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Show off your Vase

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http://dragcave.net/valentines13/chencheya sad.gif


I've been sending random flowers all day, but haven't been getting many back. My fault for not logging in sooner, but I'm generally a lurker anyway. biggrin.gif

I really like how the white and red branches overlapped!


My vase. Poor Snapdragon is all by itself on the other side of the vase and the Lotus is hiding behind the Gardenia. xd.png

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Here's my vase!


It only has 4 flowers right now, but I figured I'd put my link here.


(although i have no idea what's up with those purple flowers on the right.....)

The drunk Freesia has returned. And this one is really out of its sorts. xd.png


I really like the flowers you have!

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this is my vase


mostly Iris biggrin.gif the last few have filled it except for a small spot lower left- I wish a few more would be "long" stems and be in the back but not bad for random

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My vase


It's looking rather... empty compared to everyone elses xd.png

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