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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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My incomplete wishlist

@Panther Jaggerjack / @BreRo


High priority 

Normal priority

Low priority



↑↑↑ Neglected (Neglected_egg.gif)
Dinos (0Zio61L.png)*

Chicken (Chicken_Egg.gif)

Paper (Paper_egg.gif)


CB only
Zyumorphs (Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif)**
Xenos (HNEwi5I.png)***

Metals (zLWPrg8.png)****

Aeon Wyvern (Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif)


↑↑ Holly (2-3g)
↑↑↑ 2g Thuweds
↑↑ 2g SAltkins
= 2g hybrids (9wv90cX.gifw8ZWClv.png)
↓↓ 2g prizeswaps
↑↑ 3-4g Thuweds
↑ 3-4g checkers with SAlts at the base


*Blue Dino x1, Red Dino x2, Purple Dino x2, Green Dino x1

**Red Zyu x1, Black Zyu x2, Yellow Zyu x2, White Zyu x3, Blue Zyu x2, Pink Zyu x3

***Thalassa Xeno x3, Mageia Xeno x1, Chrono Xeno x2, Astrapi Xeno x2, Gaia Xeno x3

****Coppers (Rainbow x3, Sulfur x2, Verdigris x2), each Lunar Herald color x2, Golden Wyvern x1

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They are all mostly of/for holiday dragons I see I see...

Normal Dragons:

Oh... it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just... I don’t have any need for them.

Maybe some bEWvPIk.gif would be nice...


Normal Dragons (w/ Holiday Checker Mates) (Christmas)

sgYw3fO.gif 3g Brown Lunar Herald mate for Aegis

4yJ2hZo.gif 3g Chrono Mate for Aegis

PNabbes.png 3g Lumina mate for Snow



https://dragcave.net/lineage/1PDRE 5g Solstice mate for Silver Tinsel 


Prize Dragons: (Meh not really interested in prizes honestly, unless to continue some of the checker lineages or are deadlines) 

https://dragcave.net/lineage/jaefC 2g Brown Tinsel mate for Starsinger 


Big Checker Projects:



Will edit with Valentine dragons 

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Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif Neglected Dragon, s2 (ungendered prefered, any lineage) (High Priority)

Cheese_egg.gif Cheese (for freezing)

Blue_Dino_egg.gifPurple_Dino_egg.gifRed_Dino_egg.gifYellow_Dino_egg.gif Any type of Dino except Green



Gold_Tinsel_egg.gifSilver_Tinsel_egg.gifBronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngSilver_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngBronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Any 2g PB prize (Low Priority)


Normal Dragons

Alt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif Alt Black Sitting Female (Highest Priority)

Alt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gif Curled, any gendered ones (Highest Priority)  



Hina (Highest Priority)

Tobi (Highest Priority)

Asah/Asa (High Priority)

Daich (High Priority)

Ryu (High Priority)




Any Haikyuu character code of any lineage and any caps, CB prefered!

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Hello, and welcome to my wishlist!


January 28, 2021: I am in need of a TON of Valentine's Day CBs. Specifics below.


Most Wanted:



2g SAltkin

2g Prize (any)

CB Staterae

CB/2g PB alts (Black, Undine, Dark Green, etc)

CB Aeon

CB Silver

CB Gold




 CB Army Building


Nothing right now ❤


Lineage Projects:



CB Xenowyrm (all types)

CB Script Dragons



Holiday CB Hunting:


 Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Arsani, Mutamore, Floral-Crowned, Sakuhana, Erador 
🎃 Always want more of everything 🤣
 🎄 Maxed out on CBs, no breeding projects atm


Single Dragon Seeks Mate

Coming soon!


Please note that I don't actively collect codes.

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update time!

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Varislapsi's wishlist


About my wishes and breeding and trading possibilities


I haven't set any actual scroll goals but I do feel the need to have at least one caveborn pair (female and male) of each breed that can be caught from the cave, in every variant in case the breed has those, as well as one 2nd gen pair of hybrids and bred-only alts from dragons on my scroll. I already have as many unbreedables as I want and at least at the moment I'm not interested in neglecteds, undeads or more vampires. I don't freeze dragons so I'm not collecting hatchies for that either. I have taken the oath to name all my dragons; on my scroll, they do get a name even if they have a special code and I keep them simple, one word, perhaps two, and hyphen if needed for grammary but nothing more and no family names. It doesn't matter much to me, though, if a bred dragon has unnamed ancestors or dragons with long names in it's lineage.


In addition to all that, I just want to have enough caveborns to be able to breed nice lines since most of my dragons have one chosen mate. I'm especially trying to get more breeding pairs of metals, prizes, SAltkins etc. because I'd love to gift their offspring to others and to donate eggs in forum raffles. If you see any pairing on my scroll that you like, or a common dragon that doesn't yet have a mate, or anything that could help you with your lineage projects, just ask. I'd be happy to breed you what you need or desire!


I'm not very good (or good at all...) at catching rares but if you'd be able to trade me something I'm looking for, I could catch you multiple commons or breed hybrids or other 2nd gens and also hatch the eggs. Message me about your possibilities and prices!


I don't have any CB prizes and my one Fools' day mint isn't available for breeding yet. I have all CB holidays and my snow angels are the gold-winged variant and sweetlings the regular pink variant. One of my aegides is in pacified form while the other has been enraged and they'll stay that way. I have plenty of CBs of most common breeds, a few of most uncommon breeds and at least one of each gender of breedable rares.


1. Caveborn dragons


The following CB rares that I can't catch myself (will trade almost anything for these!):





Additionally, I'm always interested in these CB rares/uncommons:



all coppers but especially verdigris


CB codes I might like:



other five-letter Finnish words,

five-letter Italian words


I'm continuously looking for CBs of the breeds mentioned above so whatever trade I post, you're very welcome to offer those. After releases I'm often willing to trade for CB hatchies of the new breeds, though that depends on the trade as I can catch commons myself.


For the codes any caps are fine but no number substitutions are accepted. I could consider other five-letter words in languages I can read (Swedish and North Sami in addition to English) but I'm not interested in name codes and don't like rude codes. All-number codes are great but not my highest priority.


2. Bred dragons


Things that I would obviously accept any time:


2nd gen SAltkin (almost any),

2nd gen Thuwed,

2nd gen prizes (especially mates needed or with some of my favourite breeds)


Finally, some of my favourite common breeds that I love to see in (checker) lines:









elux lucis,

all Hogwarts breeds but especially razorcrest,


both luminae,


all lunar heralds,



both ridgewings,

all seasonals,




Nebbies and elux lucises are my number one favourites and I'm even collecting caveborns whenever I have scroll space; boreals and mistras are not far behind. The list of dragons that I love doesn't finish here, however. I'm such a Scandinavian soul that I'm really fond of all arctic and wintery breeds, including all Christmas dragons. Almost all breeds somehow related to sky, space, time and time of day (you're free to use a bit of imagination here) are also close to my heart.


The 2nd gens mentioned above are always welcome (the SAlts I like best are all Christmas and Valentine breeds as well as shadow walkers, caligenes, witchlights and kohrakis). When it comes to longer lineages, I strongly prefer EGs, most of all checkers until it's a very special line. I love lines with spriter's alts but I already have quite many of those so I'm mostly looking for 3rd gens, again preferably checkers, and even better if both/all holiday dragons in the base are alts. I don't really collect Thuweds but if it's a nice line, I will love it! Instead, I don't like anything messy or inbred (surprise).


