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ALWAYS OPEN FOR 2G MALE SILVER TINSEL SWAPS, OTHER PRIZES WELCOME!~*IOU's Approved*~CURRENTLY: PRETTY ACTIVE~PM me if you need a 3G Silver Tinsel mate for your 3G Mistletoe checker.  IN NEED OF 2G/3G TINSEL X HEARTSTEALING CHECKER SWAP ~ Please PM me sign0163.gif

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    you say "crazy cat lady" like it's a bad thing.
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    Don't believe the 'Last Visited' date; I try to check in anonymously at least once a day; I do not leave my scroll unhidden when I am unavailable to freely check on it.

    All NON-Prize Trading OPEN!
    Common/Uncommon/Rare/Holiday-kin breeding, including mis-gendered, mis-coloured, & refused replacements are free for the asking, just be sure to pick up your egg in a timely fashion unless previously arranged otherwise - will influence/incubate/hatch if you need me to, just ask!

    Would like to do metal swaps, but it's not a die-hard requirement, so if you need one just ask & I'll see who's free.

    AOIFE'S (male Silver Tinsel - name is Irish for 'beauty', pronounced 'EE-fa') breeding is alternated as I've found it slightly increases the chances of an egg, whether Tinsel or Kin. Trades each get a try, then I get one unless I've given it over to another trade (I have no self-control ^o^).

    Seasonal breeding requests are prioritized over others in the queue, followed by the Lunar Herald schedule. Am not crazy about breeding to Xenos, Nebulas, Gemshards or anything else that has a chance of Alt-ing, but it's okay to ask for those so long as you're aware I won't do replacements if you're specifically requesting a prizekin. Play the Alt lottery!

    BREEDING SLOTS FOR ANY 1 REQUEST/TRADE - 5: Currently 5/5 :(
    BREEDING SLOTS FOR MY PERSONAL USE - 5: Currently 5/5 (Using my one slot! - the other 4 are just the order of what's waiting for a mate in my 2Gkin pool.)


    It's highly likely I can breed an unrelated mate for your 3G Mistletoe x Siver Tinsel checker ~ I've currently got 3 pairs of 2G's, with 2 more Mistletoe 2G's I need to locate mates for, so PM me if you need one! I need several mates from finicky commons you can trade me, like blue Nebula's from Moonstones & green Nebula's from Terrae, but if you don't have anything I want, that's okay! You can have one anyway!

    For Tinsel x Mistletoe 3G SWAPS, if you can do that for me: Switching up the 2G mate pairs to get you something unrelated if necessary is okay with me if it gets me something unrelated too. ^_^ Feel free to inquire about the Mistletoe half as well!

    My Complete Silver Tinsel-Mistletoe Hoard as it currently stands can be found here: https://dragcave.net/group/46541

    Holiday Breeding w/Aoife:
    2018 HALLOWEEN: OPEN - would like to do a Black Marrow swap, but will breed to another Halloween if you don't like/have one.

    Reminder: PM Fiona re:SW mate 1-2 months beforehand


    2018 CHRISTMAS: 1x3G Mistletoe x Silver Tinsel checker RESERVED for Dragon_Arbock
    1x3G Mistletoe x Silver Tinsel checker RESERVED for darkmoore

    ~Not Including:
    Aoife (my baby gave me 2G Tinsel)
    Alpha (have a 2G Mistletoe)
    Balmung Fezalion (have a 2G Mistletoe)
    Glorious Aegis (have a 2G Tinsel)
    The Joker (have a 2G Mistletoe)
    Airgid Iontas de Oiche Shamhna (have a 2G Tinsel)
    Apprenticed (have a 2G Mistletoe)
    Stargate Legends (2G Mistletoe~THANK YOU, THE DRAGONESS!)
    Lord Myst The 1st (swapped for a 3G Tinsel w/Ornix)
    Tinsel Ornixen I (swapped for a 3G Tinsel w/my1st)
    Koenig Drosselbart (swapped for a 3G Tinsel w/Argnt)
    Argentium Herald (swapped for a 3G Tinsel w/y1nFh)
    XFile (have 3G Tinsel w/Lati0s~IOU darkmoore ^_~!)
    Lati0s (have 3G Tinsel w/XFile)

    2019 VALENTINE'S: OPEN - BUT, will be breeding Aoife to a Val'09 now that I have one & will only accept SWAP from another player that ALSO only got their Val'09/Male Silver Tinsel last year/from the monthly raffles. Thanks for your understanding! ^_^

