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Scroll ~ Website - Trade/Gifting Info and Lineage Lists ~ I make NDs and take IOUs! ~ Wish List

Many thanks to all you wonderful gifters! ❤️

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The Final Outpost is a scifi-based pixel-collecting game! Check out my awesome creatures here: My Lab.



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    At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean
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    NOTICE: I no longer hold IOUs for more than 48 hours. If I breed you an IOU and you do not respond within that timeframe, I will consider my side fulfilled and move on to other breeding projects.

    Many thanks to everyone who has helped me on my quest to complete my scroll! I truly appreciate your assistance and hope someday I can repay you all. <3

    Please feel free to contact me about breeding! I don't bite, I often breed for free, and I am willing to take an IOU for more pesky breedings. See my site for Trading and IOU Policies, as well as lineages I have available, my wish list, and other things.

    Dream Egg: 2G Silver Shimmer from Guardian

    Actively Seeking:
    CBs: Guardians
    Any lineage: Reds, Pinks, Purples

    Interested in:
    CB Guardian hatchlings, always
    Nicely lineaged shinies (staircase, spiral, EG, checkered, all are welcome, preference for lineages I can continue without jumping through hoops)
    Lineages with Spriter Alt ancestors (especially Shadow Walkers)
    Lineages (including 2Gs) from parents related to Transformers, FF7, Zelda
    Other nice lineages, commons or uncommons alike, preferably ones I can continue on my own
    Dragons I still need to complete my scroll (see my Wish List)