamond, ember, blue firegem, harvest, lumina, silver lunar, nhiostrife, nocturne, almandine, red, purple ridgewing, royal crimson, winter, shadowwalker, spirit ward, sunrise, sweetling, thunder, tsunami

VAL 09: albino, celestial, electric, lurker, marrow, moonstone, nocturne, skywing, spirit ward, stripe, tsunami, undine, water, waterhorse, GoN

SWEETLINGS: antarean, brute, canopy, coastal, deepsea, red dorsal, red firegem, blue gemshard, hellfire, lumina, nhiostrife, nocturne, purple ridgewing, royal blue, soulstone, swallowtail, tea, terra, undine, black zyu, pink zyu, red zyu, GoN

ROSEBUDS: antarean, azure, lumina, red, striped river, terra, undine, pink zyu

HEARTSEEKER: cassare, frost


HEARTSTEALER: horse, pink, spring

MUTAMORE: blue gemshard, horse, lumina, royal crimson, spring


Also accepting CB xenos and zyus.


PM me or offer on the links, thanks!

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Heartstealing_hatchi.gif 2nd gen Heartstealing from Red Gemshard -- ABANDONED

Mutamore_hatchi.gif 2nd gen Mutamore from Silver -- TRADED - Thank you


Looking for:

Soulstone_egg.png 2nd gen (egg or hatchie) from: Gold Lunar Herald, Silver Lunar Herald, Kingcrowne, Monarch, Script

Heartstealing_egg.png 2nd gen (egg or hatchie) from: Ice

Other 2nd gen or pretty 3rd gen checkers from Soulstone or Heartstealing offers.




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-2nd gen soulstone hatchie from aria Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

-2nd gen soulstone hatchie from purple neb Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




Egg or hatchie:

(You can also pm me to let me know you've offered, that way I'll notice faster). 

-You can also have them both for a cb metal (blue line in sig applies).


-I'm looking for a mate for these dragons:






radiant angel

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