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Can catch multiple CB commons (and most uncommons, including unbreedables) in exchange for severely messy commons! Feel free to PM!

Currently focusing on 2018 releases!! Need: Aether, Ash, Boreal, Freckled, Lacula, Leodon, Melismor, Pipio Pygmy, Pyrovar, Razorcrest, Red-Tailed Wyrm, Siyat

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    NOTE: Don't trust the 'last on' date, I'm often on here 'invisibly' due to anxiety and not knowing how much social interaction I can handle at the moment. I'm here. Constantly. If I don't respond within 5 hours or so, it's due to anxiety limitations, and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

    Interests.... Uh... DragonCave? Nah, that's not an interest, more an obsession, lol.
    --Writing. I love to write, I've won National Novel Writing Month many times (actually lost count, oops), I have 5 completed full-length novels (and about a bajillion in various stages of not-finished), but I will never attempt publishing because I write for me. .... And my friends, when they ask to read.
    -- Music. Country (mostly 80s and 90s stuff, don't care much for the "country" nowadays), some alternative, indie.
    -- Reading. Own over 1,000 books (over 200 of those haven't been read yet). Also have a bit of a fanfiction addiction (House, Once Upon a Time, Law and Order SVU).

    Note: I'm gay, fairly liberal, and have Bipolar and anxiety. While I try super-hard to respect everyone's opinions, sometimes heated discussions can upset me, and sometimes I honestly don't realize if I've been somehow rude. If I ever post something that you think is rude, chances are I honestly didn't realize it, so please feel free to PM me about it (politely please!) because I certainly don't want to come across that way.