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    ❤ Hello there :)
    You can call me Elen.
    I love my dog, coffee, sport and long walks. I like to think positive, and appreciate every day.
    DC is another way to relax!

    NOT trading with:
    Dracaris/North/Kurogane (ForestPrince)
    scams during Halloween event :(

    Halloween 2017 :)
    IOUs to me

    Pandalf - 2 CB hatchies +
    Azules - 2 CB Halloween +
    Lannister - 2 CB Halloween NO RESPONSE
    North - 4CB Halloween NO RESPONSE

    Lantean_Pegasus - 2x 2G from Grave, eggs +
    littleangelamy22 - 2G Marrow x Spinel +
    Solanatsea - 2G Marrow x Silver +
    julesjag1 - 2G Lurker from Magi +


    Lantean_Pegasus - 2x 2G from SW, eggs +
    Infinis - 6x CB Halloween 2017 +

    ❤ Wishlist ❤
    ✶ Lineages with Spriters Alts in base
    ✶ 2G Hybrids
    ✶ Nice lineage with Hollies
    ✶ CB hatchies:
    Lunar Herald, Sunsong, Daydream, Monarch, Brute, Gemshard, Yellow-Crowne, Olive, Royal Crimson, Nebula, Striped-river

    ✶ Mates I need:
    Non- holiday:
    2G Brown Cooper x Gold male
    2G Brown Cooper x Gold female

    2G Ribbon Dancer x Shadow Walker
    2G Mistletoe x Waterhorse
    3G Mistletoe x Horse
    3G Mistletoe x Waterhorse
    3G Mistletoe x Silver Lunar
    3G Solstice x Sweetling

    ★ IOU to me ★
    3G Rainbow Cooper x Shadow Walker - Dusky_Flareon
    4G Ice x Tri Snow Angel - isaakfvkampfer
    2x 2G Silver from Silver F x Thallasa M - izuzi0
    Blue gemshard hatchie influenced female - jessieice
    2G Grave female x Anagallis male - -Midnight NO RESPONSE