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Don't have a place for your Even Gen and its the Wrong color or egg type for your purposes PM me! I LOVE Even Gens of any lineage!

I am not on DC Thursdays or Fridays PST. I also work nights and that is when I usually am on DC.  Thank you for understanding. :)

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    My Wish List:
    CB Golds Metallic 2m & 2f
    CB Silvers 1m $ 2 f
    CB Black's
    CB Vine's
    CB Stripe
    CB Ice 2f
    CB Magma 1m 1f
    CB Thunder 2m 2f
    CB Nebula's

    Trio's Summon Attempt:
    1: 12/6/11 Fail
    2: 1/08/12 Fail
    3: 1/27/12 Fail
    4: 2/10/12 Fail
    5: 3/01/13 Fail
    6: 3/20/13 Fail
    7: 6/09/13 Fail