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Show off your Vase

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Here's a thread were you can show off your vase. No asking/giving flowers here, just showing off our lovely vases.



edit: Thank you Walker for the suggestion


edit2: Link to my Vase - http://dragcave.net/valentines13/llyoung

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Started to try and get a color scheme going with my vase-- hard to try and cover the flowers that don't go with the colors, but I'm getting there. :3

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My flower vase!

I love Lilies, but my vase's not quite filled at all yet. tongue.gif I do love this event and wish we can arrange the flowers, or at least have them separated at the bottom so we can see the sprites on our page (like Easter Eggs, almost)

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I'm pretty happy with my vase right now (except that red hibiscus at the bottom XP).

Not too full, but definitely a decent supply of flowers. smile.gif






Edit:: I really like yours Ready. I love the color coordination. <3

And anyone else who's going for a color scheme. I wish I would have thought of that! tongue.gif

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