    ~Heartealing Swaps Not Including:
    Aoife (my baby gave me 2G Tinsel)
    Balmung Fezalion (have a 2G Heartstealing)
    The Joker (have a 2G Heartstealing)
    Airgid Iontas de Oiche Shamhna (have a 2G Heartstealing)
    Apprenticed (have a 2G Tinsel)
    Cameron (swapped for a 3G Heartstealing w/Prize)
    Prize (swapped for a 3GHeartstealing w/Cammy)

    CURRENTLY NEED: Unrelated Holiday Mates & checkered Prize Mates

    Holiday/Holiday -
    2G Caligene x White-winged Snow Angels

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -
    3G Male Cavern Lurker from Female Sunrise checker

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -
    3G Male Pink from Female Shadow Walker checker

    Holiday/Holiday -
    2 or 3G White-winged Snow Angel x Caligene
    4G Night bred Solstice x Radiant Angel

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -
    3G White-Winged Snow Angel x Fever Wyvern

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -

    Holiday/Holiday -
    2G Cavern Lurker x Arsani - IOU from Ruby Eyes
    2G Heartseeker x Black Marrow x2 - IOU from Ruby Eyes for 1

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -
    2G Val'09 x Gold
    2G Arsani x Azure Glacewing
    2G Radiant Angel x Kingcrowne

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -

    PRIZE/PRIZEKIN MATES NEEDED (Unrelated, of course):
    *2G Female Mistletoe from Male Silver Tinsel ALWAYS!!!
    *2G Male Silver Tinsel from Mistletoe - NEED TWO MATES
    *2G Male Silver Tinsel from Heartstealing (Not Balmung Fezalion, Joker, Airgid, Apprenticed, Cameron, or Prize)
    *2G Male Silver Tinsel from Female Almandine Pyralspite (Not Balmung Fezalion or Cameron)
    *2G Male Verdigris Copper from Female Bronze Tinsel (Not December's Bronze)
    *2G Female Bronze Tinsel from Male Terrae (Not Agait)
    *2G Female Bronze Tinsel from Male Frill (Not glory)
    *2G Female Gold Tinsel from Male Spessartine Pyralspite
    *2G Female Bronze Shimmerscale from Male Gaia Xenowyrm (Not Rinoa)
    *2G Male Bronze Shimmerscale from Female Monarch (Not Maril Eleno)
    3G Male Bronze Shimmerscale from Sunsong Amphiptere checker (Not Ocean, Marik, Lucky First Raffle, King, or Kotal Kahn)
    3G Male Silver Shimmerscale from Speckle-Throated checker (Not Kaito or Stark)
    3G Female Desipis from Male Silver Tinsel checker (Not Aoife or Glorious Aegis)
    4G Female Water from Silver Tinsel checker (Not Aoife, Glorious Aegis, SIAEL, or Balmung Fezalion)
    4G Female Grave from Silver Tinsel checker (Not Aoife, SIAEL, Balmung Fezalion, or Stargate Legends)
    4G Male Silver Shimmerscale from Sunsong Amphiptere checker (Not Rhapsody, Grimm, Kawa-no-Kimi, or Decepticon Sixshot)

    PENDING to others:
    2G Prize List -
    BaN (banban007)~
    Aoife (Silver Tinsel) x Sunsong Amphiptere
    Aoife (Sliver Tinsel) x Azure Glacewing/white zyu/mageia xeno (one Tinsel from any of these)
    Aoife (Sliver Tinsel) x Chrono Xenowyrm
    The Dragoness~
    Aoife (Sliver Tinsel) x Swallowtail/Thalassa/Gold Lunar Herald/Thunder
    Aoife (Sliver Tinsel) x Spotted Greenwing

    3G Prize List -
    JaneMcAsh - have none myself, but keep an eye out for unrelated holiday mates from wishlist from other folks (can do 3/4G Mistletoe/ST after X-mas next year, tho.) Next Chrono prizefail (will pr'bly guarantee tinsel xp)
    TheDoggy - 3G stairstep from SS

    Prizefail -
    Nat - random tinsel fail ;)

    Holiday List -
    Nimras - @X-mas & @Valentine's: 1 pair each of Snow Angel x Radiant Angel

    NON-Prize List -

    PENDING to me:
    JaneMcAsh - 4G Gold checker from Ribbon Dancer
    Dragon_Arbock - 2G Blue Nebula from Moonstone
    Nine - Male Undine from Female BS
    esse - Female Royal Crimson from Male ST