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'I believe we are destiny-bound to survive against all odds'              'Sometimes trying to be sane can be exhausting'                              

  Currently hoarding any and all Nobleshields!   

Please see profile for my policy on my new CB Silver Tinsel. ❤️  N6OtO.gif

I love messy lineages, the messier the better!!  My Messy-Lineaged Beauties * *  My Wishlist  * * Links-List of My Groups      1zybypl.gif     The-April-Fool-s-2017-Event-Buttons-Dead

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    June '21 CB Silver Tinsel winner!
    -- Will *gift* any common/uncommon 2g Prizekin, with the understanding it may take awhile to breed and priority in breeding may go to Prize requests.
    -- 2g Prizes I will trade for common/uncommon *messies*, preferably 20+gens. Expect these breedings to take awhile too! I have no idea how good a breeder my baby will be yet!
    (see group/6214 for all my CBs if you want to explore mates!)
    ---- Current messies needed: Blazeback, Cloudplume, Dorsal (red), Equinox, Freckled, Galvanic Wyvern, Hydrophidius, Labradorite, Luminox, Rift Wyrm, Sandwaste, Sapo, Sawtooth, Skysilk, Skystrider, Stratos, Tercorn, Undine (gold), Venturis, Xol (both)
    (Also, *any* long/messy drake or pygmy.... And I'll pretty much always take higher-gen Nobleshields...)

    NOTE: I have severe anxiety and patience is a must when PMing me, I'll almost always see the PM in my email fairly quickly but sometimes I'll need a bit to respond. Usually don't go more than 1-2 days without responding though.
    Second NOTE: I normally tag my dragons, so 'CB' etc in their names. I'm not tagging my Prize, but most of his mates will have CB tags. If it's important for you that they not, feel free to message me and I *might* be willing to remove the CB for that dragon's name, depending on the dragon in question.


    Interests.... Uh... DragonCave? Nah, that's not an interest, more an obsession, lol.
    --Writing. I love to write, I've won National Novel Writing Month many times (actually lost count, oops), I have 5 completed full-length novels (and about a bajillion in various stages of not-finished), but I will never attempt publishing because I write for me. .... And my friends, when they ask to read.
    -- Music. Country (mostly 80s and 90s stuff, don't care much for the "country" nowadays), some alternative, indie.
    -- Reading. Own over 1,000 books (over 200 of those haven't been read yet). Also have a bit of a fanfiction addiction (House, Once Upon a Time, Law and Order SVU).