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    If you don't respond at all within 48 hours of me sending you a teleport link of something I owe you, I will take the IOU as completed and do with the egg as I please.

    Any interesting codes
    2nd-3rd gen Shimmers/Tinsels
    2nd gen Tinselfails and Shimmerfails
    2nd gens from Spriter's Alts
    CB Golds/Silvers/Coppers
    2nd gens from CB Hollies
    2nd gens from CB Alt Sweetlings and Bright Pinks (low priority)

    *I won't make lists for anything unless your offer contains the above.*


    Don't ask me to name things.

    I don't have CB Holly, Val 09, Marrow, Ribbon, Rosebud, Snow Angel, Grave, Solstice, Bright Pink or Frill.

    I'm on UK time, 5 hours ahead of cave time. If I don't respond, I'm probably asleep.

    If you have Skype and want to chat, feel free to PM me. :)

    ~2G Thuweds:

    Jnookcadw Thuwed (Sweetling) x Wahc Jidjedw Thuwed (Sunsong) = Sweetling

    Uikimdkamo Thuwed (Autumn) x Jimmohkamo Thuwed (Summer) = f Summer

    Tehjuc Vad Thuwed (Purple Dorsal) x Nxafkuac Thuwed (Whiptail) = m Red Dorsal



    2G Utren Shim x Embers
    2G LUFFY x Thunder
    3G Bronze Shimmer the Female Prize x Green Neb
    3G Crazy Little Diamond x Shadow Walker
    3G LUFFY x Thunder
    3G Seaglory x Electric

    3G zilver prise x Shadow Walker
    (~3G Kiseki no Shirogane x non-CB Rosebud then Moonstones)

    3G Sugoroku Statr x Water
    3G Angelight Goldenpearl x Daydream



    2G Cielatahl x Purple
    3G Alcoholic x Stripe
    3G Antihypertensive x White (Spiral)
    3G ARMY x Embers
    3G Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x GW (Spiral)
    3G Bronze Ivy x Harvests (Spiral)
    3G Bronze Ivy x Blacks
    3G Cayvyn x Stripes (Even Gen)
    3G Cayvyn x Blacks
    3G Cielatahl x Heartseeker
    3G Cielatahl x Purple
    3G Crouching Tiger x Blusang
    3G Darkrose x White
    3G Darkrose x Autumn
    3G F-bomb x Hellfires (Spiral)
    3G Galletian Victory x Hellfires
    3G Galletian Victory x Pillows (Spiral)
    3G glory x Pillows
    3G glory x GW (Spiral)

    3G Abby x Green Neb
    3G Arborial Morchaint x Blacks
    3G Artemis x Hellfire
    3G Artemis x Purple Neb
    3G Dawn x Tan Ridge
    3G Dawn x Blue Neb
    3G Elena x Winter Magi
    3G Inextrica x Blue Neb
    3G Inextrica x Shadow Walkers
    3G Korea x Cavern Lurkers
    3G Patxaran x Shadow Walkers
    3G Patxaran x Flamingo
    3G Patxaran x White
    3G Patxaran x Grey
    3G Penk x Purple Neb
    3G Penk x White/Pinks (Spiral)
    3G Requiem Valdespar x Royal Blues
    3G Trish x Radiant Angel
    3G Vivencia x Royal Blues
    3G Vivencia x Moonstone
    5G booo x Whites

    3G Apollo x Stripe (Spiral)
    3G Apollo x Sunsong (Spiral)
    3G Gold Epica x Winter Magi
    3G Living In Sin x Terrae
    3G Living In Sin x Sunset


    ~2G Tinselkin:

    Aquarius x Winter (male Spring)
    ARMY x Winter (female Spring)
    Beauxriens x Neotropical (male)
    BF KiMi x Seragamma (male)
    BF KiMi x Purple (male)
    Bronze Ivy x Flamingo (male)
    Bronze Ivy x Yulebuck (male)
    Brazen Zalvaris x Neotropical (female)
    Brazen Zalvaris x Harvest (female)
    Bronze 'Herz' Anzu Zephyr x Snow Angel (female)
    Cayvyn x Lumina (female)
    CROSS x BBW (female)
    Crouching Tiger x Tan Ridgewing (male Purple Ridgewing)
    Dalek x Red Neb (female Blue Neb)
    Darkrose x Guardian (male)
    Darkrose x Yulebuck (male)
    Galletian Victory x Arsani
    Hypnotizing x Heartseeker (male)
    light x Gold (female)
    Roreng Freshly Baked Wafflewing x Spitfire (male)
    Se 7 en x Royal Crimson (female)
    Se 7 en x Royal Crimson (male)
    Sim's x Nhio (female)
    Tainted x Blue Neb (female Blue Neb)
    Tanoth the Dragon King x Terrae (female)

