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Scroll ~ Dragon Site - Trade/Gifting Info and Lineage Lists I take IOUs! ~ Wish List

Many thanks to all you wonderful gifters! <3

Seeking *hulk, hulk*, moon*, *moon, and shark codes, mixed caps fine; numbers fine for moon/shark codes.

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    At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean
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    NOTICE: I don't stop by much anymore, but if you're interested in a pairing from my scroll, PM me.

    NOTICE: I no longer hold IOUs for more than 48 hours. If I breed you an IOU and you do not respond within that timeframe, I will consider my side fulfilled and move on to other breeding projects.

    Many thanks to everyone who has helped me on my quest to complete my scroll! I truly appreciate your assistance and hope someday I can repay you all. <3

    Please feel free to contact me about breeding! I don't bite, and I am more than willing to take an IOU. See my site (link above) for Trading and IOU Policies, as well as lineages I have available, my wish list, and other things.

    Dream Egg: 2G Silver Shimmer from Guardian

    Actively Seeking:
    CBs: Summers, Guardians
    Any lineage: Reds, Pinks

    Interested in:
    CB Seasonals (eggs or hatchlings), always
    CB Guardian hatchlings, always
    Nicely lineaged shinies (staircase, spiral, EG, checkered, all are welcome, preference for lineages I can continue without jumping through hoops)
    Lineages with Spriter Alt ancestors
    Lineages (including 2Gs) from parents related to Transformers, FF7, Zelda
    Other nice lineages, commons or uncommons alike, preferably ones I can continue on my own
    Dragons I still need to complete my scroll (see my Wish List)