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*I Accept IOU's*


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    Also find me on Valley of Unicorns. User Name: Fire_Horse! Things that would make my day are found below on my wish list. I will always do my best to reply to a pm. I love making friends and helping people out. If you have any questions about my dragons or anything at all feel free to message me and I will do my best to help. I LOVE Gifting and Trading dragons so if you have something you think I would like let me know.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    ******[WISH LIST]******
    ++Most Important++

    ++ 2nd Gen Gold Tinsel
    ++ 2nd Gen Silver Tinsel
    ++ 2nd Gen Bronze Tinsel
    ++ 2nd Gen. Gold Shimmer Scale
    ++ 2nd Gen. Silver Shimmer Scale
    ++ 2nd Gen. Bronze Shimmer Scale
    ++ 2nd Gen. From any Spriters Alt
    2nd Gen. Magi from any Tinsel or Shimmer
    2nd Gen. Magi from any Spriters Alt.
    ++2nd Gen. Thuwed
    ++ Neglecteds

    ****I accept IOUs.****

    ~**I want to send a personal Thank You to every wonderful person who ever gifted me a Dragon! I could not have gotten half of the wonderful things you folks gave me so Thank You from the bottom of my heart! I try to pass on the kindness by gifting others.**~ :D
    And a very special thanks to, Terpsichore, Syphoneira, 42, skauble, and many others who have been amazing, and helped me collect alot of my treasures!

    ~I love helping people complete there scrolls, if there is something I have that you want just let me know and I would be happy to breed it for you.~
    If you want to trade something just pm me. And if I will trade it or not I will always reply to a message. :) All I ask is that you do the same, even a simple "No" or "not interested" is fine.

    I take breeding requests for my dragons. If you see something you like just send me a short PM asking for what you want and I will do my best to breed it for you.
    If there are more than 3 people waiting on one dragon I will not take requests for an egg until that dragons list is empty.
    I don't like keeping people waiting so I will breed as quickly as I can when I have room. Please be able to take your egg within 24 hours. And no matter what I will always reply to messages. :)

    +++I am a MAGI HOARDER!!+++
    I will take any and all Magis you do not want or would like to trade! Seeking Magi x Any Spriters Alt. or Magi x Shimmer-Scale or Magi x Tinsel or Magi Thuwed to Complete my scroll.

    Current MAGI count:

    I am always Seeking Thuweds! Willing to trade anything for a 2nd Gen. Thuwed! I breed my Thuweds upon "Request" just send me a polite PM asking for what you want and I will do my best to breed it for you. :) If you have a Thuwed you want to trade Please PM me, im trying to update my collection! And Will take any Thuwed you dont want. =)
    Thank you.