3. Mates needed


Prizes and prizekins:


2nd gen gold shimmer from male tercorn (for him)

2nd gen gold shimmer from male venturis (for him)

2nd gen silver shimmer from female spotted greenwing (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from female anagallis (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from female astaarus (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from male blusang (for him)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from female melismor (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from female chrono (for her)

2nd gen gold tinsel from female aeria gloris (for her)

2nd gen gold tinsel from female astaarus (for her)

2nd gen gold tinsel from male nhiostrife (for him)

2nd gen gold tinsel from female tercorn (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from male aqualis (for him)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female boreal (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female crystalline (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female equinox (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from wrapping wing (for him)

2nd gen silver tinsel from garland (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female silver lunar (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female monarch (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female moonstone (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female skystrider (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from male white (for him)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female obidar (for her)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from female equinox (for her)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from female freckled (for her)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from male kingcrowne (for him)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from male mistra (for him)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from male razorcrest (for him)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from male shadow walker (for him)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from female water walker (for her)


2nd gen amarignis from gold shimmer (for him, also unrelated to him)

2nd gen amarignis from gold shimmer (for him, also unrelated to him)

2nd gen arsani from gold shimmer (for him)

2nd gen starsinger from gold shimmer (for him)

2nd gen blusang from female silver shimmer (for her)

2nd gen non-stunned electric from female silver shimmer (for her)

2nd gen gold floret from male silver shimmer (for him)

2nd gen dark green from female silver shimmer (for her)

2nd gen garland from silver shimmer (for him)

2nd gen silver lunar from female silver shimmer (for her)

2nd gen amarignis from bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen equinox from male bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen heartstealing from bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen garland from bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen starsinger from bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen khusa from male bronze shimmer (for him)

2nd gen aquilo from female bronze shimmer (for her)

2nd gen aso from female bronze shimmer (for her)

2nd gen aqualis from female gold tinsel (for her)

2nd gen desipis from female silver tinsel (for her)

2nd gen silver from male silver tinsel (for him)

2nd gen amarignis from bronze tinsel (for him)

2nd gen blusang from male bronze tinsel (for him)

2nd gen celestial from male bronze tinsel (for him)

2nd gen verdigris copper from male bronze tinsel (for him)

2nd gen gold from female bronze tinsel (for her)

2nd gen golden wyvern from female bronze tinsel (for her, also unrelated to her)

2nd gen golden wyvern from female bronze tinsel (for her, also unrelated to her)

2nd gen holly from female bronze tinsel (for her)

2nd gen wintertide from bronze tinsel (for her)

2nd gen shadow walker from male bronze tinsel (for him)


3rd gen gold shimmer from radiant angel (for him)

3rd gen silver shimmer from male stratos (for him)

3rd gen silver shimmer from male striped river (for him)

3rd gen silver shimmer from male gaia (for him)

3rd gen bronze shimmer from male light lumina (for him)

3rd gen bronze shimmer from radiant angel (for him)

3rd gen silver tinsel from yulebuck (for him)

3rd gen silver tinsel from female striped river (for her)

3rd gen silver tinsel from male chrono (for him)

3rd gen silver tinsel from male blue xol (for him)


3rd gen floral-crowned from gold shimmer (for her)

3rd gen blue gemshard from female gold shimmer (for her)

3rd gen celestial from male silver shimmer (for him)

3rd gen snow from silver shimmer (for her)

3rd gen sakuhana from silver shimmer (for him)

3rd gen aeon from male bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen arcana from male bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen celestial from male bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen snow from bronze shimmer (for her)

3rd gen blue nebula from bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen blusang from male gold tinsel (for him)

3rd gen caligene from male gold tinsel (for him)

3rd gen snow from gold tinsel (for her)

3rd gen aethern from female silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen arcana from male silver tinsel (for him)

3rd gen caligene from male silver tinsel (for him)

3rd gen holly from silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen pacified aegis from silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen gaia from female silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen erador from bronze tinsel (for her)

3rd gen witchlight from female bronze tinsel (for her)


4th gen bronze tinsel from male water walker (for him)


4th gen grave from female bronze tinsel (for her)


Metals and metalkins:


2nd gen gold from female antarean (for her)

2nd gen gold from male antarean (for him)

2nd gen gold from female astaarus (for her)

2nd gen gold from male bolt (for him)

2nd gen gold from female mundus (for her)

2nd gen gold from female celestial (for her)

2nd gen gold from female elux lucis (for her)

2nd gen gold from holly (for him)

2nd gen gold from gold-winged snow angel (for her)

2nd gen gold from winter magi (for him)

2nd gen gold from garland (for her)

2nd gen gold from female khusa (for her)

2nd gen gold from radiant angel (for him)

2nd gen gold from female stratos (for her)

2nd gen gold from valentine (for her)

2nd gen gold from male venturis (for him)

2nd gen silver from male antarean (for him, also unrelated to her)

2nd gen silver from female blusang (for her)

2nd gen silver from female boreal (for him)

2nd gen silver from female caligene (for her)

2nd gen silver from male celestial (for him)

2nd gen silver from ribbon dancer (for her)

2nd gen silver from starsinger (for her, also unrelated to her)

2nd gen silver from male ice (for him)

2nd gen silver from male khusa (for him)

2nd gen silver from male silver lunar (for him)

2nd gen silver from female mistra (for her)

2nd gen silver from male sapo (for him)

2nd gen silver from male tetra (for him)

2nd gen silver from male gaia (for him)

2nd gen silver from male obidar (for him)


2nd gen caligene from male gold (for him, also unrelated to her)

2nd gen equinox from male gold (for her)

2nd gen rose-winged solstice from silver (for him)

2nd gen witchlight from female silver (for her)


3rd gen gold from male falconiform (for him)

3rd gen gold from heartseeker (for him)

3rd gen gold from heartstealing (for her)

3rd gen gold from snow (for him)

3rd gen gold from male nhiostrife (for him)

3rd gen gold from radiant angel (for him)

3rd gen silver from male bolt (for him)

3rd gen silver from female caligene (for her)

3rd gen silver from female falconiform (for her)

3rd gen silver from heartstealing (for her)

3rd gen silver from female tri-horn (for her, also unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen silver from sweetling (for him, also unrelated to him)


3rd gen enraged aegis from gold (for her)

3rd gen neotropical from female gold (for her)

3rd gen winter from female gold (for her)

3rd gen shadow walker from female gold (for her)

3rd gen blacktip from female silver (for her)

3rd gen caligene from female silver (for her)

3rd gen celestial from female silver (for her)

3rd gen liver of sulfur copper from female silver (for her)

3rd gen verdigris copper from male silver (for him)

3rd gen verdigris copper from female silver (for her)

3rd gen desipis from male silver (for him)

3rd gen golden wyvern from male silver (for him)

3rd gen mistletoe from silver (for him, also unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen snow from silver (for her)

3rd gen light lumina from female silver (for her)

3rd gen radiant angel from silver (for her, also unrelated to her, her and him)

3rd gen rosebud from silver (for him)

3rd gen shadow walker from male silver (for him)

3rd gen water from male silver (for him, also unrelated to her and him)


4th gen gold from female black marrow (for her)

4th gen gold from female celestial (for her)

4th gen gold from female spring (for her)


4th gen radiant angel from silver (for her, also unrelated to her and her)

4th gen tsunami from male silver (for him)


More will be added here. For now I'll focus on rarer lines even if I love common checkers, too. I do take IOUs for holidays and most others, too! All dragons of same gender in the lineage should always be the same variant (and breed).


Hint: they are in the order eastern gold – e. silver – e. bronze – western gold – w. silver – w. bronze / gold – silver; non-metals follow the cave breed sort order.


4. Bloodswap needed


Prize lines:


3rd gen silver shimmer & holly (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen rosy-winged solstice & silver shimmer (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen gold floret & bronze shimmer (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen bronze shimmer & winter magi (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen rosy-winged solstice & bronze shimmer (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen silver tinsel & heartseeker (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen silver tinsel & pink sweetling (unrelated to her and him)


4rd gen silver shimmer & radiant angel (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen female silver shimmer & male white striped (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen female silver tinsel & male celestial (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen mistletoe & silver tinsel (unrelated to her and him)


Metal lines:


2nd gen female gold & male skysilk (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen female silver & male blusang (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen female silver lunar & male silver (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen blue nebula & silver (unrelated to her and him and also him)


3rd gen female silver & male boreal (unrelated to her and him)


4th gen female kingcrowne & male gold (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen arsani & silver (unrelated to her and him)

4rd gen female silver & male black marrow (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen female celestial & male silver (unrelated to her and him)


5th gen silver & yulebuck (unrelated to her and him)


Either breed is fine for these. I'll add more later here as well, starting with the rarer lines, and again I can take IOUs.

