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Seeking 2G Holly from Green Nebula for him. PM to discuss!
Collecting Superman-related codes like fLOIS and KeNTt.

~ IOUs accepted ~ Scroll ~ Wishlist ~ Checker Database Center ~

Prizes, checkers, codes and more: Here. Can breed 2Gs from Alt Sweetlings and just about anything else.

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    My eternal gratitude to Nakuru and artiuslove for returning lost auto-abandoned eggs.

    Happy to breed most dragons free upon request.

    In general I like 3rd gen checkers, lines with male Silvers or female Golds, and low-gen Silver Prizes. If you're interested in something I have, feel free to PM me and ask about it! I'm usually open to working something out.

    I am NOT usually interested in: BSA Purples, Balloons, Bronze Shimmers, or non-patterned EGs.

    ~ = Have IOU
    (codes) = intended mate, if owned

    CB Superman-related codes
    2G Hellfire from Silver Tinsel male (4slRf)
    2G PB Alt Black (2nUxz)
    2G Frostbite from Nhiostrife M (WyyeM, vh5p1)
    3rd gen Silver Lunar x Heartseeker (BOrgJ)
    ~ 3rd gen Lumina x Heartseeker (tjWtp)
    ~ 3rd gen Royal Blue x Aegis (CTMaP)
    ~ 3rd gen Hellfire x Aegis (ThR04)
    4G Arsani x Silver (unrelated to Kh0eM, ypFGS)
    3rd gen Blue Lunar Herald from Gold F (H9thb)
    3rd gen Celestial from Royal Blue M (L8ARU)
    3rd gen Nocturne from Fell M (ajWkx)
    3rd gen Silver from Bleeding Moon F (8V5sY)
    3rd gen Gold from Magma F checker (mYMsc)
    3rd gen Silver Tinsel x Royal Crimson F checker (kIhGR)
    2G Alt Sweetling x Fell (QH1QE), Gold (yEBgJ), Kingcrowne (ILcGc), Leodon (Ah3oO)
    3rd gen Alt Sweetling x Red Nebula (aP2EY, unrelated to RuWuQ)
    3rd gen Alt Sweetling x Aeon (hQNhQ)
    4G Holly x Red Nebula checker (f8eeG)
    **2nd gen Holly from Green Nebula (32tfD)**
    2nd gen Royal Crimson from Infinis' RA alt

    Holidays to get:
    2G Alt Sweetling x Silver Lunar, Dark Lumina, Red Fire Gem?
    3G Floral Crown x Earth (Qre25)
    3G Mistletoe x Silver Shimmer M (vdwKI)
    Holly x Green Nebula stair/checker (32tfD)
    Holly x Gaia Xenowyrm