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Accepting IOUs for my CB female bronze shimmer!



IOUs will be considered based on the situation. Don't be afraid to offer!

Wishlist is in my profile.

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    -I have started to become very interested in codes, so I am looking for palindrome, all-number, word (Pronounceable, all letter, I like it better with correct caps but that's not required), all letter caps, all letter lowercase, and really just other interesting stuff. I am not particularly looking for Z codes, mostly because I'm too lazy to find any that are hidden beneath names.
    -Some of my favorite lineages are checkers and arrows, but anything interesting is good. For dragons with good codes, though, I don't care about lineage. I don't care too much about dorkface or thuwed descendants, or metal kin, but I like prize kin as long as the lineage isn't too messy.
    -My favorite breed of dragons are mints. Many of the lineaged mints that I acquire will be frozen as a s2 hatchling, but not all. I will not be freezing a CB mint.
    -I am kind of looking for chickens, and I really want dinos. Cheeses and papers are okay, but I mostly only want low-time hatchlings.
    -I am looking for a second generation blue baikala from two green baikalas, and a green baikala from two blue baikalas.
    -Low time hatchlings (Below five days, ER especially) are always good.
    -I am kind of looking for the offspring of a CB male mint x CB female green fire gem. It has to be either a green fire gem or a mint.

    Regarding my CB female bronze shimmer:
    PM me about IOUs. I may be picky sometimes.

    Completed IOUs:

    -Sinion Kabe gave me a CB male Neglected.
    I gave Sinion Kabe a 2gen Bronze Shimmer from a male pink Zyumorph. The neglected was given to me at the start of the trade, and I sent my side to Sinion Kabe a little over two weeks later, when it was bred.

    Incomplete IOUs:
    -With moon89
    moon89 gave me at the start of a trade. I owe them a prize egg from a male sunset. They owe me 3 chickens and 2 dinos of each color. They gave me one green dino and one chicken already. My prize is refusing to behave.