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Z'! Here's my scroll. I name dragons very, very plainly (by their characteristics translated to non-English, by their code name, or even the breed name itself). Some names are random, though :v

Also, wanna play a game for free unbreedable eggs? Come join when it's available!


I'm a simple person. I see a hatchling in the AP, I instantly recruit.


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    Lives in a world where timezone is EST +11h (in case anyone wonders when I'm awake or alseep)

    Update: I will focus on programming for my minimalistic shmup game and college assignments, then I'll be back to DC soon! I'm back, but partially. Let me know if there are any events I could spice up :v


    I self self-proclaim myself as an amateur Cave Hunter :D
    Amateur, because I still make mistakes here and there >.< I should've gotten 1 CB Gold from cave by now.

    I am also an AP hunter. These are the abandoned hatchlings that I've caught from the AP: https://dragcave.net/group/65923
    (If you're reading this and one of your abandoned hatchlings are owned by me, I express my thanks by putting them in this group.)
    Update: 350! Thank you, anonymous and people who I know have been abandoning hatchlings :D Especially after Halloween, so many are unwanted, but I want them XD

    I have taken and traded a few cool world-like codes so far. I may self-proclaim myself as a code hunter? Maybe, I rarely keep a code, I'll name all of my dragons eventually, so I will trade them away to those who collect them :D
    But, sometimes it happens to be a Z or something cool, so I made a small group for them (even though I have named them already): https://dragcave.net/group/69304

    I basically could try to get almost all Rares except Gold or Silver. Notify me, maybe I can get one for you if you kindly ask :v

    Screw Vampires and their bite BSA. Actually, screw all BSA that have a chance to kill.


    Aside from DC related stuff, I am also interested in new things (but not too bizarre).
    I like programming, especially in C++ and would greatly appreciate any help or tips in using the language.

    2hu :v

    I like to write but am not a good writer or not flexible in expressing my thoughts or ideas, currently trying to use RP as a form of writing exercise. Most of the players in the current RP are kept busy with college, oh well >.<