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Holiday Trading Thread

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Arsani_egg.gif 3G Shadow Walker x Arsani from Spriter's alt



2G Arsani from Heartseeker, nicely named parents please

Edit: I was gifted the egg I needed! So now I'm giving my 3G Arsani away for free.

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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2nd gen RA from silver  Make an offer on my hatchling!




3rd gen Radiant Angel checker from Aria  (priority)

2nd gen Heartseeker from gold lunar herald

2nd gen Heartseeker from silver lunar herald


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I'll have to set up a new trade

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Sweetling_hatchi.gif 3rd gen sweetling x solstice checker 

Sweetling_hatchi.gif 3rd gen sweetling x silver checker - Code: 0yRag

Sweetling_hatchi.gif3rd gen sweetling x black marrow checker

user posted image 3rd gen rosebud x black marrow checker

user posted image 3rd gen arsani x silver checker 

user posted image 3rd gen radiant x solstice checker Z code. 

user posted image 4th gen sweetling x silver checker Z code.


Want: Bloodswaps - Prefer hatchlings or lowtime eggs for the hatchlings.. 

For the sweetling x silver, I will be tempted with mutamore, soulstone, and flower-crown valentines bred with ices. Nice lineages, please.


Solstice sweetling

Silver sweetling

Black marrow sweetling


Silver arsani

Solstice Radiant

4th gen Silver sweetling

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CB Male/Female Bronze Tinsel ready to breed with any valentine dragon!


I am happy to do a 1:1 trade!! 



Heartstealing_egg.png 2G Heartstealing from Silver Shimmer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/3BdIL)

image.png.f3b7e75e6b5616ebbe9878ad07e6e28b.png 3G Arsani from Lumina (https://dragcave.net/lineage/SncgB)

image.png.57ab08809bda5fc44b289aaa52340bde.png 3G Rosebud from Silver Shimmer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/k6Nsq)

image.png.02e7bf484c79de6a17d2e5e22f42fdfe.png 3G Arsani from Bronze Shimmer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/pR8Sd)

image.png.4bb806d0c43bf50993aca95a0623c6dc.png 5G Sweetling from Sunsong (https://dragcave.net/lineage/fr2LB)



image.png.02e7bf484c79de6a17d2e5e22f42fdfe.png 3G Arsani from 2 Desipis Alts: Teleport



Anything from above list or 

Any Floral-Crowned


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image.png.5cd7a28ddf86bb90be128b8ab5f5ae8d.png 3rd gen mutamore from Antarean Dragon  checkered. One of the grandparents is spriter's alt mutamore




- a 2nd gen heartstealing from any of the following mates = auto

Green firegem; Blue firegem; Striped river; Purple nebula;

- offers


If you still have to breed your dragon, please PM me before doing so I can reserve the mutamore for you



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CBs to breed of Rosebud x1, Heartseeker x1, Aransi x2, Radiant Angel x2, Heartstealing x2, Mutamore x2, and Soulstone x2



Sweetling_egg.gif x2 2nd gen Sweetling x Silvers unrelated to these


PM me

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All CB holidays (Black Alt Sweetlings available for Alt swaps)

image.png.ddbd11a5679c68742cfef679f63a62ef.png 2G Alt Sweetling x Val'09

image.png.0a14305dab5a0529f9230bc504887652.png 2G Sweetling x White Zyumorph

image.png.3e896f591414db4cd99b86c941c2a6ce.png 2G Sweetling x Aether

image.png.927f98d0b8dcdd945a13e22049f02bbc.png 2G Floral x Mint hatchling

image.png.c49ac5992012af633ac4b90756e164e9.png 2G Floral x Garland hatchling


Checkers listed below linked here:

Val'09 - 3G offspring: Azure Glacewing, Green/Pebble, Blue Lunar, Moonstone, Nhiostrife, Nocturne, Almandine, Sunrise, Chrono, Gaia, Thalassa Xenowyrms

Val'09 - 4G: Canopy, Purple Nebula, Nhiostrife, Nocturne, Royal Blue, Silver

Alt Sweetling - 3G: Aeon, Aria, Carmine, Red Dorsal, Electric, Red Gemshard, Gold Lunar, Red Nebula, Pyrope, Royal Crimson, Shadow Walker, Silver

Alt Sweetling - 4G: Carmine, Red Dorsal, Red Nebula, Pyrope, Royal Crimson, Shadow Walker

Alt Sweetling - 5G: Royal Crimson, Silver

Rosebud - 3G: Black Tea, Coastal Waverunner, Blue Gemshard, Horse, Blue Lunar, Green/Purple Nebulas, Spring, Gaia

Rosebud - 4G: Coastal Waverunner, Moonstone, Waterhorse

Heartseeker - 3G: Lumina, Gold/Silver Lunar, Red Nebula, Royal Crimson, Stripes

Heartseeker - 4G: Gold Lunar

Arsani - 3G: Ice, Blue Lunar, Moonstone, Green Nebula, Nhiostrife, Thalassa

Arsani - 4G: Nhiostrife, Silver, Skywing, Tsunami

Radiant Angel - 3G: Aeon, Avatar of Change, Gold, Gold Lunar, Royal Crimson, Pyrope

