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Currently looking for:

-2G from any RA Alt
-Silver Tinsel Mate for him or Lower Gens


Always Seeking 2G and 3G from Spriter's Alts! 

(And any other gen offspring)

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    Hello! I'm Taginix! :)

    I am currently looking for the following:
    - Any 2G Spriter's Alt Baby
    - 2G Violet Spinal from Silver Tinsel (Female)

    My Current Owned 2G SA Include:
    Blue Arcana, Black Arcana, Green Depisis, Blue Mistletoe
    Always looking for missing SA!

    IOUS: (Updated 16/08/19)
    -Pumpkin of Honey X Cream Flakes to produce Male Harvest for @Rocket

    I'm Owed:
    -Shiny from Silver Tinsel Female X Male Violet Spinel from @prpldrgnfr for 3G SA Gal Baby
    -https://dragcave.net/lineage/FH5dP Sibling for BoSsw from @Solipsism
    -2G Arcana from Alt Blue x Normal from @TheCompleteAnimorph (TCA) for DawnS. Due Next year Halloween.