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    Trading notes

    All trades either completed or abandoned. Up-to-date.

    Breeding list for Xerxes filled. Rules for Xerxes eggs. He will not be breed until after trade is completed. No IOU’s. You Get 5 attempts at producing desired, offspring. Any fails I will do with as I wish after offering you the first fail. If you are attempting to get a fail any prizes produced I will do with as I please, or a re-trade can be negotiated, you’ll have 48 hours to procure the desired trade.
    If after 5 attempts the desired offspring is not produced, we can try a different mate, and you’ll get 3 more attempts. Offspring must be named respectfully or if they have a cool code, that is fine as well. Offspring are shown on Xerxes children's list, so lineage names are encouraged, but names like..”I like bacon” or ..”scream for ice-cream” while cute are inappropriate, 3rd gen however do not show on the list so have at them.
    If the desired mate is not named you will have the opportunity to name it as well, once named it will stay that way so any naming strategies you have will be stable.
    Holiday mates are fine but not during the holidays. I reserve the right to breed Xerxes during holidays for myself.

    When breeding for those on the list I reserve the right to breed for myself at any time. (I have yet to breed him for myself.)

    Xerxes breeding schedule right now is Saturday night, please be ready to receive offspring Sunday morning. If its not picked up within 48 hours, I reserve the right to do with the offspring as I please, and trade will be considered completed.

    If there is anything on my scroll you like, just pm me, trades are not unreasonable(really some people are ridiculous in what they demand).