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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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Lunaflare's Wishlist:




latest?cb=20170828200205 - 2G Female from non-alt Black father / CB female (Unrelated to 8GzWT)

user posted image - CB male 

user posted image - 3G female from Grave father checker (Unrelated to jOfqp)

user posted image - 2G female from Holly father (Unrelated to gJHVJ)

user posted image - CB male

user posted image - 3G PB male (Unrelated to vOv7v)




user posted image - Either gender for influencing

user posted image - For precogging

user posted image - CB of any color

user posted image - Prizekin with a non-messy lineage

user posted image - Thuweds

user posted image - Dorkfaces

user posted image - SAltkin 

user posted image - Word codes


user posted image - S1 / S2

user posted image -  S1/S2

user posted image - S1

user posted image - All stages

user posted image - S1 / S2

user posted image - All stages

user posted image - All stages

user posted image - S1

user posted image - All stages, including ungendered

user posted image - S1/S2

user posted image - S1/S2

Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif - S1/S2

user posted image - S1/S2/Adult

Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif - S1

user posted image - S1/S2

user posted image - S1

user posted image - S1

user posted image - S1

user posted image - S1/S2

user posted image - S1

user posted image - S1/S2

user posted image - S1/S2/Adult

user posted image - S1/S2/Adult

user posted image - S1/S2


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SpyroForLife's Wishlist!

I can't believe I hadn't made one of these yet, huh. Anyway, here we go.


Favorite Dragons!

I'll always accept these!

Pink_egg.gif Pink_hatchi.gif CB/PB Pinks (even-gen only)

Red_egg.gif Red_hatchi.gif CB/PB Reds (even-gen only)

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif Golden_Wyvern_hatchi.png CB/PB Golden Wyverns (even-gen only)


Scroll Completion

Copper_Dragon3_egg.png CB Verdigris/Jungle and Coast Copper (F)

Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin

Summer_egg.gif CB Seasonal Dragon, Summer (M)

Winter_egg.png CB Seasonal Dragon, Winter (M)

Sunrise-Sunset_egg.gif Sunrise_hatchi.gif CB Sunrise Dragon (M)

Zyumorph_forest_egg.png CB Grey Zyumorph (M)

Purple_Dino_egg.gif Purple Dino

Yellow_Dino_egg.gif Yellow Dino


The "I Can Dream" Wishlist

Neglected_egg.gif Neglected_hatchi.gif Neglected (any)

Gold_egg.gif Gold_hatchi.gif CB Gold

Silver_egg.gif Silver_hatchi.gif CB Silver

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif CB or 2G EG Prizes


**PM me before making any offers so I can make sure I have room! You can also look through my scroll and ask me about breeding if you'd like!**



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❤️ Sketch's Wishlist ❤️


❤️ Radiant_Angel_egg.pngRadiant_Angel_hatchi.pngRadiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png 2G Radiant Angel or Offspring from Meteor, Sephiroth, Cloudstrife, or Holy ❤️


Favorite Breeds

Lunar_Heralds_gold_hatchi.gifLunar_Heralds_silver_hatchi.gifLunar_Heralds_bronze_hatchi.gifLunar_Heralds_indigo_hatchi.gifLunar_Heralds_gold_mature_hatchi.pngLunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.pngLunar_Heralds_bronze_mature_hatchi.pngLunar_Heralds_indigo_mature_hatchi.png Lunar Heralds

Nebula_hatchi.gifNebula_blue_female_hatchi.gifNebula_red_female_hatchi.pngNebula_purple_male_hatchi.gifNebula_green_male_hatchi.gif Nebulae

Carina_hatchi.gifCarina_female_hatchi.pngCarina_male_hatchi.png Carinae

Winter_hatchi.gifWinter_female_hatchi.gifWinter_male_hatchi.gif Winter Seasonals

Gemshard_blue_hatchling.pngGemshard_blue_mature_hatchling.pngGemshard_green_hatchling.pngGemshard_green_mature_hatchling.pngGemshard_red_hatchling.pngGemshard_red_mature_hatchling.png Gemshards

Tri-Horn_Wyvern_hatchi.pngTri-Horn_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png Tri-Horns

Golden_Wyvern_hatchi.pngGolden_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png Golden Wyverns

Radiant_Angel_hatchi.pngRadiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png Radiant Angels

