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The Bragging Thread!

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I've talked to my Idol from American Idol on the phone


I've been to a Broadway performance of Mary Poppins and gotten to meet the people backstage after the show


I have a string of beads from Mardi Gras that David Archuleta, the runner-up of season 7 of American Idol, threw and I caught(to me, this deserves bragging rights)


I've met Coach Cal, the former coach of a college basketball team I like

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My first dragon concept got released today, and i'm super happy about it. You can see them here on my DA. I made them alongside Mysfytt~

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Let's see....


I'm okay at making sprites form scratch.

I'm great at hand drawing.

I can stay on the laptop for many hours in a row.

I can withstand the Lavender Town music(not sure if this is something to brag about).

I beat the game Pokemon Rumble Blast TWO DAYS after I got it.(story mode)

And this one is one of the best:

Finding this website. X3

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user posted image

My first crochet project


user posted image

Painted wine bottle I made


Also got my CNA license.


not really feeling proud of them at the moment, but I guess they're good things.

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My first ever hands-on experience of CPR brought the guy back (in combination with the AED and drugs of course).


77% on my midway interview for this placement, so well on course to passing the first year of my nursing degree.

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Some Fun proud things...


**Danced on stage with Weird Al last year and again this year. At the San Diego Fair in a Stormtrooper suit

**I Made that Same Stoormtrooper suit by hand it is NOT a Rubies those suits suck and are not screen accurate.

**I am part of the 501st Vaders Fist.

** I like to wear my Tusken Raider Costume at Lego Land and usually to other events because I can sit down in it. LOL also it scares the kids a bit lol.

**I have put a smile on sick childrens faces jsut visiting them in the hospital in that same suit. (While I am crying over their not being able to play and have fun sobbing in my suit.)

**I am the mother of 2 AWESOME teen age boys.

**I have been Married to my Soul Mate for the better part of my life a whole 17 years.

**My husband and I have been together for 20 years

** He also joins me wearing our costumes. smile.gif

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- Made a self raising awareness game as part of a project with a group of people and in the end did a showcase of it. A lot of people liked it.

- I love dragcave which inspired me to draw dragons more.

- I have collected a lot of art books from video games for inspiration.

- I got into a college course due to someone dropping out, I thought I didn't have a chance of getting in!

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...I CAN'T EVER SLEEP! biggrin.gif



Yeah, I'm bragging about my insomnia. Problem? xd.png

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I beat Amnesia: The Dark Descent in three days. xd.png

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1) Smartest of class! (My class did MASSIVE averages on tests, I had an average of 389 of 410

next highest was 283 of 410 o.O

2) Escaped a crazed (disturbing) bf o.o (now ex =P)

3) Caught 18 medium sized fish on Sat

4) surfed really well CONSIDERING 2nd time doing it happy.gif

5) Is a great cook! (according to family and friends xd.png)

6) Best netball player in grade O.o (I play netball though xd.png)

7) Attempting grade 5 on Clarinet

8) passed grade 4 clarinet with an A+!!!!

9) I'm a MEAN handball player xd.png

10) I'm a mean reader smile.gif (Finished goal of 1000 books! Around Warrior Cat thickness - Twilight thickness each!)

11) top french student in class! tres bien!


Phew! All happened in August! (août xd.png)

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1) I read a book a lot (4~5/week)

2) I got silver prize at Korean Biology Olympiad

3) I built my computer myself

4) I speak korean well

5) I'd played violin since I was 6(I'm 19 now)

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1) Passed my English Speech with flying colours (YAY)


2) Made 4 new friends on one day (Nice people happy.gif )


3) Hatched 10 caterpillas! (My breeding project went well happy.gif )


4) Got a new cat who is ADORABLE


5) Finished my science project thats REALLY good!

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Moved everything into my flat, and had a brilliant night with my lover the day before.

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I got to name the two kittens that were dropped off at the shelter last saturday. It was a male tuxedo and a female grey kitten. The tuxedo had a little splotch under it's nose like a Charlie Chaplin mustache so I named him Chap, and the grey kitten was the same color as the storm clouds outside so I named her Storm.

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I'm actually pretty proud of my reference drawings. I'm not the best artist around but I draw better when I have a picture to go off of. And I HATE to trace to I use grid work (with human/humanoid) and go by eye alone on dragons or animals x3


My DA gallery

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Me and my epee fencing team got national champion for the teenage group of women's fencing in China. :3

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Just have to post in here. Tonight my job put on it's annual Talent Show, which I've heard of over the years but never gone to. This year, due to a new staff member taking over the preparations who I really like, I decided to sign up to perform.


I am currently on medical leave from work because of mental issues, *especially* anxiety issues.


And yet tonight I went up there onstage and sang one of my old favorite country songs in acapella, I did *not* chicken out, and ended to thunderous applause. YAY!!!!

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Honors student since third grade woot


In a nationals-winning dance studio for my seventh year.


Got recommended to all the highest classes in my grade, and made it.


Over the course of three years drastically improved my drawing skills.


Beat Digimon in one night, killing the final boss with literally two hits from the pet I raised from the beginning.




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I did no work at all in school today and ate food (none if it I brought to school) in every class.

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1. Third place in first School Chess Championship (mind you every one I versed was 3 years older than me).

2. Third place in Moreland Chess Championship (as I said before the people I versed were older than me).

3. Ran my own computer programming class at my old school.

4. I am in a special class called Enterprise, which is where the top students in the grade go to.

5. Completed High School (GCE) ICT in grade 9 (I supposed to do it in grade 10,11)

6. Can speak Arabic and Latin.

7. Fluent in many programming languages (such as: js, node, py, c, php, ruby).

8. I've been in every single continent except for America, I've also lived in two different countries.

9. Make some damn good ramen.

9. Ran my own company in grade 7, we made over 2k in a month.

10. First place in Team Carlo Takewondo Championship.

11. First place in Australian Olympic Takewondo Championship.

12. Blackbelt in Takewondo.

13. Swam 1km with out any brakes.

14. Invited to join Moreland Swimming Squad Team, I left for another team.

15. Part of Paul Sadlers Swimland Squad team (One of the largest swimming schools in the world with bases in Canada, US and Australia).

16. First place at my schools science competition.

17. Helped a uni student out with his computer science home work.

18. Rode a tractor at my Great Grandfathers estate xd.png.

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