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 --- Amamiya's Scroll Goal and Wishlist ---


scroll goal; 10 Dragons per unique breed, 5 males and 5 females. Cave born if possible for the breed and 2Gs for hybirds.
Frozen hatchlings goals are one of each stages (ungendered, male, female).

My need count (more like a personal reminder for me on which things to snag and not to snag lol), that I actively update: Adult Dragons Need to complete goals


Mainly collecting cave born dragons for breeding pair, but I also like lineage ones, especially checkers. I prefer low lineages ones such as 2Gs-3Gs, though long lineages with pretty combination are fine too. My scroll slot/space is rotated among cb hunting for scroll goal, lineage project completion and finding mates.




Ultimate wishlist or to really have a complete scroll;

CB Prize dragon, if I ever win in the Monthly Lottery lmao



Currently have zero (0) Adult in scroll | need:

Coral Pygmy Wyvern egg Coral Pgmy | Male

latest?cb=20170625075013 Setsong | Female

Siyat eggSiyat blue mature hatchiSiyat green mature hatchi  Siyat Green and Blue | Female

Tatterdrake egg ╡Tatterdrake | Male



Group Quicklist of things I need more CB/2Gs: CBs for Scroll Goal and Favorites ;; Hyrids

Also looking for mates for the ff dragons: Holidays that Need Mates & Other Dragons that Needed Mates



Code Wishlist:

lotus - sauce - kanda - mugen - kingu

koi - key - yuu 


▬▬ ▬▬ ▬▬

[🔴] - high priority, [🟢] - medium priority, [🟤] - low priority


Current Priority or Actively Seeking:

  • CB Stratos 🔴 (5 Male and 5 Female), for lyrical lineage


Always welcome to receive and love to have more (cave born or pretty lineaged ones)



Gold egg Silver egg Copper egg variations rotator Metallics (Silver, Gold, Copper)

Paper egg Paper Dragon

Staterae Xenowyrm egg Gaia Xenowyrm egg Pharos Xenowyrm egg Xenowyrm (esp Gaias, Pharos, Stat)

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorph

latest?cb=20150329015520 Gemshards

Xol blue eggXol red egg Xols (for my Hoard/Army)

Ice egg Thunder egg Magma egg Legendary Trio (Ice, Magma, Thunder)

Aeon Wyvern eggRed eggPink eggPurple eggMagi egg BSA Dragons (Aeon, Red, Pink, Purple, Magi)



Edited by amamiyaRitsukabi29

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Wishlist of Shione, Traveler


~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~

I'm always looking for any of these. Lower-Gen'/CB's preferred

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif | Bolt_egg.gif | Magi_egg.gif | Pink_egg.gif | Purple_egg.gif | Red_egg.gif | latest?cb=20100326232036

Aeon | Bolt | Magi | Pink | Purple | Red | White

~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~ | ~

General Goal: 10 CB of each gender of every dragon (excepting where limited), 2ndG where CB is impossible (Such as Hybrids, or Vampires)


Normal Dragons (1* being less desired, 10* being most strongly desired)


latest?cb=20160521041840 (Aria) | latest?cb=20100326223523 (Alt Black) | latest?cb=20130524040513 (Black Tea) | latest?cb=20180702062340 (Black Truffle) | latest?cb=20100326230213 (Daydream) | latest?cb=20160925094229 (Diamondwing) | latest?cb=20140503170353 (Falconiform Wyvern) | latest?cb=20180328001658 ((Purple) Floret Wyvern) | 

latest?cb=20120101081139 (Gold) | latest?cb=20120123163245 (Golden Wyvern) | latest?cb=20130525040908 (Hellhorse) | latest?cb=20100326232132 (Horse) | latest?cb=20160821174632 (Kingcrowne) | latest?cb=20120522161915 (Lumina) | latest?cb=20150829075158 ((Gold) Lunar Herald) | latest?cb=20150829075222 ((Indigo) Lunar Herald) | 

latest?cb=20150829075208 ((Silver) Lunar Herald) | 


latest?cb=20190521040528 (Aeria Gloris) | latest?cb=20100326223523 (Black) | latest?cb=20120815075436 (Blusang Lindwyrm) | latest?cb=20100326231533 (Canopy) | latest?cb=20160821180014 (Dark Lumina) | latest?cb=20100326231128 (Electric) | latest?cb=20180325214241 ((Gold) Floret Wyvern) | latest?cb=20190521040542 (Galvanic Wyvern) | 

latest?cb=20190521040440 (Lihnseyre) | latest?cb=20150829075216 ((Bronze) Lunar Herald) | 


latest?cb=20100326224342 (Albino) | latest?cb=20161127013747 (Azure Glacewing) | latest?cb=20130527050847 (Blacktip) | latest?cb=20160401042937 (Celestial) | latest?cb=20100704152019 (Coastal Waverunner) | latest?cb=20100326225900 (Dark Green) | latest?cb=20100327185304 ((Purple) Dorsal) | latest?cb=20100327185321 ((Red) Dorsal) | 

latest?cb=20200726040101 (Elux Lucis) | latest?cb=20100828164905 (Flamingo Wyvern) | latest?cb=20101010122414 (Harvest) | 



latest?cb=20160822010152 (Almerald) | latest?cb=20200521040355 (Amalthean) | latest?cb=20160320050143 (Antarean) | latest?cb=20140521053229 (Avatar of Destruction) | latest?cb=20140302125336 (Brute) | latest?cb=20140705171239 (Carmine) | latest?cb=20100326225900 (Alt Dark Green) | latest?cb=20100326230434 (Deep Sea) | 

latest?cb=20140302064611 (Fever Wyvern) | latest?cb=20180328001706 (Freckled) | latest?cb=20160521112351 (Frilled) | latest?cb=20150329015520 ((Blue) Gemshard) | latest?cb=20150329015520 ((Green) Gemshard) | latest?cb=20150329015520 ((Red) Gemshard) | latest?cb=20110917090713 (Gold-Horned Tangar) | 

latest?cb=20100401041551 (Hellfire Wyvern) | latest?cb=20180521131302 (Leodon) | 



latest?cb=20150427002538 (Anagallis) | latest?cb=20190310101609 (Aqualis) | latest?cb=20140521053209 (Avatar of Change) | latest?cb=20140705170852 (Blue-Banded) | latest?cb=20180827050153 (Boreal) | latest?cb=20100401041622 (Bright-Breasted Wyvern) | latest?cb=20140705171227 (Cassare) | latest?cb=20200322040309 (Crystalline) | 

latest?cb=20170319130600 ((Blue) Fire Gem) | latest?cb=20170319130600 ((Green) Fire Gem) | latest?cb=20170319130600 ((Red) Fire Gem) | latest?cb=20140503170238 (Frostbite) | latest?cb=20101122013655 (Geode) | latest?cb=20100326233611 (Guardian) | latest?cb=20100326231405 (Ice) | latest?cb=20130707042308 (Imperial Fleshcrowne) | 

latest?cb=20180521131301 (Lacula) | 



latest?cb=20181001083843 (Aether Wyvern) | latest?cb=20191201140542 (Aranoa) | latest?cb=20140521053131 (Avatar of Creation) | latest?cb=20200521040354 (Cloudplume) | latest?cb=20130526045553 ((Verdigris) Copper) | latest?cb=20100326231142 (Green) | latest?cb=20100327190510 (Guardian of Nature) | latest?cb=20200521040353 (Labradorite) | 


latest?cb=20200521040355 (Alcedine Wyvern) | latest?cb=20130707042236 (Bleeding Moon) | latest?cb=20170828210236 (Carina) | latest?cb=20130526045552 ((Liver of Sulfur) Copper) | latest?cb=20130526045553((Rainbow) Copper) | latest?cb=20190721045238 (Luminox Wyvern) | 



latest?cb=20180827045901 (Ash) | latest?cb=20101010122918 (Ember) | 



latest?cb=20130522043007 (Black Capped Teimarr) | latest?cb=20160521092957 (Candelabra) | 



latest?cb=20100326224654 (Balloon) | latest?cb=20120815075555 (Brimstone) | latest?cb=20161127013746 (Fell) | latest?cb=20170828200205 (Khusa) | 

Edited by Shione

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I am not very picky about lines, but it is preferable if it is clean or nice looking (it can be repeating two of three kinds of dragon's), any gen.
Here is a actual list of desired dragons:
High Priority:
Purple Dino eggDC YellowDinoEggRed Dino eggBlue Dino eggCheese eggChicken Egg

Obsessed in:
Silver eggGold egg

Any nice line or CB. The more the merrier!

