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124tpi0.jpg Only active on holidays- playing better games (flight rising)

My Scroll -I breed on request | Lineage Projects (being updated slowly)
(If you have been rude to me, consider your right to requests revoked)  

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    Within the 'Order'.
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    Things I owe people:
    -2nd gen AoD from Fever Wyvern (for dragonpuck)
    -2nd gen Silver from Rosebud (for shopfront)

    -2nd gen Sweetling from Silver bloodswap on valentines (with Pliskin)
    -4th gen Radiant Angel x Royal Crimson (for Herk​​​​​​​)

    Things I'm seeking:
    -x2 female alt nebula x black marrow [one pending from evilSpectra]
    -x1 frostbite x solstice

    Upcoming trade note;
    -x2 2nd gen Blue Nebulas from Moonstones for x1 3rd gen Mistletoe from Silver Tinsel (Sunrunner)
    (reminder in December)