Red_hatchi.gifRed_mature_hatchi.gif Reds

Pink_hatchi.gifPink_female_hatchi.gifPink_male_hatchi.gif Pinks

Purple_hatchi.gifPurple_female_hatchi.gifPurple_male_hatchi.gif Purples


Prize/Prizekin/SAltkin Mates

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngSilver_Shimmer-scale_mature_hatchi.png 2G Silver Shimmer Egg or Male Hatchling from (female) Striped River (mate for Starlit Oceans)

Gemshard_green_mature_hatchling.png 2G Green Gemshard Male Hatchling from (female) Bronze Tinsel x Blue Gemshard (mate for Bronzed Meteorite)


(CB) / (2G) Dragons Needed to Complete Scroll Goals

Albino_mature_hatchi.gif (M) Albino

Almerald_mature_hatchi.pngAlmerald_mature_hatchi.png (M+F) Almerald

Anagallis_male_hatchi.png (M) Anagallis

Antarean_mature_hatchi.png (M) Antarean

Ash_mature_hatchi.gifAsh_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) Ash Dragon

Avatar_of_Change_mature_hatchling.pngAvatar_of_Change_mature_hatchling.png (M+F) 2G Avatar of Change

Avatar_of_Creation_mature_hatchling.pngAvatar_of_Creation_mature_hatchling.png (M+F) 2G Avatar of Creation 

Azure_Glacewing_mature_hatchi.png (F) Azure Glacewing

Baikala_brown_male_hatchi.pngBaikala_brown_female_hatchi.png (M+F) Brown Baikala

Baikala_blue_male_hatchi.pngBaikala_blue_female_hatchi.png (M+F) Blue Baikala

Balloon_mature_hatchi.gifBalloon_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) Balloon

Bauta_mature_hatchi.png (F) Bauta

Black_Capped_Teimarr_male_hatchi.png (M) Black-Capped Teimarr

Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gifBlack_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) Black Truffle

Bleeding_Moon_mature_hatchi.png (F) Bleeding Moon

Blue-Banded_mature_hatchi.gif (F) Blue-Banded

Blusang_Lindwurm_male_hatchi.png (M) Blusang Lindwurm

Bolt_mature_hatchi.png (M) Bolt

Candelabra_mature_hatchi.png (M) Candelabra

Cassare_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) Cassare

Chicken_hatchi.gif (F) Chicken

Coastal_Waverunner_mature_hatchi.gif (F) Coastal Waverunner

Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif (M) Common Pygmy

Copper_Dragon2_male_hatchling.png (M) Rainbow Copper

Copper_Dragon1_female_hatchling.pngCopper_Dragon1_male_hatchling.png (M+F) Brown Copper

Copper_Dragon3_female_hatchling.png (F) Verdigris Copper

Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_mature_hatchi.gif (M) Crimson Flare Pygmy

Dark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gifDark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) 2G Dark Green - Alt

Dark_Myst_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gifDark_Myst_Pygmy_female_hatchi.gif (M+F) CB Dark Myst Pygmy

Dark_Lumina_mature_hatchi.gifDark_Lumina_mature_hatchi.gif (M+F) CB Dark Lumina

Daydream_mature_hatchi.gif (M) CB Daydream

Deep_Sea_mature_hatchi.gif (F) CB Deep Sea

Diamondwing_mature_hatchi.gif (M) CB Diamondwing

Blue_Dino_mature_hatchi.gif (X) Dino - Blue

Purple_Dino_mature_hatchi.gif (X) Dino - Purple

Red_Dino_mature_hatchi.gif (X) Dino - Red

Yellow_Dino_mature_hatchi.gif (X) Dino - Yellow

Duotone_female_hatchi.png (F) CB Duotone

Dusk_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gifDusk_Pygmy_female_hatchi.gif (M+F) CB Dusk Pygmy

Ember_mature_hatchi.gif (F) CB Ember

Falconiform_Wyvern_male_hatchi.png (M) CB Falconiform Wyvern

Fell_male_hatchi.pngFell_female_hatchi.png (M+F) Fell

Fever_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png (F) CB Fever Wyvern

