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    Gimme ALL the Tsunami's. pl0x


rPOGs.pngSandface.pngshoko.pngp4GVs.pngHoarding Tsunami Wyverns (141). PM me to discuss a trade. Will trade offspring from anything on my scroll for an IOU of a mate for this.

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    Michigan, US
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    I am most available around 5-10PM EST.

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    ~4th gen ice x balloon for this:

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    ~Tsunami: (135)

    The Sandface is a creature whose species is unknown and is mostly seen in Original Works, although it can be found in all sorts of forums. It is often spotted flying, but can also disappear quickly. Sometimes it wanders around, living in its own little world as if no one is there. The Sandface thinks more than most of its species, having the special gift of brain power as well as to read minds. This strange creature appears to be human, wearing tight plaid and tight jeans, even though it runs on all fours. Beware: the Sandface sometimes bites if deemed necessary.