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Seeking: Z codes, and my Wish List.

  • Scroll. PM for Requests.
  • Trade Board. Anyone missing? IOU friendly.¬†
  • Wish List. ¬†Includes bred and caveborn needs / wants.¬†
  • 2013Win.pngZ'Lena's information. Please refer to this prior to PM'ing about her. Thanks.
  • This is me: K.E. Milrona, Coyote's Blessings, Element Lights, Felisfire... and lover of Zs

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    Frozen North, Trias
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    Z'Lena's list is closed. (except for 2nd gen swaps)
    This week: Prize trade list. Next week: Shimmer list
    For more info go here: http://thedragonlayer.proboards.com/thread/3328/
    Last Bred: 3rd October - No interest.

    I'm always will to do 1:1 swap on new release dragons (or any). Your Z-code dragon, for my non-Z code!
    I love Z dragons. Any dragon with a z or Z at the beginning of its code.

    * Favorite Dragons *
    - Shadow Walkers
    - Celestial
    - Shimmers

    About Me:
    * DC Fan Forum: http://thedragonlayer.proboards.com/
    * Discord User Name: Sentinel#9811
    * Felisfire: http://felisfire.com . Username: Marin Kekuro #27259

    *** Coyote's Blessings: www.coyotesblessings.com
    **** K.E. Milrona's Andromeda Galaxy:
    1. Patreon Page - https://www.patreon.com/KEMilrona
    2. Roleplay Forums - http://planetoflegends.proboards.com/
    3. Wikipedia - http://planetoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Planet_of_Legends_Wiki