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If I had a dime for every time I was censored on this forum, I'd be rich.



Frostbite x Solstice 


124tpi0.jpg ~ Seeking 3rd gen Black from Bluewing Solstice checker- PM me

My Scroll -I breed on request | Lineage Projects (being updated slowly)
Useful links: Christmas Lineage Aid Center | Valentine Lineage Aid Center

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    Within the 'Order'.
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    Things I owe people:

    Things owed to me:

    Things I'm seeking:
    -3rd gen Astrapi Xeno from male Silver Shimmer

    -3rd gen Black from Bluewing Solstice checker
    -x2 2nd gen Graves from Winter Magis
    -2nd gen Aether from Aegis
    -2nd gen Gaia from Garland

    -x2 2nd gen Alt Black/Black eggs from Val 09
    -2nd gen Spring from Sweetling
    -2nd gen Alt Black/Black eggs from Alt Sweetling
    -2nd gen Silver from Alt Sweetling unrelated to 9HqX4, qnCgV, and cPidV
    -3rd gen Black Marrow from Sweetling checker with alt base unrelated to O7QkH and Eu84V
    -3rd gen Spring from Sweetling checker with alt and autumn base unrelated to gDgRt
    -3G Mageia from Radiant Angel checker

    -2nd gen Crimson Flare pygmy from female Pumpkin
    -3rd gen Red from male Black Marrow checker
    -3rd gen Bluewing Solstice from Cave Lurker checker

    -Breed Arcana unrelated to (dOTEN) for smartster4
    -Breed 2 of my 3G Sweetling x Silver pairs for Rinoa
    -Blusang from Diamonds Bright for Lantean_Pegasus