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~My Wishlist~ ~My Tinsel and Shimmer List/Info~MomoMango93.pngI'm always looking for more Magi or Pink hatchlings or low time eggs. I seem to run out of Teleport and Influence BSAs when I need them most xD. So, if you ever have any you don't want just PM me. :)-I've been very busy lately so I'm not on as much as I used to be but I promise I will get back to you if you PM me.

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    **Shimmers have been being stubborn. I promise I will get you all your Shimmer when I'm able to. Don't worry! :)**

    **If I owe you anything and I get it, send you a transfer link, and you don't respond or claim it the egg/hatchling will either be APed or traded.

    • you'll have until it gets to 4 days to claim it unless I need the space at which point you'll have 24 hours
    • if you don't claim it in a timely manner I will either AP or trade it
    • 24 hour cases will mostly be APed unless it's a rare that can be traded quickly
    • 4 day cases will usually be influenced and hatched then traded as a hatchling in which case you'll have until I accept an offer to PM me

    ~If you need an egg influenced and hatched before you can claim it please tell me. 4 day cases I will do this for. However if I need the space I can't.

    • will be properly influenced
    • if not claimed I will trade them more often than I will AP them
    • since I hatch and influence it after it hatches you only have 24 hours to claim it

    ~If something comes up and you can't claim in time please let me know and I will keep it longer for you.


    -2nd Gen Golds to FJEEFOJ(✓ Done)

    -Second 4th Gen Silver Shimmer from my 3rd Gen Silver Shimmer to KiwiPopp

    -Shimmer to Shinobimasterz


    IOUs to me:

    3rd Gen Silver Shimmer from FJEEFOJ

    2nd Gen Bronze Shimmer from myokomiyizaki


    Notes to self of stuff I need to keep track of:

    ~Shimmerscale lists I'm on~

    Gold: None

    FJEEFOJ - 3rd Gen (Silver x Silver and Royal Blue), Logic line

    myokomiyizaki - 2nd Gen, brFA8 line
    KiwiPopp - 3rd Gen (Bronze x Sunset), Satan line