I will also be glad to the following suggestions:
Aeon Wyvern egg
Any line.
Staterae Xenowyrm egg
Any line.
Dark Green alt hatchiAlt Black sitting hatchi
Any line.
Blusang Lindwyrm egg
Nice line or CB.
Copper Dragon1 eggCopper Dragon2 eggCopper Dragon3 egg
Nice line or CB.
Pink eggPurple eggRed eggMagi egg
Nice line or CB. The more the merrier!

Actual goal: get the missing dragons.



Edited by Zircion

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Worm's Wanted Wyrms 

(in the English meaning of "dragons," not just the dragons that are classed as "wyrms" on DC)


I'll try to keep this up to date!


Catalog project - I'm trying to collect one of each breed/alt/sex, with as few gens as possible. The spreadsheet where I keep track of this is here (link). (Contains spoilers!)



* 4EG female with all Thuwed base that can mate with this guy (link)

* EG PB Undines

* Any Pinks

* Any Reds

* Codes, on a case by case basis



I want to also note that I am open to breeding requests for anything on my scroll (link). DM if interested. 

Edited by w0rmg0d
link new spreadsheet, since somehow the first one became read only for me??????

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I just need some messies for freezing to complete my collection. 


Nexus - Male hatchie & S1

Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy - S1

Undine (Yellow) - Male hatchie & S1

Staterae - S2 & S1

Avatar of Change - S1

Carina - Female hatchie

Hellhorse - All 3 hatchies

Risensong - S2 & S1

Setsong - S2 & S1

Tinsel (Gold) - S2 & S1

Tinsel (Bronze) - S1

Magma - S2 & S1

Copper (Liver) - S1

Copper (Verg) - Male hatchie & S1

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Hello, welcome to my short wish list =]

Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif- staterae xenowyrm

Red cantomaris hatchling???

Red_Dorsal_egg.gif- Red dorsal

Edited by Rexy

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Scroll goals: 

- 1m + 1f CB of every dragon, availiable in the Cave;

- 1m + 1f 2G PB of every alt (unrelated to each other);

- 1m + 1f 2G of every hybrid (unrelated, breed x gender version of parents should be the same for both);

- 1m + 1f 2G of every Prize (and mates for them);

- 1 of every sprite of frozen hatchlings of every dragon (except GoN and Sinomorph). Hatchlings should be CB or EG;


Current wishlist:

Top priority:

- CB Neglected (f, m, u + 2 hatchlings)

- CB Staterae (f, m)

- 2G Bronze Shimmer x Erador for https://dragcave.net/lineage/x6TUk

- 2G Gold Tinsel x Sakuhana for https://dragcave.net/lineage/R7q3Z

- 2G Bronze Tinsel x Snow Angel for https://dragcave.net/lineage/BDN5n

- 2G Silver Tinsel x Sweetling for https://dragcave.net/lineage/LkLL8


Medium priority:

- All unbredables x2


Low priority:

- any Prize checkers;

- BSA dragons (red, pink orange) - the more the better;

- Zombie lineages;

- EG lineages with multiple alt ancestors;

- EG lineages with all Thuwed ancestors (preferably ones I can breed with my Thuweds).


I have CB Bronze Tinsel and can trade his offspings for anything from my top priority list.

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Posted (edited)

💕Fal's wishlist💕

Last updated 20/03/2021


Always looking for:

(CB preferred but messies will be used for freeze fodder)


Hhvk.png 5ATw.png Z3w3.png bGKH.png

Gemshards of all colors/genders


Venturis_egg.gif Venturis_female_hatchi.png Venturis_male_hatchi.png

Venturis of any gender


Labradorite_egg.png Labradorite_mature_hatchling.png

Labradorites of any gender


💜High priority:💜


gold.gif Silver-egg.gif

CB metals of any gender



All neglecteds


Gold-Tinsel-egg.gifSilver-Tinsel-egg.gifBronze-Tinsel-egg.gif Gold-Shimmer-scale-egg.pngSilver-Shimmer-scale-egg.pngBronze-Shimmer-scale-egg.png

2G prizes/prizekin


hi7j.gif Lunar-Heralds-silver-egg.gif 8aVM.gif uAiN.gif

CB Lunar Heralds of any gender/color


Pharos_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Obidar_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Aquilo_Xenowyrm_egg.gif

CB Pharos, Obidar and Aquilo xenos of any gender


Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Staterae_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif

CB or EG Stateraes of any gender


Mystery.gif qyu.png

2g thuweds


💙Liked breeds:💙


vU1U.gif lLhC.gif Chicken-Egg.gif

Non-dino unbreedables (Cheese, Paper, Chicken)



Blancblack_egg.gif Blancblack_male_hatchi.png

Blancblack males


Glowback_Pygmy_egg.gif Glowback_Pygmy_mature_hatchi.gif

Glowbacks of any gender


latest?cb=20170828200205 Khusa_mature_hatchi.png

Khusa of any gender


Pipio_Pygmy_egg.gif Pipio_Pygmy_female_hatchi.gif Pipio_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif

Pipios of any gender


Rift_Wyrm_egg.gif Rift_Wyrm_mature_hatchi.png

Riftwyrms of any gender


Stratos_egg.png Stratos_mature_hatchi.png

Stratos of any gender


Vampire_egg.gif Vampire_female_hatchi.png Vampire_male_hatchi.png

Vampires of any gender

Edited by Falorni
forums break my images ONE MORE TIME I SWEAR TO GOD I-

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Posted (edited)

zae's wl 

[▲] means high priority | [■] means mid priority | [▼] means low priority

[✦] means completed | [❥] means hoarding | [●] means discontinued

* see bottom of post for important notes



Guardian_of_Nature_egg.gif.053ec2791c190fc6fa1540eb1dfd3791.gif  |  Neglected_egg.gif.d25f558ab28459ab7b47378877f8d304.gif

guardian of nature | neglected

any gender | male or female



Amalthean_egg.gif.0cdc01907550a9987a942c03da8101fb.gif | Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png.0720bfe0bdb154bcee71c375e42ce3a5.png | Copper_Dragon3_egg.png.5401254857a27e58f488276155b68074.png | Jester_egg.png.6e35969e799c876c0e06b5f2e2b02f58.png | Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.2ad41040240f9e1b40743936f9d7c22c.gif | Aquilo_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.662b2a90014fe93f39a594c4012714d9.gif | Pharos_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.72394912851028b4237f5052ea602dd0.gif | Pyro_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.9024187912999c84c62e9fc60b63607a.gifZyumorph_desert_egg.png.8da4a0f74aa2b738992a22a63d17a052.png

amalthean | avatar of creation | verdigris copper | jester | ❥ thalassa xeno | ❥ aquilo xeno | pharos xeno | ❥ pyro xeno | desert zyumorph

male | any gender | male | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender 



Astaarus_egg.png.79d17788b93f7eb755d8c89a569302d7.png | Baikala_brown_egg.gif.423402f8ea227a2760ac1650cb0cbc75.gif | Honey_Drake_egg.gif.2214192bcd1069900ba497fd04eacb9c.gif | Bolt_egg.gif.711973923e3a8484dd4c4731fea47040.gif | Lihnseyre_egg.gif.047588a3810fe8101c53ebd9bc3b61d8.gif | Rift_Wyrm_egg.gif.e0f70128142b1520c74cbac603c27397.gif | Setsong_egg.gif.0e56792b0403aab094eae6b530266d43.gif

