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    Sapphires - CB, 2G, Checker, yes. PB/Messy, no.
  • Birthday 02/16/1881


2G PRIZE TRADES CURRENTLY CLOSED EXCEPT TO HOLIDAY MATE SWAPS, SEE MY GROUP ~*IOU's Approved*~CURRENTLY: ACTIVE DAILY~ Here's my Mistletoe x Silver Tinsel group & SilverTinsel x Heartstealing CHECKERS ~Extra info in profile or PM me, promise I'm nice~ sign0163.gif

2111410008_SununnersScroll.jpg.53e52809d7432d44d6884eb872d90080.jpgCTsu94h.gifb4epptI.png1273398337_IWasAprilFoolsD!.png.4746b7471f149325752725a6f04268b5.pngMKM10.png.870857b35edc6044a0962bb811ad3e2b.png 1124303927_YouGotMeEaten!.jpg.a7c0fdc4f4aa9b2483dd2479d022070e.jpg'17/'18/ 1897783350_IDidIt4TheEgg.jpg.11e0eef346a9a4577d53bf3e26b352c8.jpg'19/'20

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    in the wrong reality, help!
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    I love & collect perfect checkers, low-gen SAltkin/HM, prize & prizekin, CB's of Sapphires & Aeons, and less intently, Imperial Fleshcrownes, Candelabras, Antareans & Almeralds. And now Stratos.

    I don't particularly care for stairs, spirals, & messy lineages, though I've a weakness to pretty Even Gen SAltkin, and only keep a few on hand to gift to the DC Community. Also don't like Zyumorphs, not even SAltkin/Prize Zyus.

    Occasionally I conduct trades for my mother, who does not have a forum account, primarily for offspring of April Fool's/Upside-Down Mints & kin. PM me if you'd like to set up a trade with her!

    - With permission to post, my Mom's group: https://dragcave.net/group/80473
    - My April Fool's Mint group: https://dragcave.net/group/88113 <---the other breeds in this group, except Balloons, are all April 1st babies so they're automatically my first choice as mates to my Mints, but any CB on my scroll is okay to request as a mate.

    Also have managed to Summon a M/F Guardian of Nature pair! And my 3rd! (He's another male)

    All NON-Prize Requests OPEN!
    Common/Uncommon/Rare/Holiday-kin breeding, including mis-gendered, mis-coloured, & refused replacements are FREE for the asking, just be sure to pick up your egg in a timely fashion unless previously arranged otherwise - will influence/incubate/hatch if you need me to, just let me know beforehand.

    Would like to do metal swaps, especially higher gens of certain lineages, but it's not a die-hard requirement, so if you need one just ask & I'll see who's free.


    - AOIFE'S (male Silver Tinsel - name is Irish for 'beauty', pronounced 'EE-fa') breeding is alternated as I've found it slightly increases the chances of an egg, whether Tinsel or Kin. (Also, it keeps me from getting bored with breeding the same thing over & over when Aoife's feeling stubborn about popping out a Tinsel.) Trades each get a try, then I get one unless I've given it over to another trade (I have no self-control ^o^).

    - Seasonal breeding requests are prioritized over others in the queue, followed by the Lunar Herald schedule.

    - I will breed prizekin if asked, even from metals, probably for the price of a several CB Sapphire hatchies (does 8-24 depending upon the requested mate sound okay?). Am not crazy about breeding to Xenos, Nebulae, Gemshards or anything else that has a chance of Alt-ing, but it's okay to ask for those so long as you're aware I won't do endless replacements if you're specifically requesting a prizekin. 2 tries and that's it, so you better have a back-up choice ready.

    - I do not like, and WILL NOT BREED TO ZYUS/SINOS, so don't ask. Will also ~*NOT*~ breed to any release less than a year old, unless it's for the kin ONLY, or to my Female Guardian of Nature, as tinsels are of Neutral Elemental Affinity, & thus will never produce any Avatar, only tinsels. Waste of a breed turn to me. Nor will I breed a to a White, for personal reasons.

    - If after a successful breeding, I cannot reach you, I'll hold onto your egg, influence & hatch it if needed, but if it grows up on my scroll, then I won't be happy. I will always fulfill an IOU if I've already received your half of the trade, but I probably won't wanna trade a prize to you again. If you haven't gotten anything to me in trade, then I'll consider our previous agreement void & not breed for you again until contacted. Protip: have e-mail notification enabled for PM's or be reachable through another means if you don't hit up the forum often (Discord, either unofficial or official, would work for me, I'm Sunrunner there, too)

    BREEDING SLOTS FOR ANY 1 REQUEST/TRADE - 3: Currently 0/3 - CLOSED except to swaps from HOLIDAY mates, only.

    BREEDING SLOT FOR MY PERSONAL USE - 1: 1/1 My one occasional slot is now CLOSED.

    2G Holiday Prizekin - Mates Needed: https://dragcave.net/group/84545

    My Silver Tinsel-Mistletoe Hoard as it currently stands can be found here: https://dragcave.net/group/46541
    If you need a Silver Tinsel mate for your Mistletoe checker from 3G-5G, I'd love to help so just send me a PM! Mate swapping to get you something unrelated is okay with me.

