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                                    Information for my CB Tinsel OOwTj  is available on my profile.  List are open for trading but please be aware that I won't start breeding him for trades until after Halloween.

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    I own a male CB Silver Tinsel named OOwTj.

    I will be open to trades after the next Holiday and will only have a list of three people at a time. Anytime a list is open I will post in my signature that the list is open. I will breed what pairing you have requested but after the second attempt of a fail I may ask that you pick a different pairing. Please no Celestials as a mate. I will also be doing my own thing at times and may skip a week of breeding here and there to breed for myself.

    Tj's Tinsel list:
    1. Filled

    I will not have a list for fails as I will either trade via trader or offer them in Glittering Gold Giveaways. I will also not have a holiday list as I will be either gifting them or trading them via trader. I am sure they will multiclutch at that time and make AP hunting fun.

    I will also not have a gifting list as I would prefer to gift them in my own terms in fun ways or any other way I deem fit to do so. I will definitely be gifting to Glittering Gold Giveaways during raffles so check in that thread when it is active.

    Here is my wishlist:
    CB Gold
    CB Neglected
    On occasions CB silvers (multiples)
    For those who can't afford those prices then a deal can be worked out for multiples of BSA hatchlings.

    Once I give you the link you will need to pick up the egg within 48 hours. I will let you know in advance when I intend to breed lil Tj so you should have ample time to make room on your scroll.

    I will only take IOU's from those long time well known players at this time.

    I do take breeding requests for free for any of my other dragons. Please do not contact me about Gifting requests as they will be ignored. I will be gifting Lil Tj's offspring on my own terms as stated earlier. Please only contact me for trading requests when the list is open.