❥ astaarus | brown baikala | ❥ honey drake | bolt | ❥ lihnseyre | rift wyrm | setsong

male | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender



Drab_egg.gif.21122ce92e856626e9d2e66022f73b18.gif | Aranoa_egg.png.e0b703eff353b30cb666144e13d31ad6.png | Daydream_egg.gif.0a59246fceb8e25c16c9f4348f8bdb6e.gif | Mariner_egg.gif.50898533a891906d387279b52b1e71cf.gif | Melismor_egg.png.9a344da19c761b9097528b85a581af5a.png | Red-finned_Tidal_egg.png.72d53e995d297660ed959bbd2fc02ed8.png | Sandwaste_egg.gif.009862ca30100b9fd3dedd5a6174c0dc.gif | Bright-breasted_Wyvern_egg.gif.b10cbecf33c2aabd85cf49a86eef0add.gif | Coastal_Waverunner_egg.gif.452bcd1e1fe31515bbfa086a5404774c.gif | Glaucus_Drake_egg.png.342c7f7d0cd53f3fa72ff82d5cb7b56c.png | Kovos_Pygmy_egg.png.41b4ea95371bb8aa8cb52d2fd9f7ec30.png

aqualis | aranoa | ❥ daydream | mariner pygmy | melismor | ❥ red finned tidal | sandwaste | bright-breasted wyvern | ❥ coastal wavesrunner | glaucus drake | kovos pygmy

any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | female | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender



Aegis_egg.png.24bd5c34b99f0dc5a2e26fe1c03b6b84.png | Black_Marrow_egg.gif.2c671588b095cbd5608fa4b5f034aff1.gif | Desipis_egg.png.e7a1e28868c37e83ef1f1af7f0e01412.png | Caligene_egg.png.93794bdfe92d187b7328a25d992b4170.png | Erador_Lindwyrm_egg.png.06ea77f92aa9c5a970e65dd8222e4e7b.png | Grave_egg.png.5259aa4e036a52f40bb85cb9aea9c5ef.png | Pitfire_egg.png.5b7cb94bfda2f46b026846b6427a34f1.png | Omen_Wyrm_egg.png.c844b2d1e2cb0c98acc1953d78f20def.png | Wintertide_egg.png.d07a76aee2601bf1cd3dfb7a99ea5cee.png

aegis | black marrow | desipis | caligene | erador | grave | pitfire | omen wyrm | wintertide

any gender | male | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender | any gender




i'm willing to mass trade vampires/xenos/avatars (namely change) for my wl dragons - dm me if interested

i'm accepting any kind of rare/limited release dragon, not just ones on this list

* lineages don't matter much to me; however i do love cb/low gen (under 5g) dragons and ones with nice lines - but i'll take what i can get.


last updated: march 14, 2021 - 5:25 p.m.



Edited by condemn

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Posted (edited)

Stormphoenix42's wishlist:

Market Unlocks:
Completed! (04/23/21)

Encyclopedia Unlocks (Eggs needed, neat lineage/CB preferred):

- Amarignis: 2*

- Arcana: 1*

- Erador Lindwyrm: 1*
- Floret (Iris, Peach): 3

- Nilia (Green): 1

- Wintertide: 1*

- Glystere Wyrm: 1*

- Kohraki: 1*

- Pitfire: 1*

- Sakuhana: 1*



Projects and Collections:
- PB EG Flamingos (any gen) not related to this fellow or this lady (or others on my scroll, but those are the easiest to check)

- CB Floret Wyvern (purple)

- CB Cantormaris

- CB New Xenos
- 2G Avatar of Destruction (f) from Thunder (m) (mate for Behemoth)

Non-Holiday Holiday mates (can be bred any time):
- (WIP)

Holiday Holiday mates (can only be bred during appropriate Holiday season):
- 2G PB Caligene, 2 (male)
- 2G PB Shadow Walker, 2 (female) unrelated to Ryliet
- 2G PB Grave, 2 (female)
- 2G PB Witchlight (male)

- 3G PB Desipis (female) unrelated to Cabochone

- 3G PB Cavern Lurker (male) unrelated to Stalker or Skitter

- 4G PB Pumpkin (female) unrelated to Respite

- 2G Desipis (female) from Red Nebula mother
- 3G Valentine from Flamingo/Valentine checker, unrelated to Cain or future offspring's mate

Codes Sought (any case, numbers accepted):
- Codes resembling "Storm", "Astra", "Jacks", "Texas", or "SFASU"
- Codes related to MBTI or Enneagram (especially INTJ codes)

- All-numeric codes

Distant Dreams:
- Any Neglected dragon
- CB Red Dorsal (male) with double Z code (mate for this double Z)

- CB Silver (2 male, 1 female)

- CB Gold (1 male)

Edited by Stormphoenix42

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Posted (edited)

🌸ShadowsGirl9's Wishlist🌸

Last updated 4/22/2021


💟 Breed Variant Collecting: 💟

Willing to take any lineage, though CB's are of course preferred!



Curled alt-black hatchies


Alt dark green hatchies


Alt Undine hatchies


Yellow, Green, or Red dinos


Blue Pargulus Pygmy

Green or Purple Siyat

Red Xol


Yellow Zyumorph


🎀Always Interested in :🎀


CB metals


All Blancblacks


All neglecteds


2G prizes/prizekin


CB Xenos


CB or PB Stateraes


 Thuweds, Dorkfaces or saltkins








💟 Code wishlist: 💟

Willing to consider just about any cool code, but these are my ultimate dream codes!

Any capitalization format (code, Code, CODE, coDe, c0de, etc is ok!)


Tommy, T0mmy, etc


Any code containing "hag"


dream, Dr3am, Dre4m, etc


SMILE, Sm1le, Smil3, sMiLe, etc


Time codes (13y9d, 15m7s, etc)


Codes containing "soot", "s00t", etc


Codes with TWO2, FOUR4, FIVE5, SIX6, etc 


h4lo, hal0, halo, etc codes


 🎀 Spriter Altkins 🎀

I'm trying to collect descendants from as many spriter alts as I can.

Here is a list of all of them, and the ones I have. I want any I don't have yet!

This section is large, so I'll put it in a spoiler.


This list is a WIP! I don't know the name of many of these dragons... ;-; There's so many!


Lupinia the Third (Aangs-sister's Heartstealer)

Victor VanDort Burtonesque (Aangs-sister's Male Grave Dragon)

(Aangs-sister's Female Grave Dragon)

(Aangs-sister's Wrapping-wing)


(BirdzGoBoom's Radiant Angel)

(BirdzGoBoom's Male Desipis)

(BirdzGoBoom's Female Desipis)


(BirdzGoBoom's Female Omen Wyrm)

(BirdzGoBoom's Aegis)

(BirdzGoBoom's Wintertide)



(Corteo's Arsani)

(Corteo's Erador Lindwyrm)


(Cyradis4's Mutamore)


(Dohaerys's Male Kohraki)
(Dohaerys's Female Kohraki)


Gentle Rose (Dolphinsong's Rosebud)


(Dis's Snow Angel)


(Earthgirl's Winter Magi)


Pacten (EscapistLore's Snow Dragon)


Shadowed Night Elements (Fiona Bluefire's Shadow Walker)

(Fiona Bluefire's Garland)


Meteor (Infinis' Radiant Angel)

Sephiroth (Infinis' Radiant Angel)

(Infinis's Mutamore)

(Infinis's Male Caligene)

(Infinis's Female Caligene)

(Infinis's Male Kohraki)

(Infinis's Female Kohraki)

(Infinis's Snow Dragon)


(JaziandCo's Snow Angel)

(JaziandCo's Solstice)


(JOTB's Floral-Crowned)

(JOTB's Male Cavern Lurker)

