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Description Force!

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@ab613: Thanks for that! I found the rest of the ones I was going to send in (enough for the rest of the month and a bonus day), so I'll post those here as well.


June 24

A dragon that hates its name.

A moving experience.

As many lives as a cat.


June 25

Circus act.


No sense of direction.


June 26





June 27



Valkemare zodiac.


June 28

A musical dragon.

Draconic band.

Missing piece.


June 29

Sweet tooth.

Family tree.



June 30

An observant dragon.

An oblivious dragon.

An embarrassing relative.


The Mathcat-Can't-Read-Her-Own-Handwriting Typo Edition

Lost in the past.

Amphibious teacher.

Bouquet of flames.

No one self.


(That last one is actually an interesting mishearing - much more interesting than "know one's self," which is what the speaker actually said.)


(Edit: Did the link to the 2012 prompts go missing or am I just not seeing it?)

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June 19

A healer who isn't a white dragon.

A magician who isn't a magi.

A warrior who isn't a black dragon.

Three in one go. https://dragcave.net/view/Iy0m7


I wonder if I can do this with the rest of the prompts. A dragon living with vampires and watches over the children while hoping to find a home in the ocean? A dragon who herds chickens into a pen to treat illnesses and injuries and is seen as weird by others for caring about their food's health?

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Caught up once again! Sorry for being quite absent this weekend; I was really sick. sad.gif Finally feeling a bit better though!



Last push, guys! YOU CAN DO IT! Keep writing! happy.gif Winners will be announced July 1.

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Helloooo. c: I got a moderator reject and was told to post this on the forums for feedback, I hope this is the right place


Wrote this for a howler drake, because they're cute little dumb-dumbs c;

Sirral like shiny (a silver brooch). Human may look at shiny. May sniff sniff shiny. But no lick shiny. No no no. No touch shiny neither. If Human touch shiny then Sirral will be steamy mad. And if Sirral steamy bubbly mad, then Sirral must screechy scream. Sirral is good good drake. No wanting to give human fright. So human keep stinky grabby hands off shiny. And no licky lick neither. No no no. Shiny only for Sirral.


Tbh, I'm not really interested in changing it at all, as I actually spent quite a bit of time on this, tinkering with the wordings and such. I was inspired by my favorite childhood book, the BFG. happy.gif


If this is like totally unacceptable I completely understand, I just got bored with normal description writing and wanted to experiment. tongue.gif Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or comments that would be cool, otherwise I'll accept my reject and cease and desist. x3

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Yeah, neat writing exercise and fun to read, but it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the cave writing, so if you don't want to edit, I'd say go show that off in Original Works or another writing site. ^^

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I'm a little behind... missed a day or two and will need to re-count to see what's left. Also got some rejections so far so I'll need to redo those (prompt #2 I think is the only one right now? mostly just noting for myself, so I don't forget later).

So, my goal involved 48 total, and I am at 20. I should be at 30... Need to bump it up to 8 a day in order to finish on time. I can do it, though.


Redid: https://dragcave.net/lineage/YAbuS


13. An unusual specialty.



14. A change in perspective.



15. Long-distance communication.



16. An odd couple.



17. Dragon mail.



18. Smoke and mirrors.



19. A dragon worshipped as a God (remember that your dragon cannot BE an actual god)



20. Putting on a show.


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I just got my silver trophy. Should I be moved up to silver trophy on the spreadsheet?

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Indeed it is. If the link to the 2012 prompts (written by SockPuppet Strangler, as I recall) has truly gone missing and it isn't just the case that it's there and I'm not seeing it, I did save a copy at the time (for future reference) and would be glad to post the first DraDeWriMo prompts here so they can be added to the pastebin file.

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Indeed it is. If the link to the 2012 prompts (written by SockPuppet Strangler, as I recall) has truly gone missing and it isn't just the case that it's there and I'm not seeing it, I did save a copy at the time (for future reference) and would be glad to post the first DraDeWriMo prompts here so they can be added to the pastebin file.

Yup, they were written by me (the prompts were absolutely my favorite part to provide, lol!).


I was gonna say I did have the prompts - I know I did because I went looking out of curiosity when EG PM'd me to let me know she wanted to do another - but it looks like the sheet no longer has the prompts on them, so I'm not sure what happened. o_O

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Here's my copy. I think I might have accidentally duplicated a couple of these when I submitted my own prompts, as I checked the list before the first batch, but not before the others. It was fun reading back through the list and remembering which descriptions got inspired by which prompt.



Here are the original DraDeWriMo prompts from January 2012, all written by SockPuppet Strangler.

    Day 1

        A dragon with a ravenous craving for a cheese dragon.

        A lonely dragon.

        A dragon who is an outcast because of something that happened in their hatchlinghood.


    Day 2

        A dragon who only speaks in riddles.

        A protective dragon.

        A dragon who has a goal of reaching the end of a rainbow.


    Day 3

        A dragon hiding some sadness.

        A dragon hiding some happiness.