Fire_Gem_blue_female_hatchi.png (F) Fire Gem - Blue

Fire_Gem_red_female_hatchi.png (F) CB Fire Gem - Red

Fire_Gem_green_female_hatchi.png (F) CB Fire Gem - Green

Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png (M+F) CB Floret Wyvern - Gold

Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png (M+F) CB Floret Wyvern - Purple

Freckled_mature_hatchi.png (M) CB Freckled

Frilled_male_hatchi.gif (M) CB Frilled

Frostbite_mature_hatchi.pngFrostbite_mature_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Frostbite

Gilded_Bloodscale_male_hatchi.pngGilded_Bloodscale_female_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Gilded Bloodscale

Glaucus_Drake_mature_hatchi.pngGlaucus_Drake_mature_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Glaucus Drake

Day_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.pngDay_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Glory Drake - Day

Night_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.pngNight_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Glory Drake - Night

Gold-horned_Tangar_mature_hatchi.gif (M) CB Gold-Horned Tangar

Greater_Spotted_Drake_mature_hatchling.g (M) CB Greater Spotted Drake

Green_mature_hatchi.gif (M) CB Green

Harvest_male_hatchi.gif (M) CB Harvest

Hellfire_Wyvern_male_hatchi.pngHellfire_Wyvern_female_hatchi.png (M+F) CB Hellfire Wyvern


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Posted (edited)


(If you trade/gift, hatchies always preferred! I'm egg-locked almost constantly. Check my sig to see if I'm locked or not!)


-This is mostly just a checklist for personal use, but you may refer to this if you'd like to trade or gift!

-I have a preference for dragons that is either CB or has a non-inbred, neat lineage! I.E. Checkerboards, stairs, purebreds, staircases. I will still happily accept anything however, especially for 'Most wanted' dragons; I'd be happy enough seeing my wishlist dragons on my scroll with no regards to his/her origins :) 



latest?cb=20120815075436 // latest?cb=20120815090315 BLUSANG LINDWYRMS (1/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!!!

latest?cb=20160822010152 // latest?cb=20160823041502 AEON WYVERNS (1/∞)

latest?cb=20100401041551 // latest?cb=20100401093945 // latest?cb=20100401162238 latest?cb=20100401162425 HELLFIRE WYVERNS (1/∞)

latest?cb=20100328010108 // latest?cb=20091212234128 CHICKENS (1/∞)


Black Marrow egg // Black Marrow hatchi BLACK MARROW (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!

Caligene egg // Caligene hatchi CALIGENE (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!

Witchlight egg // Witchlight hatchi WITCHLIGHT (0/∞) *MOST WANTED

Arcana egg // Arcana hatchi ARCANA (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!



latest?cb=20130924201446 ANY DRAGONS WITH INTERESTING/WORD-LIKE CODES (E.G. MeoWx, DenG0, SACr1)




latest?cb=20150829075208 latest?cb=20150829075222 // latest?cb=20150829124745 Lunar Heralds indigo hatchi SILVER OR INDIGO LUNER HERALD (0/1 SILVER), (0/1 INDIGO)

latest?cb=20100401135617 // latest?cb=20110401083628 PURPLE OR GREEN NEBULA (0/1 PURPLE, 0/1 GREEN)

latest?cb=20100526143015 // latest?cb=20100526164802 NIGHT GLORY (0/1)

latest?cb=20100326231252 // latest?cb=20091211230455 // latest?cb=20110421134531 PINK DRAGONS FOR INFLUENCING (0/8)

latest?cb=20100326231225 // latest?cb=20180521130926 RED DRAGONS FOR INCUBATING (0/8)


latest?cb=20150627180116 // Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling GAIA XENO (0/1)



Mageia Xenowyrm egg // Mageia Xenowyrm hatchling MAGEIA XENO (0/1)

Pyro Xenowyrm egg // Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling PYRO XENO (0/1)

Thalassa Xenowyrm egg // Thalassa Xenowyrm hatchling THALASSA XENO (0/1)


Zyumorph alpine egg // Zyumorph alpine hatchi ALPINE ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph coast egg // Zyumorph coast hatchi COASTAL ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph forest egg // Zyumorph forest hatchi FOREST ZYU (0/1) *MOST WANTED

Zyumorph jungle egg // Zyumorph jungle hatchi JUNGLE ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph volcano egg // Zyumorph volcano hatchi VOLCANO ZYU (0/1)