Radiant Angel - 4G: Black, Royal Crimson, Pyrope

Heartstealing - 3G: Blusang, Green Copper, Blue Gemshard, Lumina, Silver Lunar, Nhiostrife, Silver

Heartstealing - 4G: Blue Gemshard, Lumina, Silver Lunar, Nhiostrife, Silver

Mutamore - 3G: Celestial, Silver Lunar, Silver

Soulstone - 3G: Gold Lunar



2G Alt Sweetling x Red Zyumorph, Leodon, Silver Lunar, Dark Lumina, Red Fire Gem
3G Heartstealing x Nhiostrife (for 34oTU, preferably unrelated to h5PbL)

2G Floral-Crown x Gaia, Silver, Frill, other pretty pairings

2G Arsani x Purple Siyat, Green Siyat

- Offers!


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Can breed:


2 CB Sweetling 
2 CB Heartseeker
2 CB Rosebud
2 CB Arsani 
2 CB Radiant Angel
2 CB Heartstealing
2 CB Mutamore 
2 CB Soulstone
2 CB V-day 09


Looking for

-2nd - 4th Gen Prize dragon from 2011-2019 (Shimmer or Tinsel) (no GoN or evengen lines) (lineages we don't have/look at profile) 
-2G Gold Tinsel (mate for him)
-CB Male Neglected hatchling
-CB Gold egg/hatchling 
-CB Silver egg/hatchling
-CB Gemshard egg/hatchling (4 or more)
-Other offers
-Pm me

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HAVE: (click image for lineage)

Arsani_egg.gif arsani x blusang checker

Hubby has offered to help me out:

user posted image 2G Val09 x ice



user posted image 3G Val09 x horse checker (building a mate for Penny Cavalry)

Heartseeker_egg.gif 3G heartseeker x spirit ward (mate for Shala Sugar)



I use decline! If your offer stands, I'm considering it or haven't seen it. 




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Have: Male Gold CB Tinsel Prize, Available to Breed & Produce your choice of V-Day Offspring


Want: Possibly Swap but open to anything. Ilog in for about at least 30-60 minutes a day if not more. So I will read your PM and reply. I just am still sharing computers and not feeling so well, although I should feel a lot better by Thursday at the latest. I am happy to breed and hold for a period of necessary! If this is helpful to you for a project or other things, please let me know!

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Soulstone_egg.png CB Soulstone with code (fawbi)

Arsani_egg.gif CB Arsani with code (FLEET)

user posted image CB Heartstealer with code (veLda)

Heartseeker_egg.gif CB Heartseeker with code (JJJJg)




2G from Val/Christmas SA (preferably w/ my choice of mate)


Blue line in sig applies, please give me a PM! :) 

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3Gs from Spriter's Alts, to be bred (sibling linked)

Winter Magi x White Val '09

Black Radiant Angel x Gold Wing Snow Angel

Red Mutamore x Gaia

Blue Mutamore x Chrono

Blue Mutamore x Sapphire

Blue Mutamore x Hellfire

Celestial x Black Heartstealing

Red-finned Tidal x Blue Arsani

Black Radiant Angel x GoN/Avatar

Purple Heartseeker x Cavern Lurker (unrelated to below)

Purple Heartseeker x Cavern Lurker

Black Radiant Angel x Black





Multiple for 2G Spriter's Alt, first line in signature

Multiple for 2G Silver Shimmer from M Gaia (mate for him), first line in signature (second line applies tentatively)

3G Spriter's Alt Swap

   - Bloodswaps accepted, but must have Spriter's Alt (can be either holiday if swapping holiday x holiday pair)

   - Not interested in stairs, spirals, or checkers with Whites

CB Gaia

CB code in my profile


Please PM me to discuss ^^

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9 hours ago, Tecca said:


Arsani_egg.gif 3G Shadow Walker x Arsani from Spriter's alt



2G Arsani from Heartseeker, nicely named parents please

Edit: I was gifted the egg I needed! So now I'm giving my 3G Arsani away for free.

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Thank you :3 But I didn't check the line 😧 I thought it was arsani spriters alt!

Here is the one way link again: https://dragcave.net/teleport/a5292e3f7102bc6ed8ce67def6e92cf9

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I'm Seeking:

-- 2G Floral-Crowneds! There are links in my sig for pairings I need, or feel free to PM me and I'll offer a list


I'm Offering:

The following dragons to breed with your choice of mate:


Valentine_mature_hatchi.gif CB Val'09 x 2

Sweetling_mature_hatchi.gif CB Sweetling x 2

Heartseeker_mature_hatchi.png CB Heartseeker x 2

Arsani_mature_hatchi.gif CB Arsani x 2

Radiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png CB Radiant Angel x 1

Heartstealing_mature_hatchi.png Heartstealing x 2

Mutamore_mature_hatchi.gif CB Mutamore x 2

Soulstone_mature_hatchi.png CB Soulstone x 2


I have all rares available, including Holidays and excluding Prizes, and most common mates.


PM me! :wub:

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On 2/10/2019 at 10:43 PM, nooey said:



3rd gen Mutamore x Gold lineage


I would like 

Blood swap please


PM me as I might have to 'hide' it


Still looking for a blood swap

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