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Z'! Here's my scroll! I am a forgetful person, please don't hesitate to remind me of stuff I may have forgotten >.<Alun.png.802ddeea19f1f5b3049f3c5bffcb41a3.png

We started out small. Though we are barely like our parents, we are not powerless. Together we grow in number and rise. We shall show the world who we are. GoNkin!

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    Update (12 December 2019): I am no longer updating my Forums Profile Description.

    Lives in a world where timezone is EST +12h (in case anyone wonders when I'm awake or asleep)
    I'm in the Unofficial Discord Server :D
    Olook, Official Discord Server :o

    ~If anybody wants an unnamed dragon on my scroll to be named, do send a PM! I'm slow on naming~
    ~Also, feel free to PM me about anything, I appreciate PMs ^^ ~

    Update: If anyone needs a random SAltkin, let me know, I'll see if I can breed a random one for you. As for specific requests, I can no longer promise anything as
    1) they're SAltkin. Barely replacable when they say they aren't interested in each other >.>
    2) I have bad luck in breeding <.<
    3) Apparently for every time the dragons do not cooperate, my stress levels increase exponentially because of my impatience.


    If you know me or I know you, one day or another, I'll probably ask a 2G egg from your Guardian of Nature. I have a personal project that I'm working on, and I need as many friends as possible! :D

    I live here through the kindness of everyone, so don't feel bad if I randomly gift something in return ^^

    I think I can barely AP hunt. Still, these are the abandoned hatchlings that I've caught from the AP: https://dragcave.net/group/65923
    (If you're reading this and one of your abandoned hatchlings are owned by me, I express my thanks by putting them in this group.)

    Is a code hunter. Not a code keeper, but I can gift :3
    I rarely keep a code because I'll name all of my dragons eventually, so I will trade (or gift) them away to those who collect them :D
    I made a small group for my personal taste :v https://dragcave.net/group/69304
    Will always look for 5-letter word codes and all numbers, but not to the point of trading. But maybe we can discuss something? :v

    Do I like spriter's alt offsprings? Yes.
    Do I collect them? Maybe.
    What would I do to get one? Not much, though I will try to the point of asking. If there are not many people seeking offsprings from them, it's hard to want them myself, I'm just that pessimistic >.<
    What about prizes? Same as above.
    Why don't you try trading? Well, simple. I'm bad at trading :l
    Is there anything else that you like? Combine my liking towards Zs and codes, I am a Z word collector! If not sure what that means, check the first dragon's code on my Z dragons ;) [https://dragcave.net/group/63305]
    Would you like to trade something for my Z + word code? Like I said before, I'm bad at trading :l

    31 July 2019 - accidentally killed a Mimic saved from AP as hatchling. Killed 4 others along with it. I am no longer gonna do this outside Halloween, no more T.T


    Aside from DC related stuff, I am also interested in new things (but not too bizarre? Idk).
    I like programming, especially in C++ and would greatly appreciate any help or tips in using the language.

    2hu :v

    I like to write but am not a good writer or not flexible in expressing my thoughts or ideas, currently trying to use RP as a form of writing exercise.

    "Not too Bizarre" says me in 2018. Now I'm just watching clips of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lol

    I make a few poems, but I like them! ^^