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    The dubiously human weirdo
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Currently looking for: (Messy-lineaged) Aranoa, Cloudplume, Crystalline, Dorsal (red), Equinox, Floret Wyvern (gold), Freckled, Galvanic Wyvern, Labradorite, Luminox, Rift Wyrm, Sandwaste, Sapo, Skysilk, Skystrider, Stratos, Tercorn, Undine (gold), Venturis, Xol (both)
'Messy' Pygmies/Drakes/Two-heads: Avea Pygmy, Blancblack, Coral Pygmy, Geminae, Gilded Bloodscale, Glory Drakes (both), Glowback Pygmy, Hooktalon, Howler Drake, Jester, Kovos Pygmy, Mariner Pygmy, Mimic Pygmy, Nexus, Ochredrake, Pargulus Pygmy (any), Pipio Pygmy, Pseudo-Wyvern Drake, Red-Tailed Wyrm pygmy, Tatterdrake, Vremya Drake

(Status: Dealing with anxiety, may be avoiding direct social contact, will answer any PMs as soon as I can!)


I love messy lineages, the messier the better!!  My Messy-Lineaged Beauties * *  My Wishlist * * My Aqualis Army      1zybypl.gif     

 FoE 2020 57 my scroll  blaze-it.pnginbred10.png ARK.png.b570901d62b961301af524b469309c86.png  7FxXIal.gif

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    Interests.... Uh... DragonCave? Nah, that's not an interest, more an obsession, lol.
    --Writing. I love to write, I've won National Novel Writing Month many times (actually lost count, oops), I have 5 completed full-length novels (and about a bajillion in various stages of not-finished), but I will never attempt publishing because I write for me. .... And my friends, when they ask to read.
    -- Music. Country (mostly 80s and 90s stuff, don't care much for the "country" nowadays), some alternative, indie.
    -- Reading. Own over 1,000 books (over 200 of those haven't been read yet). Also have a bit of a fanfiction addiction (House, Once Upon a Time, Law and Order SVU).

    Note: I'm gay, fairly liberal, and have Bipolar and anxiety. While I try super-hard to respect everyone's opinions, sometimes heated discussions can upset me, and sometimes I honestly don't realize if I've been somehow rude. If I ever post something that you think is rude, chances are I honestly didn't realize it, so please feel free to PM me about it (politely please!) because I certainly don't want to come across that way.