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I'll breed, hold, and/or hatch Holidays/new releases for 2Gs from Spriter's Alts


I accept IOUs

Festival_of_Eggs_2014_13.gif<- Spriter's Alts || Scroll ->Valkemarian_Tales_solstice_dragon.gif

Seeking 3G M Gaia x F Bronze Shimmer Checkers


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    previously Areous
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    ►Requests & Trades◄

    Sometimes I make NDs for trades, feel free to PM me if you're interested :3

    I VERY much enjoy doing alt swaps. I will do anything for 2Gs from Spriter's Alts and unrelated bloodswaps for my alt lines (including unrelated alts in the line = ♥♥♥)

    I do often breed on request, please just respect if a list is closed :) (listed in spreadsheet)

    (there's this many to keep me sane)

    2G Spriter's Alts - group/31876
    3G Spriter's Alt Checkers (w/ Mates) - group/77443
    3G Spriter's Alt Checkers (w/o Mates) - group/77441
    Misc 3G Spriter's Alts - group/79203
    4G Alts - group/79204
    4G Alt Checkers (w/o Mates) - group/79202
    5G Alts - group/79208
    6G+ Alts - group/79209
    All Spriter's Alt Lineages - group/112263

    ►Codes I'm interested in (caps messed fine, number replacements are not)◄
    - mneme
    - agnes
    - maiev
    - zoey
    - ibby
    - squib
    - spud
    - pixel
    - pakse
    - variations of murloc
    - schma, schme, schmi, schmo, schmu
    - schen

    Always on the hunt for 2Gs from Spriter's Alts.
    Seeking ANY offspring from the following:
    Both Sweetlings; Black Arsani; Blue Radiant Angel; Floral Crowned; Pumpkin; Male Cavern Lurker; Graves; Female Blue Omen; Hershel; Snow Angel; Winter Magi; Wrapping Wing; Blue Mistletoe; Black Pacified Aegis; Green Snow; Pink Garland (Z'Warmth Element); Both Starsingers; Penk; Wintertide; Ribbon Dancer (Aluriel Silvermoon); Green Erador (Jantiago Vozlublennii); Heartstealing (Lupinia)

    Seeking mate of choice offspring from the following:
    White Val '09; Male Blue Kohraki; Heartseekers; Ribbon Dancer (A Wish Under Moonlight); Yellow Mistletoes; Pink Garland (Joyous Element); Heartstealing (Arsene)

    Lineage project - M Aeon x F Storm (only 6 more M CB Aeons to go!)

    Gaias & Stratos are the best noodles. I hoard these on the side :3