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GIvUf.gif <-- CLICK FOR WISHLIST / CLICK FOR TINSEL & SHIMMERSCALE LIST --> cNivD.gif Please read profile for important information on all breeding requests (CB Tinsel included)!Please DO NOT ER my eggs/hatchlings without my permission.Jp2TW.gifARK2-1.gifjilevUj.pngWolfsbane Dragon!

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    Off-world in the Pegasus Galaxy
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    Actual Interests:
    Stargate Atlantis and SG-1, JAG, NCIS, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Blue Exorcist, One Piece, Digimon, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli movies, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, and Mystic Force only though), Star Trek: The Next Generation and the new Star Trek movie(s), Rise of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Jurassic Park, Jaws 1-3, Hocus Pocus, dragons, and wolves.

    "Undead and loving it" banner by athdaraxen.
    Leetle lucky charms in signature sprited by kiyye.
    Wolfsbane animated pic by Mysfytt.
    Royal Blue/Shadow Walker animated pic by UmbreWulf.

    <IMPORTANT NOTE #1> I'm the lucky winner of a Silver Tinsel. The code for my little guy is "night" and his name is Stargate Legends. All trading/gifting lists are currently closed at this time. My plan is to alternate between trading and gifting so be warned that receiving a baby may take some time. The only potential exceptions will be for 2nd gen Prize swaps or 2nd gen swaps from spriters' alts. Please PM me if you are an owner of either and would like to discuss this.
    IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON THE LIST: Please note that if a Tinsel baby isn't produced within 2 breedings then I will move on to the next person on the list. I will come back to you if one of two things happens- a) the second person gets their shiny baby, or b) the pairing fails to produce a shiny baby within 2 breedings. I have decided to do it this way in order to keep the list from stalling out.

    <IMPORTANT NOTE #2> Tinselkins will be made available for trade or gifting when the need arises. Basically, I'll go by how I feel that week as to what will happen to the Tinselkin. The only exceptions to this will be if the 2nd gen Tinsel receiver requests the kins as well. All rules for breeding requests (stated further below) apply here!

    <IMPORTANT NOTE #3> Offspring from my FEMALE Hollies are open for trade. If interested, please PM me for discussion. Hollies are on the 2nd page of my scroll and range from 2nd-4th gen. Please note that I am in need of an appropriate mate for my 4th gen named "Miracles of Christmas." If you can help then I am definitely interested.

    High Priority Wish List:

    * CB Neglected (male)
    * 2nd gen Dorkface
    * 2nd gen from Spriters' alts
    * 2nd gen Shimmerkins/Tinselkins


    So you want to request an egg from me huh? Well there are a few things you need to know. First, and foremost, politeness is key! I will immediately decline any requests that are rude or demanding in any way. I haven't had this happen but once and I want to make that the only time.
    Secondly, anything on my scroll is available for breeding unless otherwise stated (points to IMPORTANT NOTES above). Metallics are finicky so I am limiting the number of requests per metallic to one person at a time. These lists will be kept private. I also reserve the right to breed my metallics for personal tradings/giftings. Please be sure to read the information below about my Shimmerscales and Tinsels.
    Thirdly, do NOT trade anything I gift you unless you ask my permission first, and there must be a good reason for it. If I find out that this has occurred then you will not receive another egg from me. I'm fine with re-gifting as long as I am made aware of it beforehand.
    Lastly, I will hold an egg up to 48 hours before either dropping it or gifting it to someone else. I am willing to hold it longer than that if you contact me within the 48 hour window, but I will not hatch it for you unless we have made special arrangements.


    I'm interested in any staircase/spiral/even gen as long as it's not inbred.
    Pairings I am NOT interested in (unless even gen) are: any holidays before 2010 Ribbon Dancers, Frills, Bright Pinks, or alt Sweetlings.
    A list of current lines I own can be found in my signature.
    My list is kept up-to-date.
    I'm VERY interested in Shimmer swaps.
    Please be aware that I alternate between gifting and trading, designated by "g" and "t" on my list.
    More information can be found at the link in my signature.
    Do NOT contact me about gifting. I have my own methods and I love to glomp on occasion.

    I'm interested in any staircase/spiral/even gen except for inbred lineages.
    A list of current lines I own can be found in my signature.
    My list is kept up-to-date.
    I'm always up for a Tinsel swap.
    I try not to have more than 5 people on a list at any given time, including those being gifted.
    You can always contact me about a trade/gift but please be fair when requesting/offering.
    More information can be found at the link in my signature.
    BREEDING STATUS FOR "night" (aka Stargate Legends): Showed no interest


    3rd gen Silver Tinsel from Royal Blue X Requiem Valdespar

    *NOTE* A running list of the Tinsels I breed on a regular basis can be found in my signature. Click on the link and it will take you to my spreadsheet. IOUs are also listed there. If you are curious about how long a list is or whether you've moved up on a list then you can check that spreadsheet or PM me.

    *A few of the IOUs I've owed & completed*
    Achire, Infinis, Thailia, ~Kat~, Terpsichore, arula, Reginea9, rebelgoddess19, Fiona BlueFire, RMMC, Siliskor, aqua17, Imperialism, Xythus, sei_chan65, soulchaser, Darkerdragons, munificent, Alexiel_dragoness, arlymaye, mandrakekeeper, Mysfytt, hardwired, Sylvan_Moon, Siachka, Moeru, shadesofchaos, Silence2, Marrionetta, Odeen