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IOUs will be considered based on the situation. Don't be afraid to offer!

Wishlist, prize information, and more can be found on my website!

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    Don't trust the last visited in my profile. I have it turned off.
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    More detailed wishlist on my website listed on my profile. This is just for very specific things that I am looking for.
    -I am looking for a second generation blue baikala from two green baikalas, and a green baikala from two blue baikalas.

    Completed IOUs:

    -Sinion Kabe gave me a CB male Neglected.
    I gave Sinion Kabe a 2gen Bronze Shimmer from a male pink Zyumorph. The neglected was given to me at the start of the trade, and I sent my side to Sinion Kabe a little over two weeks later, when it was bred.

    -moon89 gave me https://dragcave.net/lineage/3kzc6 at the start of a trade. I owed them a prize egg from a male sunset. They owed me 3 chickens and 2 dinos of each color. They gave most of the eggs to me early on in the trade. My prize has produced its egg and I have sent it over.

    -rinoa26 gave me two eggs with good codes. I gave them a 2gen prizefail.

    Incomplete IOUs:

    A shimmer egg from a male Anagallis.

    -The Dragoness owes me 40 CB mint hatchlings and I owe them a 2gen shimmer egg from a male tan ridgewing. They already gave me 2 mint hatchlings.

    -jinglepupskye owed me 8 mint hatchlings and I owe them a 2gen shimmer egg from a male holly. They have given me the hatchlings already.

    The CB Prize Section:

    IOUs are closed right now.

    If my female CB bronze shimmer produces the wrong egg, I am allowed to do what I want with it.

    If my shimmer produces the correct egg but you do not pick it up within 48 hours, I am allowed to do what I want with the egg. You will be put at the bottom of my list, and if there is no one else on the list, I will be allowed to work on my own projects for some time.