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Z'! Here's my scroll. I name dragons very, very plainly (by their characteristics translated to non-English, by their code name, or even the breed name itself). Some names are random, though :vAlun.png.802ddeea19f1f5b3049f3c5bffcb41a3.png

I am a forgetful person, please don't hesitate to remind me of stuff I may have forgotten >.<


Blue dragons! #myrave


I'm a simple person. I see a hatchling in the AP, I instantly recruit.


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    Important Update: covered in homework and assignments >.>"
    I'm still here, just less often and less responsive. This turned out to be far rougher than expected...

    Lives in a world where timezone is EST +11h (in case anyone wonders when I'm awake or asleep)
    I'm in the Unofficial Discord Server :D
    Olook, Official Discord Server :o

    ~If anybody wants an unnamed dragon on my scroll to be named, do send a PM! I'm slow on naming~
    ~Also, feel free to PM me about anything, I appreciate PMs ^^ ~

    Update: If anyone needs a random SAltkin, let me know, I'll see if I can breed a random one for you. As for specific requests, I can no longer promise anything as
    1) they're SAltkin. Barely replacable.
    2) I have bad luck in breeding >.>
    3) Apparently for every time the dragons do not cooperate, my stress levels increase exponentially because of my impatience.


    If you know me or I know you, one day or another, I'll probably ask a 2G egg from your Guardian of Nature. I have a personal project that I'm working on, and I need as many friends as possible! :D

    I live here through the kindness of everyone, so don't feel bad if I randomly gift something in return ^^

    I think I can barely AP hunt. Still, these are the abandoned hatchlings that I've caught from the AP: https://dragcave.net/group/65923
    (If you're reading this and one of your abandoned hatchlings are owned by me, I express my thanks by putting them in this group.)

    Is a code hunter. Not a code keeper, but I can gift :3
    I rarely keep a code because I'll name all of my dragons eventually, so I will trade (or gift) them away to those who collect them :D
    I made a small group for my personal taste :v https://dragcave.net/group/69304
    Will always look for 5-letter word codes and all numbers, but not to the point of trading. But maybe we can discuss something? :v

    Do I like spriter's alt offsprings? Yes.
    Do I collect them? Maybe.
    What would I do to get one? Not much, though I will try to the point of asking. If there are not many people seeking offsprings from them, it's hard to want them myself, I'm just that pessimistic >.<
    What about prizes? Same as above.
    Why don't you try trading? Well, simple. I'm bad at trading :l
    Is there anything else that you like? Combine my liking towards Zs and codes, I am a Z word collector! If not sure what that means, check the first dragon's code on my Z dragons ;) [https://dragcave.net/group/63305]
    Would you like to trade something for my Z + word code? Like I said before, I'm bad at trading :l

    31 July 2019 - accidentally killed a Mimic saved from AP as hatchling. Killed 4 others along with it. I am no longer gonna do this outside Halloween, no more T.T


    Aside from DC related stuff, I am also interested in new things (but not too bizarre? Idk).
    I like programming, especially in C++ and would greatly appreciate any help or tips in using the language.

    2hu :v

    I like to write but am not a good writer or not flexible in expressing my thoughts or ideas, currently trying to use RP as a form of writing exercise.

    "Not too Bizarre" says me in 2018. Now I'm just watching clips of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lol