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Currently seeking CB male and female sapphires for a lineage project. Will trade prizes, SA lineages and anything else I can breed from my scroll or CB hatchis I can catch in the cave.

sapphire_egg_by_snakehands-dcs85yc.gif sapphire_adult_by_snakehands-dcs77ci.png sapphire_egg_by_snakehands-dcs85yc.gif


(sapphire sprites by Infinis, autumn sprites by Shiro Shitoro and TheCompleteAnimorph and freckled sprites by kennon)

Please see scroll for highlighted lists of my dragons or contact me for more details.




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    My IOUs:
    Marrionetta = 2 mages (missed)
    tjekan = G2 holly by black, G2 yuleuck by arsani
    Erra = PB G2 gold
    bonvoyage = XMas hatchies
    The Dragoness = contact later for G2 silver tinsel
    naturalcyber = 2 hybrids/alts
    stai = mint omen / arcana
    WhisperingWillows = EG4/checker holly by white
    MaeTM = mint arcana / purple val 09
    The Dragoness = 2G Mistletoe x Winter
    2G pacified Aegis x Aether
    2G Snow x Boreal
    2G Garland x gold Lunar Herald
    dothefreddy = G2 holly by silver lunar
    AngelsSin = G2 mistletoe by black
    perfect EG3/checker holly by gold by holly male
    Tecca = silver checker by omen with alt
    Wiz = potential 2019 Xmas IOU
    Malcorium= CB gold (pending)
    dragonpuck = G2 gold by upside down mint
    twol8sue = Xmas IOU
    Sunrunner = G2 silver by upside down mint
    lolahighwind = 50 hatchis (4 pending)
    SunFish = 10 hatchis
    Astiana2011 = C4 aegis, C3 silver by alt garland