(JOTB's Female Cavern Lurker)


Chocolate Cordial Valentine (Kila's Sweetling)


(LadyLyzar's Heartseeker)

Aluriel Silvermoon (LadyLyzar's  Ribbon Dancer)


Marrionetta (Marrionetta's Valentine)

King Pumpkin (Marrionetta's Pumpkin)
Queen Pumpkin (Marrionetta's Pumpkin)

Hershel (Marrionetta's Yulebuck)

Penk (Marrionetta's Prize)


(Mysfytt's Shimmer-Scale)


Ghostfeathers (Nephirim's Sweetling)


Heaven's Love (Nakase's Rosebud)

Untouchable Silence (Nakase's Shadow Walker)


Cyberwitch Arcantificer (NiramiTheRaven196's Arcana)

Cyberwitch Tinkerer (NiramiTheRaven196's Arcana)

Ark'seet the Cyberwitch King (NiramiTheRaven196's Arcana)

(NiramiTheRaven196's Starsinger)


(Odeen's Male Witchlight)

(Odeen's Female Witchlight)

(Odeen's Solstice)

(Odeen's Aegis)

(Odeen's Garland)


The Wurst (Process's Female Omen Wyrm)

Perscription of Lemonade (Process's Male Omen Wyrm)


Tears of the Tortured Ones (Piemaster's Male Desipis)

*****ic Destruction (Piemaster's Male Desipis)

(Piemaster's Female Desipis)

Dreams Beneath Starlight  (Piemaster's Miseltoe)


(Schenanigans's Female Blue pitfire)

(Schenanigans's Male Blue Pitfire)

(Schenanigans's Female Red Pitfire)

(Schenanigans's Male Red Pitfire)


 (Sif's Valentine)


(Shajana's Sakuhana)


(ShinyHazardSign's Starsinger)


(Spatio's Erador Lindwyrm)

(Spatio's Male Green Pitfire)

(Spatio's Female Green Pitfire)

(Spatio's Male Purple Pitfire)

(Spatio's Female Purple Pitfire)


elMwe (TheCompleteAnimorph's Male Arcana)


Celestial Missile Toe (Tikigirl91's Mistletoe)


(TheAntimonyElement's Snow Angel)


(Walker's Arsani)









 💟 Zombies: 💟 

I know you can't trade these, this part of the list is mostly just here for me!

This will help me keep track of which ones I still need ^-^ bold is what I'll try to get next.

This section is large, so I'll put it in a spoiler.




Amphiptere hatchling | Amphiptere mature hatchling | Amphiptere adult


DC Drake hatchling | DC Drake mature hatchling | DC Drake adult


Eastern hatchling | Eastern mature hatchling | Eastern adult


Sea serpent hatchling | Sea serpent mature hatchling | Sea serpent adult


Lindwyrm hatchling | Lindwyrm mature hatchling | Lindwyrm adult


Pygmy hatchling | Pygmy mature hatchling | Pygmy adult


Eastern pygmy hatchling | Eastern pygmy mature hatchling | Eastern pygmy adult

Pygmy lindwyrm hatchling | Pygmy lindwyrm mature hatchling | Pygmy lindwyrm adult 


Two-headed hatchling | Two-headed  mature hatchling | Two-headed adult


Two-headed eastern hatchling | Two-headed eastern mature hatchling | Two-headed eastern adult


Two-headed lindwyrm hatchling | Two-headed lindwyrm mature hatchling | Two-headed lindwyrm adult


Two-Headed Sea Serpent hatchling | Two-Headed Sea Serpent mature hatchling | Two-Headed Sea Serpent adult 


Wingless hatchling | Wingless mature hatchling | Wingless adult |


Western hatchling | Western mature hatchling | Western adult


Wyrm hatchling | Wyrm mature hatchling | Wyrm Adult


Wyvern hatchling | Wyvern mature hatchling | Wyvern adult



Edited by ShadowsGirl9

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Posted (edited)

💮 OrcaFreak's Wishlist 💮

Last updated May 27th


🐾 Caveborns 🐾


1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern iratus (5xM + 5xF)

1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern itus (3xM + 2xF)

1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern motus (5xM + 5xF)

1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern mundus (3xM + 3xF)

1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern sophos (5xM + 5xF)

1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png Cantormaris Wyvern tutela (5xM + 5xF)

Copper Wyvern - verdigris.png Copper Wyvern (1xM + 1xF)

Electric Dragon.png Electric Dragon (5xM + 5xF)

Gemshard Dragon.png Gemshard Dragon amethyst (5xM + 5xF)

Gemshard Dragon.png Gemshard Dragon aquamarine (5xM + 5xF)

Gemshard Dragon.png Gemshard Dragon citrine (5xM + 5xF)

Gold Dragon.png Gold Dragon (1xM + 1xF)

Pargulus Pygmy.png Pargulus Pygmy blueberry (4xM + 5xF)

Pargulus Pygmy.png Pargulus Pygmy citrus (5xM + 3xF)

Pargulus Pygmy.png Pargulus Pygmy peach (2xF)

Sapphire Dragon - pink.png Sapphire Dragon pink (5xM + 5xF)

Sapphire Dragon - yellow.png Sapphire Dragon yellow (5xM + 5xF)

Silver Dragon.png Silver Dragon (3xF)

Xenowyrm - aquilo.png Xenowyrm aquilo (4xM + 4xF)

Xenowyrm - aso.png Xenowyrm aso (2xM + 4xF)

Xenowyrm - ke'maro.png Xenowyrm ke'maro (3xM + 4xF)

Xenowyrm - obidar.png Xenowyrm obidar (2xM + 4xF)

Xenowyrm - pharos.png Xenowyrm pharos (3xM + 3xF)

Xenowyrm - staterae.png Xenowyrm staterae (5xM + 4xF)

Xenowyrm - umbra.png Xenowyrm umbra (3xM + 5xF)

Zyumorph Dragon - lindwyrm.png Zyumorph Lindwyrm (1xF)


 🐾 Caveborn Halloween Dragons 🐾 


1268946720_KohrakiWyvern.png.ad8af56574cfa7349082ef1057e4b20a.png Kohraki Wyvern (1xM + 1xF)

1603395719_PitfireDragon.png.9f24e5833ae5bc12a3f3e5031219cd55.png Pitfire Dragon (5xM + 6xF)

1947515415_ShadowWalker.png.a956695ad260fe6ef5e5ff1cc7f04b07.png Shadow Walker (2xM)

442428825_VampireDragon.png.0479164f3b725fd31d168fb5f25a4ffe.png Vampire Dragon (4xM + 1xF), bitten by original incave vampires


  🐾 2nd gen Christmas Dragons and the other way around 🐾  

nicely named parents preferred


736721525_AegisDragon.png.7ed1ec6c1f0f82a9b38fd6689aa633d2.png Aegis Dragon enraged (3xM from Bronze Lunar Herald)

736721525_AegisDragon.png.7ed1ec6c1f0f82a9b38fd6689aa633d2.png Aegis Dragon pacified (3xM from Silver Lunar Herald)

1150753486_BlizzardWizard.png.0a561797d3c5abebc08fe82e39247979.png Blizzard Wizard (8xM from Dark Lumina Dragon)

1137350165_GarlandAmphiptere.png.acbd21606f0dff3b9accb3fcc9b69dda.png Garland Amphiptere (8xF from Eastern Zyumorph)

1784967727_GlystereWyrm.png.30e44cbeb54909e5587bf3ca12b08a24.png Glystere Wyrm (8xM from Stratos Dragon)

749492888_HollyDragon.png.cd3dc34b12cfc3e6954eca28eedfa5f7.png Holly Dragon (7xM from Pyrovar Dragon)

1575299005_MistletoeDragon.png.6d2eb82e417dfe7acd1b959b289bcfe6.png Mistletoe Dragon (6xF from Terrae Dragon)

539828107_RibbonDancer.png.1244957109e5a2d03e44204907a5aaa1.png Ribbon Dancer (8xF from Golden Wyvern)

