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I accept IOUs

SAlt Pitfire Trade Status: Halloween trades now in profile

See profile for what I will always trade for regardless of list status

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    ►Requests & Trades◄

    Alt Blue Pitfire trades are always open for CB codes from my list below or for 2G Alt swaps from my list.

    Now opening up Halloween trade lists for 2G Blue SAlt Pitfires:
    x2 CB Pitfire hatchlings (influenced as a pair) - 1 2G Pitfire from mate of choice OR 1 2G Rare from Pitfire
    x1 CB Pitfire hatchling (influenced as needed) - 1 2G Common from mate of choice
    I breed after I have received your end of the trade. My end of the Common offspring trades will be handled after the Halloween breeding season. Only in need of a limited number of CB Pitfires, will remove this from my profile when that number has been reached.

    Also seeking 2G Spriter's Alts from Pitfires, unrelated to group/172935
    - Willing to negotiate depending on the pairing/SAlt, but mate rules WILL apply.
    - This offer does include Blue pitfires (common offspring or holiday) AND Reborns (only common offspring)

    ►Codes I'm interested in (caps messed fine, number replacements are not; prefer a standard breed)◄

    - maiev
    - zoey
    - quinn
    - ibby
    - squib
    - schen
    - death (standard breed only)
    - mneme
    - agnes
    - kalyn
    - pixel
    - pakse
    - movie
    - film (standard breed only)
    - murlc / mrloc
    - giraf
    - I am also willing to discuss trades for 4 or 5 letter word coded CB Obidar

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