    My Silver Tinsel x Heartstealing group is fairly respectable at this point, too: https://dragcave.net/group/63984

    Holiday Breeding w/Aoife:
    2020 HALLOWEEN: CLOSED--->will be Cavern Lurker mate to keep

    3G PRODUCING Prize/Prizekin PAIRS: ALL AVAILABLE FOR HOLIDAY BREEDING (Tinsel at any time okay)
    Female Witchlight x Male Silver Tinsel
    Male Witchlight x Female Bronze Tinsel
    Female Shadow Walker x Male Silver Tinsel<---RESERVED for myself
    Female Black Marrow x Male Silver Tinsel


    3G PRODUCING MISTLETOE X SILVER TINSEL PAIRS: 0/5 spoken for (switching up mates okay)
    1x3G K'ulutak x K'upaluna<---breed for
    2x3G Aegis Mistlekiss x Misteldrossel<---breed for
    3x3G Duille Airgeadta de Drualus x Pfeffermistle<---breed for
    4x3G Crystamistle x Ornamental Tinsel<---breed for
    5x3G Tindra Misteltine x Mistilteinn Estincelle<---breed for


    3G PRODUCING HEARTSTEALING X SILVER TINSEL PAIRS: 1/3 spoken for (switching up mates okay)
    1x3 Roisin Mhic Giolla Duibh x Apprentice Number One<---breed for
    2x3 Haato Jyoka x Zuliyzhan Thatlovy<---breed for
    3x3 Vezhez Fezalion x Niya Aoife<---breed for

    CURRENTLY NEED: Unrelated Holiday Mates & checkered Prize Mates
    Holiday/Holiday -
    2G Caligene x White-winged Snow Angels - will take any ^_^

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -
    3G Male Pink from Female Shadow Walker checker

    Holiday/Holiday -
    2 or 3G White-winged Snow Angel x Caligene - will take any ^_^

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -

    Holiday/Holiday -

    Holiday/Non-Holiday -

    Holiday Kin Mates Needed -
    All number code 2G Kingcrowne from Soulstone to match /lineage/30376

    PRIZE MATES NEEDED (Unrelated, of course):
    Bronze Shimmerkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62177
    Silver Shimmerkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62176
    Gold Shimmerkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62180
    Bronze Tinselkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62179
    Silver Tinselkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62178
    Gold Tinselkin - https://dragcave.net/group/62182
    Holiday Prizekin -https://dragcave.net/group/61896

    PRIZEKIN MATES NEEDED (Unrelated, of course):

    PENDING 2G to others:
    1. Breeding for me - The Purebred Prize Project will get priority ;p
    2. Alesita - 2G from Crystalline
    3. 2G from Falconiform
    4. CLOSED except to swaps from Holiday Mates - see https://dragcave.net/group/84545

    2G ON HOLD:
    1. Moulder: Not currently reliably active - resume breeding when off hiatus
    Aoife x Azure Glacewing/white zyu/mageia xeno (One ST from any<--THEY'RE ALL BEING STUBBORN!!!)

    Prizefail/kin -

    PENDING to others -

    3G&Up Prize List -
    Sammy - 3G Pillow x Bronze Shim
    banban007 - 3G Falconiform x ST (when I finally breed the 2G ST :p)
    Kirjava - 3G Spessartine Pryalspite x Gold Tinsel - wait & see if there's a new release tonight
    Alesita - 4G Gold from 3G M.GS x F.Gold pair (aWMyF x J4wKN)
    Astreya - 4G offspring from 3G Blusang x SS pair - Scintillating Zingaburia x Cinderella Catch: No egg 12/3, next try 12/10

    Holiday List -
    Valentine's 2021: HPhaeton - 3G Rosebud x ST

    NON-Prize List -
    F.Antarean x M.Moonstone - as many pairs as I can make to PaintdGryphon (currently 10-->sent 6 but 2 Moonstones died due to RL interference, re-breed them: 1 Moonstone; 3 Antarean; had 1 refusal & 3 no eggs this week. Switch up the pairs next week.)
    Tox - 3G from my Joe coded dergs

    RAFFLE Vouchers List -

    PENDING to me (NON-Holiday):
    seeyounext2sday - random 2G Prizekin (shimmer preferred) since May 2018
    Lazurite/Luminar - 3G Female Gold x Male Gold Shimmer (Gold half) - for CB 'Frise' code egg
    PedroBall - 2G M.BS x F.Candelabra (gave 2 Gaia, 2 Thalassa, 1 Chrono, 1 Paper, & Aether tinkin)
    Vain.3805 - BS from UD Mint Female
    jerzeeshadow - 2G F.SS from M.Waterhorse for CB 'fOiLS' code Venturis
    Terrafreaky - 2G BS from Blue Firegem for 2G ST from Deep Sea
    Peachycupcake525 - Ice kin from F.BS - sent pDate waterwalker/2G celestial BS kin/SEND MINT HATCHIES TOO - Ice is NON-COOPERATIVE, asked to switch to Sunset kin
    Clowncow/Miltank/Bulbasnuff - CB Black 'SpinS' code for M.GT from F.Imperial Fleshcrowne (possible mate change) 10/19/20
    Astreya - unrelated 3G Blusang half from Blusang x SS pair: No egg 12/3