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Z'! Here's my scroll. I name dragons very, very plainly (by their characteristics translated to non-English, by their code name, or even the breed name itself). Names that have more than one word are most likely not CB.


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    Cave of the Abandoned Dragons
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    Update: can't take good care of my scroll yet, busy life. I'll name/rename all my dragons later when I have time, I will :)
    I will focus on programming for my minimalistic shmup game and college assignments, then I'll be back to DC soon!


    Finally, even after a stupid mistake, I was given a chance to catch a Silver egg! I can now self-proclaim myself as an amateur Cave Hunter :D

    I am also an AP hunter. These are the abandoned hatchlings that I've caught from the AP: https://dragcave.net/group/65923
    (If you're reading this and one of your abandoned hatchlings are owned by me, I express my thanks by putting them in this group.)
    Update: passed 100 in count, yay!

    I have taken and traded a few cool world-like codes so far. It's time I self-proclaim myself as a code hunter as well! I'll name all of my dragons eventually, so it's very unlikely that I keep these codes, will trade them away to those who collect them :D
    But, sometimes it happens to be a Z, so in the end I made a small group for them (even though I have named them already): https://dragcave.net/group/69304
    What classifies as interesting code to me: readable name (example: BFfor read as the letter B, F, and for), special codes (like palindromes), and of course, word codes :v

    Achievements of acquired breeds from cave (personally):
    Still having fierce competition for:
    -Chicken (I missed one in cave!)

    (I'd like to add other Uncommons such as Gemshards as achievements but they're quite Uncommon, so I'll skip them out XD)

    If you want, I can try my best to get them, I prefer hunting rather than waiting eggs from AP to hatch. But I won't guarantee that I'll be successful! (Sometimes my internet is slow)

    Screw Vampires and their bite BSA. Actually, screw all BSA that have a chance to kill.


    Aside from DC related stuff, I am also interested in new things (but not too bizarre).
    I like programming, especially in C++ and would greatly appreciate any help or tips in using the language.

    2hu :v

    I like to write but am not a good writer or not flexible in expressing my thoughts or ideas, currently trying to use RP as a form of writing exercise. Most of the players in the current RP are kept busy with college, oh well >.<