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    ~ Rules Regarding IOU's ~
    1. If I initiate an IOU with you, it is my problem to send it within your deadline
    2. If you initiate an IOU with me, you agree to my rules and pay before deadline (If I set one - which is pretty rare of me to do!)
    3. If I send you something in regards to an IOU, please try to accept it as soon as possible, otherwise I will count it as being completed on my end (If it hatches and it is at 5 days, I will count that as being sent on my end)
    4. Scam me once, I will give you a slim chance to redeem yourself, scam me twice, don't bother PM'ing me :0/

    ~ IOU's To Me ~
    Bankotsu - 3 CB Golds (since forever ago..)
    Txngo - 2 CB Golds (since forever ago..)
    CuteDragons - 3G EG Chrono (Chrono x Mistletoe) (since forever ago..)

    ~ IOU's I Owe ~
    None - if i have forgotten an IOU, please send me a message!

    ~ Breeding IOU's ~(These may take a little longer than normal IOU's)