    Abby x Grey (male)
    Arborial Morchaint x Moonstone (male)
    Cassi x Royal Blue (male)
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Daydream (female)
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Ribbon Dancer (female)
    Inextrica x Swallowtail (female)
    Moonlight Prize x Rosebud
    Patxaran x Sunstone (female)
    Silver Tinsel x Moonstone (male)
    Stargate x Black Cap (female)
    Stargate x Nhio (female)
    Trish x Guardian (female)

    AGYI x BBW (male)
    Alexandria Aurelix x Terrae (female) (**need male**)
    Apollo x Electric (female)
    Gold Epica x Horse (male)
    Gold Epica x Winter Magi (male)
    Living In Sin x Blusang (male)
    Mathias x Waterhorse (female)


    ~2G Shimmerkin:

    Jewel x Moonstone (male)

    Bronze Shimmer x Green Neb (Purple male)
    Bronze Shimmer x Nhio (male)
    BUTTS x Pink (male)
    cabri x Royal Crimson (male)
    Crazy little Diamond x GW (male)
    Elladan x White (female)
    Felix Felicis Leviosa x Royal Crimson (female)
    Haku x Copper (female)
    Kira's Bronze x Thunder (male)
    Kira's Bronze x Speckle (male)
    Kira's Bronze x Speckle (female)
    Kira's Bronze x Speckle (male Vampire)
    LUFFY x White (male)
    LUFFY x Thunder (female)
    Mateo x Red Neb (female Red Neb)
    Nikkei no Houseki x Terra (male)
    Queen Visenya x Sunsong (male)
    Satan x Turp (female)
    Seian x Pillow (male)
    Schimmernder x Arsani (female)
    Utren x Red (female)

    Bird of Prey x Tidal (female)
    Bird of Prey x Tidal (female)
    Dazzling Girl x Waterwalker (male)
    First Person Singular x Swallowtail (male)
    Kawa-no-Kami x Black Tea (male)
    Kawa-no-Kami x Blusang (female)
    zilver prise x Bleeding Moon (male)

    Isomanic x Royal Crimson (female)
    Isomanic x Royal Crimson (male)
    Lung Ying Jassith x Swallowtail (male)
    Sugoroko x Sunset (female)


    ~2nd gens from Spriter's Alts:

    Male Green Copper - Alt Val 09 (Kanamia) x Green Copper
    Male Purple Dorsal - Alt Val 09 (Kanamia) x Purple Dorsal

    Male White - Alt Rosebud (Gentle Rose) x White
    Rosebud - Alt Rosebud (Gentle Rose) x White
    Make White - Alt Rosebud (Heaven's Love) x White
    Female White - Alt Rosebud (Heaven's Love) x White

    Heartseeker - Alt Heartseeker x Alt Ribbon Dancer

    Male White - Alt Snow Angel (ChimeDancer JoyHerald) x White

    Female Lumina - Alt Wrapping Wing x Lumina

    Male Pink - Alt Winter Magi x Bright Pink

    Male Pink - Alt Cavern Lurker x Pink
    Female Pink - Alt Cavern Lurker x Pink

    Male Pink - Alt Shadow (Veiled Soul Elements) x Pink
    Female Pink - Alt Shadow (Eventide Frolic Elements) x Pink
    Male Sunsong - Alt Shadow (Evening Shade Elements) x Sunsong
    Val 09 - Alt Shadow (Midnight Waltz Elements) x Val 09
    Snow Angel - Alt Shadow (Shadowed Night Elements) x Snow Angel

    Male Moonstone - Alt Shimmer (Jewel) x Moonstone


    ~2nd gens from CB Alts:

    Rosebud - CB Alt Black (noir) x Rosebud
    Male Black - CB Alt Black (noir) x Cavern Lurker

    Female Black - CB Alt Black (Cuffy) x White

    Male White - CB Alt Black (melon) x White


    ~ 2nd gens from CB Hollies:

    Gold male
    Red Copper female
    Green Copper male and female
    Alt Black female
    Winter male and female
    Royal Crimson female
    White female


    ~2nd gens from CB Bright Pinks

    x Black - Alt Black female, Black male (x2), Pink female
    x Red Copper - Red Copper male
    x Pink - male (x2) and female
    x Silver - Silver male, Pink female