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Can catch multiple CB commons (and some uncommons) in exchange for severely messy commons!
Currently focusing on: Aeon, Balloon, Black Tea, Black Tipped, Blue-Banded, Brimstone, Candelabra, Falconiform, Fever Wyvern, Frostbite, Gemshard (any color), Gilded Bloodscale, Glory Drake (day and night), Gold-Horned Tangar, Hooktalon, Howler Drake, Kingcrowne, Magma, Moonstone, Nebula (any color), Nexus, Ochredrake, Plated Colossus, Pyralspite (any type), Risensong, Sapphire, Seragamma Wyvern, Setsong, Speckle-throated, Spitfire, Striped (any except white), Striped-River, Swallowtail, Tsunami Wyvern, Ultraviolet, Undine (either color)


DO NOT PUT MY DRAGONS IN HATCHERIES!! I've been doing this for years, I know how to care for them!


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    This box is called "Your interests"? Okay, um.... DragonCave. Duh.

    Writing. I love to write, I've won National Novel Writing Month many times (actually lost count, oops), I have 5 completed full-length novels (and about a bajillion in various stages of not-finished), but I will never attempt publishing because I write for me. .... And my friends, when they ask to read.

    Music. Country (mostly 80s and 90s stuff, don't care much for the "country" nowadays), some alternative, indie.

    Reading. Own over 1,000 books (over 200 of those haven't been read yet). Also have a bit of a fanfiction addiction (House, Once Upon a Time, Law and Order SVU).