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Seeking: Aeons - Gemshards - Xenos - Cloudplumes - Waters

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    -Constantly lurking: The best way to reach me is through PM-
    (active - ignore last visited dates)

    Seeking: CB Gold, Silver, Aeon, Xenos
    *I have no interest in Zyus or Dinos*

    Feel free to ask but many of my dragons are unnamed
    My holidays are unnamed and will most likely remain unnamed. Please be aware that if they are named there is a chance that names will be change in the future (this may apply to other dragons as well)

    The majority of my dragons, with some exceptions and lineage projects, are unnamed and most likely will remain unnamed. This is because my scroll has been wiped twice and after the second time I feel no compulsion to name my dragons. It is disheartening to try renaming my dragons that have lost their original names. I do name some but I do not necessarily feel compelled to.
    *The only exception is when I receive a gift where the gifter requests their gift be named*

    I am happy to influence or incubate eggs for people as long as I have space on my scroll, feel free to PM me ^^

    Wishlist: To be created
    Scroll Completion Wishlist (not completely up to date): https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/137455-the-complete-your-scroll-wish-list-thread/?do=findComment&comment=9656513