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Please read my profile before messaging me, thank you.

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    I really like Spriter alt checkers (group 67065 for mine) and Prize checkers (63915) and am always interested in adding more that I don't have. I'm slowly working on many other checkers with Holiday and Metals as well. My google site is where I attempt to keep track of lineages, feel free to browse.

    Please do not ask me to give or trade you any of the eggs and hatchlings growing on my scroll, if I want to trade away something I will put it on the Trading Hub. If it's not on there that means I want to keep it.

    I accept breeding requests for eggs from most of my dragons, but not from my CB Prize or 2G Prizes/SAlts. If the result isn't what you wanted, you may send me another request for that pair 8 days later. I do not keep IOU lists anymore, even with my own written reminders I was falling behind. Too busy to keep track of DC things myself now.

    (my last IOU to fulfill)
    - Silver Shimmer sib to LlUqI for kanya146715 (last bred: July 10 - no egg)

    ***Dream Wish List***
    - 2G Flamingo from Female Gold Tinsel (mate for S25Nt)
    - 2G Azure Glacewing from Female Gold Tinsel (mate for SFMSs)
    - 2G Almandine from Female Silver Tinsel (mate for HhCER)
    - 2G Bronze Tinsel from Male Flamingo (mate for SVh4w)
    - 2G Bronze Shimmer from Male Azure Glacewing (mate for P6v8g)
    - 3G Moonstone from Female Silver Shimmer checker (mate for LtHzE)
    - 2G Flamingos & Azure Glacewings from Spriter's Alt or CB Hybrid

    ***Caveborn Wish List***
    Neglected (1 Male, 1 Ungendered)
    Staterae (2 Female, 2 Male)

    ***Bred Wish List***
    I am always looking for checker mates for my dragons in these groups:
    Needs Holiday Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64194
    Needs Prize Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64195
    Needs Metal Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64196
    Needs Common Mates: https://dragcave.net/group/64197