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I'll breed, hold, and/or hatch Holidays for 2Gs from Spriter's Alts/HMs


I accept IOUs

Festival_of_Eggs_2014_13.gif<- Spriter's Alts || Scroll ->Valkemarian_Tales_solstice_dragon.gif

Forever seeking Silver Shimmer mate for him

Seeking a code that resembles "mneme" 


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    previously Areous
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    ►IOUs from me◄

    Bulbasnuff/clowncow - 3G from PB Desipis alts

    ►IOUs to me◄

    None atm

    ►Alt Swaps/Breeding◄

    ►Codes I'm interested in (caps messed fine, number replacements are not)◄
    -warcraft or overwatch related

    Lineage project - M Aeon x F Storm

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