992154742_SnowAngel.png.6eaa7c5b7c2dd73d6266b93a1b160fed.png Snow Angel (8xF from Boreal Dragon and gold-wingd SA)

7612620_SnowDragon.png.788910b68f329097ab332e2532570f10.png Snow Dragon (6xM from Indigo Lunar Herald)

559977770_SolsticeDragon.png.c55297f8be083eed36269b7c251892e8.png Solstice Dragon rose-winged (7xF from Silver and rose-winged SD)

420243302_StarsingerDragon.png.1c844460ce2246bc7c57bb260e9d67e6.png Starsinger Dragon (8xF from Tercorn Dragon)

593533310_WintertideAmphiptere.png.65ecf8b7a07f87daba569b6fb8d4fb1f.png Wintertide Amphiptere (8xM from Aso Xenowyrm)

178094977_WrappingWing.png.73f68dd3049c766d685ae79c3fbff245.png Wrapping Wing (5xM from Neotropical Dragon)

Yulebuck.png.4f1612d0c6bb263a7cd3ec9b10d97710.png Yulebuck (7xM from Mint Dragon)


  🐾 2nd gen Valentine Dragons and the other way around 🐾  

nicely named parents preferred


1381907538_AmarignisDragon.png.d0f827fe0f1464b8b574d671dada4d88.png Amarignis Dragon (8xF from Cloudplume Dragon)

874166217_ArsaniDragon.png.ad10e455bf1f565f3371c43bc9379323.png Arsani Dragon (6xF from Tsunami Wyvern)

1498813360_EradorLindwyrm.png.9d213f1e72a29327bd588a7ed8d56ac5.png Erador Lindwyrm (8xM from Aeria Gloris)

1022349420_Floral-CrownedDragon.png.063729ee3bcc6e1acc85bc3f291046d8.png Floral-Crowned Dragon (8xM from Brute Dragon)

1515543077_HeartseekerDragon.png.96cf481b0f67478274c2a944599192d5.png Heartseeker (6xM from Royal Blue Dragon)

201255110_HeartstealingDragon.png.c16bee57cfab5001ebb5a106945d2084.png Heartstealing Dragon (7xF from Blusang Lindwyrm)

1944187203_MutamoreDragon.png.a9227b332f41a3000403b28a0436c944.png Mutamore Dragon (6xM from Diamondwing Dragon)

634513869_RadiantAngel.png.a16198202bb226f67480d3c4e8a17039.png Radiant Angel (6xM from Gold Dragon)

266605292_RosebudDragon.png.5501cff99af95c4e09de3edf500a7d62.png Rosebud Dragon (7xF from Pink Dragon)

33563544_SakuhanaWyvern.png.89c73d7b853c633c8ec070d0f89cb84e.png Sakuhana Wyvern (8xF from Razorcrest Wyvern)

2071632784_SoulstoneDragon.png.d374615e950dbcc1e791fc3e63917be3.png Soulstone Dragon (6xF from Bolt Dragon)

Sweetling.png.735ecbd8b598f2d85e7ccd2947668a45.png Sweetling (7xM from Flamingo Wyvern)

641945470_ValentineDragon.png.9b14c2d65a3b6192a96a7f40af94e097.png Valentine Dragon (6xF from Ember Dragon)


Edited by OrcaFreak

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Posted (edited)

.+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ .
✦ • ✦ • Halo's Wishlist! • ✦ • ✦


High priority 

Normal priority 

Low priority 

AFE1E57A-BF63-4F74-9127-31C50280315D.gif.55a24dff7e3ba862262ea267da5b5686.gif Any Neglecteds!  Neglected_egg.gif -↑↑↑

pjA6.gif.d05ef226d57f9295f130b5e46f77c0c7.gif ↑↑ - Any Earthquake Cantos!

DA38.png ↑↑ - Any Amethyst/Citrine  Gemshard_hatchi_orange.png.7b9e9bf7cf841a3f6b6b8ec621f9aa2d.png or Aqua Gemshard  oZd6.png

isyi.gif ↑↑ - Any Straterae!

latest?cb=20100328010108 ↑ - Any Chickens!

latest?cb=20091212232632 ↑ - Any Black Alts- latest?cb=20091212232622

R8zi.gif  Green Alts 

= Any Blue Biakalas  latest?cb=20170718093722

= Any Erador_Lindwyrm_egg.png Eradors, Wintertide_egg.png WinterTides, and Kohraki Kohraki Wyvern.png =

↑ Any Risensong and Setsong ↑ 

↓ Any Zombies? 

.+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ .
Also I like random dragons, I'll pretty much take any eggo, or hatchie that needs a home, including inbreds!
The only thing I wont take is the Dinos. I never plan to collect them.
.+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ ..+゚*。:゚+ .

Edited by Halo--Cat
Added a badge-

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Posted (edited)

image.png.f9f43a8c7799e41f063bf56180c0cc6a.png~~Cuon’s Wishlist~~latest.png

 High Priority

 Basic Priority

▼ Low Priority

● Hoarded

✦ For Freezing


~~Limited/Holiday Breeds~~

 l   l   l  l   

Arcana egg l Erador_Lindwyrm_egg.png.06ea77f92aa9c5a970e65dd8222e4e7b.png 2071632784_SoulstoneDragon.png.d374615e950dbcc1e791fc3e63917be3.png l Wintertide_egg.png.d07a76aee2601bf1cd3dfb7a99ea5cee.png l Witchlight egg

Arcana l Erador Lindwyrm l Soulstone l Wintertide l Witchlight


~~Very Rare Breeds~~

None ATM!


~~Rare Breeds~~


 l Jester_egg.png.6e35969e799c876c0e06b5f2e2b02f58.png

Copper Pennybright l Jester


~~Uncommon Breeds~~


latest?cb=20160821113518 l Setsong_egg.gif.0e56792b0403aab094eae6b530266d43.gif l 

Kyanite Pygmy l Setsong l Royal Eminence


~~Common Breeds~~

 l   l  l  l  


Aranoa_egg.png.e0b703eff353b30cb666144e13d31ad6.png l 1600187806_CantormarisWyvern.png.5fe96211a0c96ea22e260c69ef53d51a.png l Glowback_Pygmy_egg.gif l latest?cb=20160320050131 l Sapphire Dragon - pink.png l Sapphire Dragon - yellow.png

 l Tercorn egg


Aranoa l Cantomaris Itus l Glowback Pygmy l Blue Sapphire l Pink Sapphire l Yellow Sapphire l Tercorn



Breeds that don’t fit my aesthetic but I still may want in the future.
~~Limited/Holiday Breeds~~

 l  l 

Aegis_egg.png.24bd5c34b99f0dc5a2e26fe1c03b6b84.png l 1381907538_AmarignisDragon.png.d0f827fe0f1464b8b574d671dada4d88.png 1150753486_BlizzardWizard.png.0a561797d3c5abebc08fe82e39247979.png

Aegis l Amarignis l Blizzard Wizard


~~Very Rare Breeds~~

None ATM!


~~Rare Breeds~~

 l  l   

latest?cb=20140521053209 Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png.0720bfe0bdb154bcee71c375e42ce3a5.png

Avatar Of Change l Avatar Of Creation


~~Uncommon Breeds~~


Pipio Pygmy


~~Common Breeds~~

None ATM!



Edited by Cuon

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Pipio_Pygmy_male.png.bf44069d5c20dede35a9228c9a113712.png       Calona's Wishlist      Pipio_Pygmy_female.png.8ae9eec828b422e32fc342a9e4348020.png


Last updated: 13/06/2021


🌺 Scroll goal: 

  • 4 Dragons per unique breed, 2 males + 2 females. 
  • 3 Frozen Hatchlings per unique breed, 1 male + 1 female + 1 ungendered.
  • For breeds that have different colors: 1 male + 1 female per color.
  • No importance given to lineage (CB, 2Gs, etc.).
  • Sorting done by categories, delimited by Pipio.

