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Show off your Vase

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Here's my vase, http://dragcave.net/valentines13/dragongrrrl, reds on a dark background with flashes of gold! wub.gif


While I guess we have a week to work on these, I love what I have so far! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed! <3


Since we can't arrange our own flowers, (and I have one of the errant purple freesias, too - lol) I like helping to fill some of the emptier vases, parking on one for five to ten flowers. ninja.gif



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My Vase


Kinda sad looking, but since it isn't overflowing I can see each and every flower very clearly. I see this vase, and I'm kinda stunned. See I got flowers irl today; a nice small bouquet, with leafy greens and such as a background for the flowers. Then I see them in DC's vases. And while normally plain green is kinda dull...those big leaves make such an excellent complement to the flowers in front!


And by the way, real big kudos to the artists for these lovely flowers and leaves...and the vases too! I love the design!

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Thanks to everyone that sent me flowers wub.gif


Just for laughs, I tried to send one to myself tongue.gif It said that there was no user with the supplied username laugh.gif

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The pretty vase full of flowers people from the Forums gifted me! Thanks everyone!


Edited: Oh! I wish there was some butterflies like the ones from the gingerbread house! Or some bees! It would be lovely! wub.gif

Edited by Yliah

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