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    I have just returned to the site. Last time I was here was 2014, so all information is probably outdated.

    ●●● Signature Requests ●●●
    I will be happy to make you a signature like mine! Just send me a PM at any time with all the things you'd like on it! ♥

    ●●● Breeding Requests ●●●

    I will gladly breed ANYTHING off my scroll, including my Silver and Gold, on demand. However, I can't always guarantee that my rares will produce any eggs (It's been a year and my Gold has yet to produce one egg). Even still, don't be afraid to PM me and ask! :3

    My only exception is, I will not. I repeat, WILL NOT, produce a vampire. The risk of death/repulsion is too high and I don't like to gamble.

    ●●● Wishlist ●●●

    - Any Caveborn Purples ♥♥
    - Chicken
    - Dinos (All Except Green, Red and Blue)
    - Neglected
    - Harvest from a CB Harvest/CB Gold

    ●●● List for Offspring of Flames of Summer and Flames of Winter ●●●

    ●●● Purplehatch-Legacy Project ●●●
    - This is a list of everyone who has contributed a CB egg or hatchling to the project.
    1. magilarilla [3rd Gen Purebred]
    2. shadesofchaos
    3. Ayelldee
    4. Brightstar_Farm
    5. CDM
    6. LadyLuck777 (+2)
    7. Shalora
    8. SockPuppet Strangler (+4)

    ●●● Those who have Gifted Me Other Eggs ●●●
    1. dragonpuck [Nebula Even-Gen]
    2. rinoa26 [Paper Egg]
    3. Siaorie [Gold, Stripes & Holly]
    4. Cassie_Fenix [Spotted Greenwing]
    5. pinkgothic [Purebred 3rd Gen Whiptail, Purebred 4th Gen Whiptail]
    6. Pink [Bronze Tinsel]
    7. Heiroglyphica [Silver]
    8. CDM [2nd Gen PB Black]
    9. Nureyev [2nd Gen PB Black + CB Black Female]
    10. thedragn01 [2nd Gen Geode]
    11. NovaEcto [Nebula]

    ●●● Those who have Gifted Me Artwork ●●●
    1. Tetra Kataki [Purple Hatchling w/ Egg]
    2. 626lavaheart [Female Purple]
    3. Cheesey [Steampunk Male Purple]

    ●●● Purplehatch Mass Breeding ●●●

    Every month on the 2nd, I will breed all of my Purplehatch-Legacy Purple Purebreds in a mass breed. I do this because of the lack of Purples in circulation at the moment due to their recent BSA addition.

    You don't need to continue the lineage nor do you need to name them with Purplehatch-Legacy. Just keeping them safe is all I ask. However, if you would like to continue the lineage or obtain any other Purples from my group, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to breed them for you.

    Breeding Log (Under Construction): https://sites.google.com/site/purplehatchery/