        Blueberry pie.


    Day 4

        Snapping turtle.

        A dragon who loves to dance.

        A dragon jealous of someone.


    Day 5

        A crafty dragon.

        A dragon determined to do a backflip underwater.



    Day 6

        An overbearing father.




    Day 7

        A celebration.


        A dragon who loves games.


    Day 8

        Fear of something silly.




    Day 9

        A silly fear.

        A tea party.

        A rescue.


    Day 10

        Rolling with laughter.

        A new look.

        Something risky.


    Day 11

        A bouquet of flowers.

        Meeting at the water hole.

        A chase.


    Day 12

        Fabulous and flamboyant.

        Dull and monotone.

        A lost item.


    Day 13

        A small lake.

        A really fluffy cloud.

        A mountain.


    Day 14

        Stormy weather.

        A lone candle.



    Day 15

        A hot, lazy day.


        An adventure with a friend.


    Day 16


        Help from an unlikely place or dragon.

        Fresh fruit.


    Day 17

        Something sticky.

        A goal achieved.

        A mean trick.


    Day 18

        Something delicious.

        Monkey in the middle.

        A pot of stew.


    Day 19

        Something magical that isn't actually magic.

        Observing someone else.



    Day 20


        Feeling guilty.

        Healing, physically or mentally.


    Day 21

        Playing in a rainstorm.

        Itchy grass.

        A new friend.


    Day 22



        Winning someone over.


    Day 23

        Learning something new.

        A creative solution.

        An old friend.


    Day 24

        Something about your (you, the writer's) favorite food.

        A lazy, summer day.

        A blistering winter day.


    Day 25





    Day 26

        The color orange.

        A pet.



    Day 27





    Day 28

        Cheering another dragon up.

        Making a sacrifice for another dragon else.

        Gleaming teeth.


    Day 29



        Learning something new.


    Day 30

        Getting to know another dragon.

        An unlikely duo.



    Day 31

        A large, shady tree.

        Spicy food.

        Dragon drama.


    BONUS DAY 1 (Feb 1st)





    BONUS DAY 2 (Feb 2nd)

        An interesting beginning.

        An interesting middle.

        A happy ending.


Edit: 30/30 descriptions submitted. There's my DraDeWriMo goal met.

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Well hey, I got 25 descriptions all written! While my dragons don't all have descriptions, that's more than half of my lair, and I'm pretty proud of that! It was super fun to get into the Dragon Cave community this month, and I don't think I would have had the same enjoyment without this awesome little writing challenge!


Here are my dragons with bios: DraDeWriMo Group


I don't think the last three have been approved yet, but they hopefully will soon!

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Managed to get 44 in total, and here they are. https://dragcave.net/group/12649 Didn't meet my goal, but in hindsight, it was a bit of an unrealistic goal xd.png

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June 20

A hatchling-tender who isn't a pink or purple.

A non-vampire who lives among vampires.

A land-dwelling dragon who dreams of the ocean.



Squeezing in the last few:

https://dragcave.net/view/gqPRw ("an unusual pet" - from day 1, heh)

https://dragcave.net/view/uLQ1d ("the wrong word")

https://dragcave.net/view/yTbk5 ("an odd couple" (her parents, not her))

https://dragcave.net/view/kVMTQ ("sweet tooth")

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As of right now, the winner for the Platinum group is Lagie with 45 total descriptions!

The winner for the gold group, with the highest number of descriptions written overall: Kakaru_of_DOOM with 57 total!

The winner of the Bronze group is Peachycupcake525 with 21 descriptions!

The winner of the no trophy group is SunstonePhoenix with 25 descriptions!



*Platinum and Bronze are subject to change as Kanaye, dirtytabs, Rainbowlight, and ab613 need to submit their final amounts. You have the rest of the day to do so and to check to make sure I have everything!


Congrats for a very successful DraDeWriMo! Prizes will be distributed soon!

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Late, late, late... Here is the stuff I was meaning to post. I understand if I cannot be counted because I did not submit in time.

21. A dragon scientist.

22. Teamwork.

23. Patience.

24. Embracing the stereotypes.

25. Prejudice.

So, I got to 25 in the end -- not all were approved, and at least one was rejected without me getting around to fixing it (have not checked the rest yet).

ETA: Okay just went through them. In the end there was only one that was rejected, and the rest are all set. So, 24 approved total.

Edited by Dew

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Hi everyone, I'm back :D 

I wonder if anybody still remembers me. I'm not crazy about being remembered, but that's ok. I guess at least I haven't done anything wrong here. :P

I've also forgotten a lot of things. What thread is the best place to discuss about descriptions you have written and want suggestions from others?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome back!

This is the thread for suggestions, or you can come hang out in the Discord chat. Um, link, not sure...

You can shared your Approved Description here: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/117376-approved-descriptions/

(Just make one post, and add to it, either your group or your individual dragons!).

Descriptions are being approved pretty quickly now, so you might never see the comments on them, but here's where to share those:




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