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    The Demigoddess of Color.


Always interested in 2nd Gen Prizes, and Sif code dragons!Us.pngUt.gifSif.pngS3.png

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    Floating in space with a laptop. I've got internet, so I'm just fine. (SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!)
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    I am ALWAYS interested in 2nd Gen Prize Dragons. PM me if you are interested in trading for Artist Alt offspring and/or 3rd Gen Prizes.

    Thank you, and have a nice day!

    THE LIST :: Artist's Alt Valentines '09
    0. Shichibi (Trade 0/1 - ND) Mate: Thunder - DELIVERED
    0. BreederY (Trade 0/1 - BS) Mate: Horse - SENT
    1. EMPTY! Feel free to request, apologies if response is slow.

    All other lists are empty.

    Owes Me
    ~Kat~ - Owes me 4th Gen (Ed1fp)
    majors - Owes me 4th Gen (dFPfH)

    Katie92 - Potential future trade (Summer/Fall) - Fem CB
    missrabbit7 - Alt offspring, Unresponsive
    MiaNi* - Fallen line, Unresponsive, IOU

    Warning: Chance of arrows to the knee: 34% (34:66)

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