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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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Oof, finally got a last minute donation in! I can only offer 1 egg and a voucher due to slots, and Avatar eggs not hatching >.<

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Donations Closed!

Thanks to everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open for entrants soon!

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Raffle Entries Open!

The raffle is now open for entries! Many thanks for all the wonderful donations! I hope everyone finds something they like!

Enter Here!

And for those unable to login to Google, please PM me with the PM title ALR Entry and the form in the box below (copy the Dragon Line Numbers in correspondence with the “Current Raffle Entries” document as many times as needed):


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to enter for the following dragon(s):


Line #

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Entered my tickets! Maybe I should've not entered for more than I thought, considering I want slots for other things XD
But it's always nice to occupy slots with them!

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Oh my! I entered for way too many! And there were even more that I wanted. So many lovely lineages!

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I’ll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! PMs will be going out to the winners shortly. Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and PM your voucher donor within 24 hours of receiving your ‘Congratulations’ PM, or let me know if you can’t.


*3EG Dark Myst (1Pmkn *2nd Gen Alt) > Tinibree

2G Mint #1 (1pO *Hatchling, inflcd F) > Tish

2G Mint #2 (1pO *Hatchling, inflcd M) > Seriva Senkalora

2G Mint #3 (1pO *Hatchling, inflcd M) > BrazenChase

2G Swallowtail (1Cali, inflcd M) > Rememberdrgns

3EG Galvanic (2gDes) > Sunrunner

3EG Gold Lunar Herald Checker (1RD) > Natayah

3EG Kingcrowne Checker (1pSW) > Coheart

3EG Nebula (1Grv) > animatedrose

3EG Pyralspite (1blkArc) > Leontious

3EG Royal Blue (1Gar, 1pV09) > Ruby Eyes

3EG Scimitar-wing Checker (2Cali) > KenKazaki2

3EG Script (1bluArc, 1pO) > Kastriia

3EG Silver Checker (2Cali) > MoonShark

3EG Skysilk (1gDes, 1bbMut) > rinoa26

3EG Skysilk (2yMis) > Osean

3EG Striped River (1bluArc, 1gDes) > Mow

3GSS Aeon (1bluArc) > Taginix

4EG Aether Wyvern (1pbRB, 1bluArc, 1rAgs, 1blkArs) > Kastriia

4EG Antarean (1HStg, 1bSwt, 1Grv, 1WW) > Sacred_DuskRose

4EG Candelabra (2rAgs, 2bAgs) > natli

4EG Change Avatar Checker (2bsMut) > Seriva Senkalora

4EG Leodon (2golSno, 2grnSno) > schenanigans

4EG Purple (2bO, 2pO) > Aqub

4EG Red Zyu (2pO, 2bO) > _DeadPool_

4EG Silver Checker (4gSW) > BlueLatios

4EG Summer Seasonal (1blkArc, 3bluArc) > animatedrose

4EG Terrae (2HStg, 1WW, 1Yb, 1Tin, 1bluArc) > AliceMcGee

4EG White (1HSkr, 1RD, 1pSW, 1pbRB, 1WW, 1gDes) > KenKazaki2

4EG White (4SA) > Coheart

4EG White (4Sol) > Miltank

AliceMcGee Voucher > Aqub

BlueLatios Voucher > MoonShark

MaeTM Voucher > Mow

Osean Voucher > _DeadPool_

Rememberdrgns Voucher > BlueLatios

rinoa26 Voucher > Leontious

Sacred_DuskRose Voucher > KenKazaki2

Terces Voucher > BrazenChase 

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Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to all of the donators! ❤️

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Amazing, I won an egg and a voucher somehow! Will definitely check when I wake up, thanks for the wonderful donors and Rosa for hosting :D

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Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for the raffle, Rosa.

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Ah, wonderful! Thanks again for hosting, Roza! 


And thanks to everyone else who made this possible!

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Thank you so much for my prize! This was a super lovely round (as always), and while I normally almost always donate, I wasn't able to this round cuz life has been crazy like a fox, I was so glad to see everyone so generous and the turnout and everyone showing up and participating and sharing! Thanks for the posts to the Player Event Thread while I've been incognito, I hope that will clear up by mid-next week, but we'll see. It might clear up this weekend, but I'm not 100% hopeful.


Thanks for letting me have some fun during the craziness! I love having a Lyzar Sprite with a Lyzar Dragon Checkered!

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Congrats to all the winners and thanks Mae for my pretty baby!  Thanks Rosa for another great raffle!!

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