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Holiday Trading Thread

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All past CB valentines ready to breed with a mate of your choice! (no gold or prize)





2nd gen Floral crown with named parents please ^^


please send me a pm if your interested

i'm going to a party today so i won't be able answer back right away.

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CB female Bronze Shimmer ready to breed with Sweetling_egg.gif Heartseeker_egg.gif Radiant_Angel_egg.png Mutamore_egg.gif Floral-Crowned_egg.png




2g Heartseeker_egg.gif from female Bronze Shimmer



pm please :) 

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Radiant_Angel_egg.png -- 2G Radiant Angels from White Winged Snow Angels (Message me before breeding if you've ever done this pairing before, to make sure I don't already have one from yours!)


Floral-Crowned_egg.png -- 2G Floral Crowns from Black Marrows

CB Valentine I can breed: 
Rosebud:  Une Douzaine de Roses & Roseavelle
Heartseeker: Carnelle Bonbon & Sinnomine (Taken!)
Arsani: DiMonique
Heartstealing: Chiromancy & Theosophia
Mutamore: Cinnamon Schnapps & Burbon Bonbon
Radiant Angel: Jabrail & Qafsiel
Soulstone: Kasmeer Meade (Taken!Marjory Delaqua
Sweetling (pink): Bafomet (Taken!)
Valentine 2009: Lillith's Love & Lupercalia Whispers


I also have a CB Silver Tinsel female, and a CB Bronze Tinsel female  (Taken!if you're needing either of those for a Valentine's Day breeding project! 

I am egglocked until 2/11! Message me and we can arrange trades for once my 1st round of Valentine's eggs hatch!

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CB female Gold Shimmer 

CB Heartseekers

CB Arsanis

CB Radiant Angels 

CB Mutamores 

CB male Gold

x2 CB male Silvers 


All available to breed! 




Any 2g Holiday from female Gold Shimmer! :D 

Also seeking 2ng gen Holidays from Gold and Silver dragons 


Please PM me to arrange swap! 

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Have: a collection of Floral-Crowns:

2nd gen from Starsinger (named parents)

2nd gen from Starsinger (x2, also have a sibling)

2nd gen from Soulstone

CBs of all previous holidays to breed.



2nd gen Mutamore from Cavern Lurker

2nd gen Radiant Angel from Ribbon Dancer


Any descendant of one of the following spriters' alts:

Infinis' Mutamore

Birdzgoboom's Omen

Snow (both)
Garland (both)





PM to request breedings or combine in the case of lower-gens from spriter's alts.

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Ready to breed CB Silver Tinsel (female) and Shimmer(Male) with all past Valetine Dragons



user posted image 2nd Gen from Silver Shimmer

user posted image2nd Gen from Silver Tinsel


PM me please :)


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Mutamore_egg.gif Two 3G Mutamore x blue (desert) Zyumorph: trade1, trade2

4G Mutamore x Nhiostrife: trade

Heartstealing_egg.png 3G Heartstealing x silver Shimmer: trade

4G Heartstealing x light Lumina: trade


Looking for:


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CB Heartseeker

CB Heartstealing


Many 3rd G checkers, some from alt Sweets and some from Valentine x Valentine pairs, please see list here.



2nd G 09 Valentines from:

- Sweetling
- Floral-Crowned


2nd G Sweetlings from:
- Spring

- Black Tea

- Garland


2nd G Arsanis from:

- Floral-Crowned

- Tsunami


2nd G Floral-Crowns from:

- 09 Val

- Arsani

- Terrae

- Vine

- Gaia

- Silver

- Red / Green Gemshard

- Almandine

- Carmine Wyvern

- Spring


also looking for any 2nd or 3rd G Sweetlings from alt Sweetlings. Please let me know if there's something on my breedable list that you need.

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Have: Lots of latest?cb=20180521045722 x latest?cb=20100326214712 checkers and/or 2nd gens ready to be bred or already there - up to 6th gen. For most generations, there are several unrelated pairs available.

Want: Bloodswaps, but also willing to help out on request. Please PM since I'd still need to breed. :)  Feel free to have a look at my Red x Val group if you need a mate: https://dragcave.net/group/65828

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Need a 2nd gen sweetling from dark sweetling and arcana, can breed and cb val with any other cb dragon (excluding prizes ofc) can breed a loooot of 3rd gen checkers


Have these 2nd gens right now

2nd gen soulstone from mint/script

2nd gen val09 from spessar smth, the orange almandine version

2nd gen sweetling from green gemshard/red zyu


poke me plz 👿

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Hi, me again. I don't breed for myself, so that's a lot of unbred cb valentines....


I also have a lot of cb other things, (I guess except super rare ones) so if you wanna get your hands on some 2nd gen babies, let me know!


I take interesting offers, nothing too crazy. Pm me, I don't bite!

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Have: 2nd gen Soulstone from Gaia

3rd gen Heartseeker from Blue solstice checker


Want: 2nd gen Floral-Crowned from gold Floret Wyvern


Soulstone: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9e079ad235a41ffee231e1b9b0b9f1a2
Heartseeker: https://dragcave.net/teleport/8f56c936b39c63733d551a4138edd3ae

Heartseeker: https://dragcave.net/teleport/8006f2ed3354b1f2fe95baf37a116196 Now looking for a 3rd gen Radiant Angel from Blue solstice checker.


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