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 *******desperately seeking a 3g blue lunar x rosy solstice checker*******  will breed something nice in exchange


always seeking 2 gen pb xenowyrms, any colour, with different xeno parents (gaia x chrono = mageia, pyro x mageia=chrono , astrapi x chrono=gaia etc, any other combination). i want to try to make a lineage from random colours.


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    this profile needs updating. i'm currently working out what i need for christmas, but i've almost sorted my scroll at last. the first couple of pages aren't quite finished yet, but it's less of a mess, so possible to find things now. halloweens are on the second page, and the secondlast pages, but i'll get them all together soon :)

    i write without capitals because it's easier for my bent arthriticky fingers (i have rheumatoid arthritis), and sometimes i type with one hand.

    owner of cb gold tinsel supreme mugwump
    currently looking for
    2g gold tinsel and tinselkin swaps
    2g prizes, especially silver shimmers.
    2g prizekin, especially silver shimmers and gold tinsels

    HALLOWEEN mates
    m. witchlight x f. bronze lunar 2g 3g
    m.witchlight x f. spotted greenwing 2g or 3g
    f.witchlight x m. almandine 2g or 3g
    f.witchlight x m. silver 2g or 3g
    m.shadow walker x f.chrono
    f. shadow walker x m. gaia
    f. shadow walker x purple nebbie
    f. desipis x m. astrapi
    f. desipis x male gaia

    i hoard xenos, especially cb gaia, cb chrono and cb thalassa
    i love spriter's alt lineages, especially shadowwalkers, desipis and rosebuds, even gen checkers.

    cb silver cb green copper cb xenowyrms cb gold neglected (i still don't have a neglected after 6 years)
    2g silver lunar x mistletoe

    2gen pb xenowyrms, random colour pairings (egg must be a different colour from parents) ie chrono from gaia and mageia
    any combination of xenos, as long as the parents are different colours, and the egg is different from the parents.

    2gen female chrono x male ice
    2gen male chrono x mistletoe, mistletoe x male chrono
    2 gen male gaia x female chrono

    2gen silver or undine from male silver x female undine
    2 gen silver or tsunami from male silver x female tsunami
    2gen silver or waterdragon from male silver x female waterdragon
    2gen silver or green copper from male silver x green copper
    2gen silver or almandine from female silver x almandine
    and a lot of other 2gen silver pairs, with blusangs, moonstones, solstice, mints etc.
    2g undine from solstice and male undine
    2g solstice from solstice and male undine
    2g solstice x gold, 2g gold x solstice


    frostbite x solstice
    pillow x solstice
    silver lunar x aegis
    silver lunar x solstice
    blue lunar x solstice

    f silver lunar x m shadowwalker
    f blue lunar x m shadowwalker
    f chrono x m shadowwalker
    m.gaia x f. shadowwalker
    f spotted greenwing x m witchlight
    f.bronze lunar x m. witchlight
    m.almandine x f. witchlight
    m. silver x f. witchlight

    m. astrapi x f. desipis
    m. gaia x f. desipis

    m. monarch x f. caligene

    f silver x m marrow

    2g blusang x arsani
    2g blusang x rosebud
    3g blusang x rosebud
    3g silver x rosebud
    3g pink x rosebud
    4g black x rosebud


    4g rosebud x shadowwalker, 2g rosebud x almandine, blusang, skywing, ice, 2g 3g 4g rosebud x white, 3g 4g rosebud x moonstone, frostbite, silver lunar herald, pink

    arsani x blusang 2g and 3g

    heartseeker x shadowwalker 3g
    heartseeker x ice 3g

    heartstealer x silver lunar 2g
    val 09 x horse 2g

    i love rosebuds and shadow walkers, but i don't have cave borns of rosebuds as i started collecting too late. i'm delighted to now have some cb shadow walkers from last halloween. i collect even gen lineages with those dragons. i'm trying to find low gen eg lineages of alt shadow walkers and alt rosebuds.

    looking for ious for any of the holiday pairings listed above, especially shadowwalkers.


    other favourite dragons include solstice, lunar heralds, silvers, blusangs, silver shimmers, almandines, green coppers, undines and nebulas.

    i've been breeding an even gen pb red lineage for ages, so there's usually a red egg or two on my scroll. i call it my red velvet lineage :)
    working on getting an eighth gen red. will breed any gen pb red in trades for other eggs (not reds).

    my other lineages i've spent a bit of time on are hellhorses, and also one with trihorns and swallowtails,, and i'm happy to breed them if asked.

    looking for rosebud even gens, preferably with named parents, in combinations with silvers, shadows, pinks, almandines, blusangs, etc.

    also wanting 09 val x horse, any gen.

    happy to consider breeding requests.

    i have very slow internet, and slow arthriticky fingers. i've never caught a cb gold, but finally managed to trade for one this year.
    i only manage to catch a cb silver about once a year, and usually trade for them instead. happy to breed multiple bsa hatchies to trade for cb gold and silvers.

    will breed multiple commons to trade for rares, because it's the only way i seem to be able to get them.

    completed ious for trades:

    6 red and pink gendered hatchies for jian 1201, in exchange for gaia egg - completed

    2g silver from male almandine x female silver for rottenfish (yay, 2g silver sent 9th may), plus two red hatchies, in exchange for cb almandine egg - completed

    radiant angel x solstice for sapphira majoram from radiantly angelic - completed

    sibling to ansel winterfrost for tecca in trade for sunsong x solstice (sent 21 jan 2016)

    sibling to ansel wointerfrost for stormpaws in trade for holiday mate hatchies (sent 29 jan 2016)

    sibling to ansel winterfrost for sapphira majoram sent :)

    bloodswap for lorimmel
    3g female chrono x male silver

    iou for jane mc ash -3rd gen moonstone x male silver in exchange for the 3g silver x moonstone she sent me 25 august. yay! completed at last!

    i owe hamsterwoman a 2g tinsel from mugwump x gaia or gold lunar