Alt Black crouching hatchi // Alt Black sitting hatchi ALT. BLACK (0/1)





Avatar of Destruction egg // Avatar of Destruction hatchling AVATAR OF DESTRUCTION (0/1)

Ice egg // Ice hatchi ICE (0/2)

Magma egg // Magma hatchi MAGMA (0/2)

Thunder egg // Thunder hatchi THUNDER (0/2)

Gold egg // Gold hatchi GOLD (1/1) 

Gold Tinsel egg // Gold Tinsel hatchi GOLD PRIZE TINSEL (0/1)

Undead standard hatchi UNDEAD DRAGON, ANY TYPE (0/?) *MOST WANTED

Purple Dino egg ANY DINO (0/1 PURPLE) (0/1 GREEN) (0/1 YELLOW) (0/1 RED) (0/1 BLUE)


Carina female hatchi FEMALE CARINA (0/1)

Hellhorse egg // Hellhorse hatchi // Hellhorse female hatchiHellhorse male hatchi HELLHORSE (0/1 MALE), (0/1 FEMALE)


Desipis egg // Desipis hatchling DESIPIS (0/1)

Omen Wyrm egg // Omen Wyrm hatchi OMEN WYRM (0/1) *MOST WANTED

Radiant Angel egg // Radiant Angel hatchi RADIANT ANGEL (0/2) *MOST WANTED!!!

Rosebud egg // Rosebud hatchi ROSEBUD (0/1)

Aegis egg // Aegis hatchi AEGIS (0/2)



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Posted (edited)



Of course always looking for more Cheese



Wanted CB

Chicken_Egg.gifChicken_hatchi.gif Chicken

Blue_Dino_egg.gifPurple_Dino_egg.gifRed_Dino_egg.gifYellow_Dino_egg.gif All Dino except Green

Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png Zyumorph_jungle_hatchi.pngZyumorph_jungle_mature_hatchi.png Yellow Zyumorph

Zyumorph_alpine_egg.pngZyumorph_alpine_hatchi.pngZyumorph_alpine_mature_hatchi.png Black Zyumorph

Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gifFloret_Wyvern_hatchi_gold.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png Male Gold Floret Wyvern

Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gifFloret_Wyvern_hatchi_purple.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png Female Purple Floret Wyvern


Wanted Hatchlings

Pillow_female_hatchi.pngPillow_male_hatchi.gif CB/PB Pillow Hatchling

Fire_Gem_blue_hatchi.pngFire_Gem_red_hatchi.pngFire_Gem_green_hatchi.png Any lineage S1 Fire Gem Hatchling to freeze

Pink_male_hatchi.gif Any lineage Male Pink Hatchling

Purple_hatchi.gif Any lineage Purple Hatchling

Red_hatchi.gif Any lineage Red Hatchling


Breeding Projects

Glory_Drake_egg.pngGlory_Drake_egg.png CB Day/Night Glory Drakes

Night_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Female CB Glory Drakes

Day_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Male CB Glory Drakes

Glory_Drake_egg.pngNight_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.pngDay_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Any Day/Night Drakes that follow this checker theme (https://dragcave.net/lineage/eHeRm)

Dark_Green_hatchi.gif PB Non-alt Vines (4+ G)

Avatar_of_Destruction_egg.gifAvatar_of_Destruction_hatchling.PNGAvatar_of_Destruction_mature_hatchling.p 2G Male Avatar of Destruction from Male Guardian of Nature and Female Vine

Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngGold_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.pngGold_Shimmer-scale_mature_hatchi.png 2G Gold Shimmer from Male Red and Female Gold Shimmer

Edited by I Want Cheese Dragon

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chandelotic's wishlist

last updated 05/12/2019

Help me make the heart-shaped lineage in the spoiler below! I (still) need:
x2 male CB Aether Wyverns 
Aether Wyvern eggAether Wyvern mature hatchi
x2 female CB Aether Wyverns Aether Wyvern eggAether Wyvern mature hatchi
x2 male CB Blue Fire Gem  Fire Gem blue eggFire Gem blue male hatchi
x2 female CB Blue Firegem Fire Gem blue eggFire Gem blue female hatchi
make and female CB Aqualises (I can never have too many!)
Hatchies aren't necessary, but they are nice ^^
same goes for precogging (my Pink army is an army of three at the moment)





