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Meep. I accept IOUs! | Scroll. | Wishlist IP 

I have all CB Holidays (except Marrow and Holly), several even gen. checkered lineages with various Holidays and even gen. lineages with Spriter's Alts. I will breed any non-Holiday for free.


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    Hey! I've been somewhat inactive. If I did owe you something, please let me know!

    IOU for:
    Rare_Hunter21 - 3rd gen. Bronze Shimmer from Daydream to replace viewbombed egg
    Tecca - 4th gen. Valentine 09 from White (

    IOUs for me:

    I have many Marrow Kin (even gen. checkered) I can breed for you, just PM.
    Interested in one of my Shimmer offsprings? Feel free to PM me.
    Interested in something else? PM me.
    (I'll breed my dragons for you for free.)

    *I will always reply to PMs. If I don't by chance, please poke me with a copy of the PM and a little sentence saying you never got a reply from me.
    *If I owe you something and you are not listed here, PLEASE PM ME.