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Please read my profile before messaging me, thank you.


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    I'm Terces, I like Flamingos and Azure Glacewings. If you need Flamingos for the Dragon Encyclopedia you can find over 600 here in my horde (https://dragcave.net/group/25979). I work with Spriter alt checkers (group/67065) and Prize checkers (group/63915) and am always interested in adding more lines that I don't have. I'm also working on many other checkers with Holidays, Golds & Silvers and Avatars as well. My jimdo site is where I attempt to keep track of my most important lineages, feel free to browse.

    Please do not ask me to give or trade you any of the eggs and hatchlings growing on my scroll, if I want to trade something I will offer it on the Trading Hub. If you don't see it there that means I want to keep it. My dragon's names are not for sale, please don't ask.

    I accept breeding requests for eggs from most of my dragons, but I have some rules first. If the egg produced isn't what you want, you can send me another request from that pair when they are ready to breed again. Please take the egg you requested as soon as you can, if it sits on my scroll for too long I may kick it to the AP. I do not have IOU lists as I am forgetful and in the past I lost track of them repeatedly. Please do not contact me for breeding requests anywhere but here on the forums, I don't want messages about requests anywhere else.

    I don't accept breeding requests for holiday eggs, they are trade only. Trade information will be in the Halloween/Christmas/Valentine Lineage Aid threads in the Trading subforum about a month before the holiday begins - I will list what holiday lineages I am looking for in exchange for a holiday breeding from one of my pairs. Holidaykin are open year round just like any other request.

    Requests from my cb prize lady Flawless are open for 2G spriter alts, 2G swaps from other female Gold Tinsels, and eggs from my Dream Wish List below. Her next Prize egg is spoken for. Her next Prizekin egg is spoken for. Valentine swap open. Halloween swap open. Xmas swap open.

    If you send me a request but you don't receive a reply, double check that your request doesn't violate the rules listed here. I get tired when I have to repeat myself in messages so I may not respond if the answer can be found here.

    ***Dream Wish List***
    - 2G Gold Tinsel from Male Desipis
    - 2G Aeon from Female Gold Tinsel
    - 2G Almandine from Female Silver Tinsel (mate for HhCER)
    - 2G Bronze Tinsel from Male Flamingo (mate for SVh4w)
    - 2G Bronze Shimmer from Male Azure Glacewing (mate for P6v8g)
    - 3G Moonstone from Female Silver Shimmer checker (mate for LtHzE)
    - 3G Shadow Walker from Female Bronze Tinsel checker (mate for EwecF)
    - 3G White from Female Silver Tinsel checker (mate for mrlVU)
    - 3G Red Copper from Female Silver Tinsel checker (mate for AfffT)
    - 2G Flamingos & Azure Glacewings from Spriter's alt or CB hybrid
    - 2Gs from Female Gold Tinsel in general

    ***Caveborn Wish List***
    Neglected (1 Male, 1 Ungendered)
    Staterae (2 Female, 2 Male)
    Pitfire (2 Female, 2 Male)

    ***Bred Wish List***
    I am always looking for checker mates for my dragons in these groups:
    Needs Prize Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64195
    Needs Common Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64197
    Needs Metal Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64196