Sunsong Amphiptere egg Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi female Sunsong Amphiptere
Water Horse eggWater Horse male hatchi Waterhorse
Floret Wyvern egg purple Floret_Wyvern_hatchi_purple.png  purple Floret Wyvern
Blusang Lindwurm egg Blusang Lindwurm hatchi Blusang Lidwyrm
Undine eggUndine hatchi Undine
Nebula eggNebula hatchi Nebula - blue priority
Mint eggMint hatchi Mint
Xenowyrm egg variations rotator Xenowyrm
Zyumorph-egg-rotator Zyumorph
Seasonal egg variations rotator Seasonal

BSA Hatchies or Low-Time Eggs:
(lineage doesn't matter)

Red hatchi Red mature hatchi Red Dragon

Pink hatchi Pink female hatchi Pink female hatchi Pink Dragon
Magi hatchi Magi mature hatchi Magi
Aeon Wyvern hatchi Aeon Wyvern mature hatchi Aeon Wyvern
Looking for Mates:
****ON HOLD until My Gospel starts cooperating ;-;****
(can offer some 2G Prizes for these, mate(s) of your choice)
Alex (BrgmN) needs a 3G female Silver from M Red Fire Gem checker
It's Undying Love needs a 2G male Canopy Dragon from F Undine
Z'ychotic needs a 3G female Xenowyrm (Chrono) from F Heartstealing checker

Mandarin Dutchess needs a 3G female Silver from M Xenowyrm (Mageia) checker
Colloquial Ties needs a 3G female Xenowyrm (Gaia) from M Xenowyrm (Chrono) x F Mistletoe checker

Zest for Less needs a 3G (male) Red from PB Reds

Edited by chandelotic

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Posted (edited)

Pretty much anything missing from this list but specifically:

Specific Gender:

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png CB Blusang Lindwyrm/Blusang_Lindwurm_male_hatchi.png (Male)

Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gif CB Silver Lunar Herald/Lunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.png (Male)

Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif CB Coppers - All Colors/Copper_Dragon2_female_hatchling.png (Female) Rainbow, Copper_Dragon1_female_hatchling.png (Female) Sulfur

Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gifGaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gifThalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Xenowyrms - Chrono/Gaia/Thalassa/Chrono_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif (Male) Chrono,Thalassa_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.png (Male) Thalassa

Blue_Striped_egg.gifRed_Striped_egg.gif 2g Blue/Red Striped from two White Striped parents/Red_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif (Female) Red



Gold_egg.gif CB Gold

Silver_egg.gif CB Silver

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif CB Zyumorph - All Colors (Except Red)

Dark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif 2g Alternate Dark Green Hatchling with two Dark Green parents

Alt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif 2g Alternate Black Hatchling with two Black parents

Alt_Undine_male_hatchi.pngAlt_Undine_female_hatchi.png 2g Alternate Undine Hatchling with two Undine parents

I do like lineages with 2-5g of SAltkin, Dorkface, or Thuwed as well as CB or 2g PB lineages of Aeons, Purples, Pinks, and Reds.

Edited by KenKazaki2

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Posted (edited)

I haven't really made a Wishlist before, so...why not. Bold is most desired. Others are...I want them, but not as bad.




ND (male or ungendered for scroll completion)

CB Silver (any gender, always looking for em)

CB Script males

CB Black Tea (as many as possible)

CB Red Nebulas

4G Black Tea from Monarch female checker


3G Falconiform from White male checker

3G Striped River from Sunsong female checker

3G Sunsong from Striped River male checker

Cheese (will never have too many)

Paper (same as Cheese)

2G Gold tinsel from any pairing, any Gold tinsel (unless you try to give me back a 2G Gold tinsel from my own CB Gold tinsel...haha)

2G Silver tinsel from Striped River

2G Gold shimmer (any mate)

Black Tea hatchies of any type and lineage (I will give your inbred black tea babies a home!)


And...uh...that's it for now. At least until I find a new lineage I love. 

Edited by Suzumiya
Added Script dragons!

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CB Silver

CB Alt Undines

CB Alt Ridewgings

CB Magma

CB Blusang



Any Holidays

CB Aeons

Alt Aeons


Any Tinsels

Any Shimmers

And plenty more, I'm sure.

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