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    My Own Little World
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    I take breeding requests for nearly anything on my scroll, either for free or for a reasonable offer, depending on what you're asking for. ^_^
    I try not to keep breeding lists, as I am a forgetful commitment-phobe. I find that keeping track of all those IOUs and the pressure to breed my dragons on demand sucks all the joy out of the game for me. I will occasionally make exceptions for especially pretty prize dragons from reputable players (in other words, I might be bribed XD).
    I have CBs of everything, except most Prizes.

    When I have a trade post up, please just offer on the trade link. I'm not really a chatty person, and pointless PMs annoy me (eg telling me you've made an offer - I've probably seen it already; telling me you'll breed anything on your scroll - well, go for it, and offer it on the link, please e_e; begging because you don't have any of XYZ and you really NEED mine - sorry, but if I wanted to give something away, it'd be in the departures thread). If you PM me anyway, especially with something like my examples above, don't expect a response. (Before dismissing me as a rude b*%$h, ask yourself which is more rude: me ignoring your PM or you PMing me anyway despite my very clearly expressed request? :P)
    On the other hand, I do appreciate important PMs, such as choice of mate (when applicable), if a hatchie has been influenced, if you would like a different combo than I have the trade link for, or friendly breeding requests.

    I visit chat infrequently, but I'm 'shala' when I am there.

    Outstanding IOUs
    ○ Firestar13 → me: tinsel from vpq2j x CB harvest
    ○ me → SleepyDragon: gifting tinsel from Tinsel Wraith x CB shadow walker (sent an egg, but no response after 3 days, PM unread)
    ○ me → shinjiteru: gifting tinsels - any tinsel with purple ridgewing, Xmas dragons, horse, water horse, fog, spring, skywing, thunder, any from 2012
    ○ shinjiteru → me: shimmer from N8Ttm
    ○ shadesofchaos → me: shimmer from 8lxm2
    ○ dragongirl02 → me: shimmer from Sw4X5(?)
    ○ TobiDei → me: shimmer from U8RhU
    ○ Kallistrate → me: shimmers from G1FQj and rVnJC, white sibling to isuK6