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Valid | INFJ | Blancblack Hoarder
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    Hi there! Please feel free to call me Valid or Val.

    I am attending university to get my Bachelor's in English with a Writing Specialization, and two minors in Physics and Accounting. I've been writing stories since at least the 6th grade but, just recently (around 2017), I've started to work more seriously on a novel manuscript. My desire is to write fiction and publish books for the rest of my life. You can find me on NaNoWriMo, every year, as TechnoCality7. I also have a Twitter account that I am molding to become a professional networking site. If you want to find me, just message me for my handle.

    Currently, I have a 13 year-old Shiba Inu (tri-color and born November 8th, 2005) and a one-eyed kitten who's hardly half a year old. She was a foster-to-adopt from the local shelter.

    I frequent Flight Rising as ValidEmotions and Tales of Ostlea as JinxVIII. You're welcome to find me on either of those sites. Otherwise, you're sure to find me in the Roleplay sections. I'm an RP Approver so, if you have any roleplays you need critiqued in the Unapproved section, you're more than welcome to PM me. I'm also available to answer any questions, bounce around creative ideas, and just simply chat.

    For the moment, I have no scroll goals. I'm rather bad at remembering to breed things, so lineage projects aren't at the forefront of my mind lol. However, if you see a pair of creatures you'd like an offspring from, you're welcome to message me an inquiry and, if I don't already have a (rare) plan for them, I'd be happy to breed you an egg. :)

    My interests include, but are not limited to: literature, art, music, sports, and animals (real and mythological). I do have a Deviant Art account, currently linked in my profile, as well as a DC Forum art thread. However, I'm terrible at remembering to draw something every day, let alone update with anything new or recent.