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    ♪ Let the pale moon paint the sky in frost ♪
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My Wishlist
Willing to catch 50+ CBs, excluding metals but including Olives, for 2nd Gens from Spriters Alts!
I accept IOUs from established players
Looking for IOUS of Halloween 17 hatchies
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    Yharnam Forest. SEND HELP. THERE'S SNAKES.
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    Please, call me CD :)
    Some information; most of the time, I'm happy to breed for free, so long as you're polite, but please be aware my Rares are very stubborn and don't like producing eggs, so these may take some time to get to you.

    Most of my dragons are currently unnamed, but I am trying to clear the backlog and get them all named.

    Ultimate Goal; To own a 2nd Gen from every active type of Spriters Alt
    Currently have; 1 (Alt Caligene)

    Current IOUs;

    Regarding Duren, my CB Shimmerscale - At this moment in time, I will NOT be accepting IOUs except under special circumstances. As such, Prizes and kin will be traded when or if they are bred. I believe, for now at least, this is the easiest way for both me and the recipient of the egg. I might start a list once I feel a bit more comfortable, but that is NOT set in stone.

    Therefore, any PMs regarding IOUs from those three types will be politely redirected here. However, one last thing to note - I am abandoning my personal Three Strikes Rule regarding any PMs on this matter. The moment you send a PM which is rude or, worse, harassing in any way, I will block you immediately, regardless of how many PMs were sent or how polite you were before that.

    So please, do us both a favour and think before you PM. Thank you ^_^

    Current lineage projects (WIP since I can't find the original list)

    Spirit Ward x ??? "Fading Light" lineage
    Spirit Ward x ??? "Wake Me When It's Over" lineage

    On hold projects (WIP)

    PB Aria "Candyman" lineage
    PB Nebula "Cataclysm" lineage
    PB Black "Messing with the best" lineage
    PB Dark Green "Mean Green Mother" lineage
    Hellhorse "Circus of the dead" lineage
    Hooktalon x Bakalai "The Crush" lineage

    Complete Projects

    PB Silver Lunar Herald "Paleblood Moon" Lineage
    PB Deep Sea "Distant Honour" Lineage