🌼 Sorting:

  • Baby Dragons
  • Common Dragons
  • Drakes
  • Two-Headed Dragons
  • Xenowyrm Dragons
  • Pygmy Dragons
  • Valentine Dragons
  • Halloween Dragons
  • Christmas Dragons
  • Special
  • Legendary Dragons
  • Prize Dragons
  • Dinosaurus

🌻 Wishlist:

    I will manage to complete my goals for a lot of Dragons, so I will only list the ones that I struggle with ! 😊

  • Common Dragons (Alts)

        Dark_Green_egg.gif.855882c8799c840cd1c723c84cfb57a0.gif Dark_Green_alt_adult.gif.7d9e0058340ab88472b45e78066fd34a.gif                Black_egg.gif.e98bb6425ac0eafbae5f9c3365eb67a9.gifAlt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif.7edadb886e7cd0bf8e28d100c799318a.gifAlt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gif.82689e5fd21d98606fa871ed3016eac5.gifAlt_Black_male.gif.e7b871eef15ad1f0e4a706881c919c4e.gif       Gold_egg.gif.61ad83ab545d597999573ec1e1746a89.gif     Purple_egg.gif.d10ca75fe8d81296e81a2d8e0b2fb43c.gif(Always more)

  • Xenowyrm Dragons


  • Special

     cheese.gif.71b044cd3f31f07937b15f080a6f4faf.gif paper.gif.2df9361612c6e03838a4cc3c2ccf6fca.gif chick.gif.b720a8c3810a6269e61476831d0af8c9.gif     Neglected_egg.gif.14652761e210952f1c8ccfc1de570dfc.gif     Tombstone_Cave.gif.9de67ca07ce78f0d0bae9e589e1a88d2.gif(Undead)    Leetle_Tree.gif.70240104bbb96a9ad4c081acc5da73fc.gif

  • Legendary Dragons

         Guardian_of_Nature_egg.gif.ee4c7955ad1954dfb58c18cc941dc69a.gif(Summoning in progress) Avatar_of_Destruction_egg.gif.1c47eb80a580bd1aed36f511cb44d5ea.gif

  • Prize Dragons

         Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif.73283586fc9fb7ca814581f9ddf90045.gif        Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.fd3b2ce5551efe3102f9579a4622152c.png Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.0c97205ad070cc408518e129a0b77f9f.png Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png.7abe662b262a98a4c301d8eff94f361e.png

  • Dinosaurus:

         bluedino.png.d291f4a792e9c4c4d8151009a2cd4fc1.png yeldino.png.4140e822792386227dc3b0a33605c11d.png greendino.png.27406faaf492540bd527b74c091d35ff.png viodino.png.4c47ef266491812b7c3d1dfac67d349a.png reddino.png.081de3463bfd3a6274d51bae5c8390fc.png


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Ultimate Wishlist


My goal is first to have one dragon of every breed, then to have a breeding pair of every breed. If I manage that then I will probably move on to collecting any alts, colors/etc. 

I'm not picky on CB versus bred, nor do I mind weird lineages or anything else, I'm happy to take in whatever will help me meet my goal.



Standard Dragons



Aeon Wyvern egg.gif Aeon wyvern

Azure Glacewing egg.gif Azure Glacewing

Blusang Lindwyrm egg.png Blusang lindwyrm

Fire Gem blue egg.png Fire Gem (any color)

Gold egg.gif Gold

Golden Wyvern egg.gif Golden Wyvern

Kingcrowne egg.gif Kingcrowne

Labradorite egg.png Labradorite

Lihnseyre egg.gif Lihnseyre

Luminox Wyvern egg.gif Luminox

Magma egg.gif Magma

Neglected egg.gif Neglected (hatchie is good for this too, i'm not confident in my ability to make a neglected egg and it not die) 

Rift Wyrm egg.gif Rift Wyrm

Summer egg.gif Summer (I have Spring but can't for the life of me figure out seasons here)

Autumn egg.gif Autumn

Winter egg.png Winter

Gold Shimmer-scale egg.png Shimmerscale (any color)

Silver egg.gif Silver

Thunder egg.gif Thunder

Tideweaver egg.gif Tideweaver

Gold Tinsel egg.gif Tinsel (any color)

Vampire egg.gif Vampire

Staterae Xenowyrm egg.gif Xenowyrm (Staterae)

Umbra Xenowyrm egg.gif  Xenowyrm (Umbra)

Zyumorph alpine egg.png Zyumorph (any color)


Two Headed Dragons



Bauta egg.gif Bauta

Blancblack egg.gif Blancblack

Ciriax egg blue.gif Ciriax Lindwyrm (any color)

Geminae egg.gif Geminae

Nexus egg.png Nexus





Pygmy egg.gif Common 

Glowback Pygmy egg.gif Glowback

Kyanite Pygmy egg.gif Kyanite

Mariner egg.gif Mariner

Pargulus Pygmy egg.gif Pargulus

Red-Tailed Wyrm egg.gif Red-Tailed Wyrm





Honey Drake egg.gif Honey 

Howler Drake egg.png Howler

Pseudo-wyvern Drake egg.gif Psuedo-wyvern

Sunbeam Moonglow egg.gif Sunbeam

Vremya egg.gif Vreyma





Blue Dino egg.gif Blue Dino

Cheese egg.gif Cheese

Chicken Egg.gif Chicken

Green Dino egg.gif Green Dino

Paper egg.gif Paper

Purple Dino egg.gif Purple Dino

Red Dino egg.gif Red Dino

Yellow Dino egg.gif Yellow Dino

Valentine Leetle Tree.gif Leetle Tree


Holiday Dragons



Rosebud egg.gif Rosebud

Radiant Angel egg.png Radiant Angel

Heartstealing egg.png Heartstealing

Mutamore egg.gif Mutamore

Soulstone egg.png Soulstone

Floral-Crowned egg.png Floral-Crowned

Sakuhana Wyvern egg.png Sakuhana

Erador Lindwyrm egg.png Erador

Amarignis egg.gif Amarignis

Pumpkin egg.gif Pumpkin

Black Marrow egg.gif Black Marrow

Shadow Walker egg.gif Shadow Walker

Cavern Lurker egg.gif Cavern Lurker

Grave egg.png Grave

Desipis egg.png Desipis

Caligene egg.png Caligene

Witchlight egg.png Witchlight

Omen Wyrm egg.png Omen Wyrm

Arcana egg.png Arcana

Kohraki egg.png Kohraki

Pitfire egg.png Pitfire

Holly egg.png Holly

Yulebuck egg.gif Yulebuck

Snow Angel egg.gif Snow Angel

Ribbon Dancer egg.gif Ribbon Dancer

Holiday 2011 egg.png Blizzard Wizard

Wrapping-Wing egg.gif Wrapping-Wing

Solstice egg.gif Solstice

Mistletoe egg.png Mistletoe

Aegis egg.png Aegis

Snow egg.png Snow

Garland egg.png Garland

Starsinger egg.png Starsinger

Wintertide egg.png Wintertide

Glystere egg.png Glystere



For mates: (gendered hatchie given priority, but happy to raise egg on my own if you're ok with me trading/abandoning if it genders wrong)



Aeria Gloris egg.gif female aeria gloris

Aether Wyvern egg.png male aether wyvern

Albino egg.gif male albino

 Alcedine Wyvern egg.png female alcedine

Almerald egg.gif female almerald

Anagallis egg.png male anagallis

Antarean egg.gif male antarean

Aqualis egg.gif male aqualis

Aranoa egg.png male aranoa

Aria egg.png male aria

Arsani egg.gif male arsani

Ash egg.png female ash

Astaarus egg.png male astaarus

Avea Pygmy egg.gif female avea

Baikala brown egg.gif female baikala

Balloon egg.gif male balloon

Black Capped Teimarr egg.png female black capped teimar

Black Tea egg.png female black tea

Black Truffle egg.png male black truffle

Blacktip egg.gif female blacktip

Blazeback egg.gif female blazeback

Bleeding Moon egg.gif male bleeding moon

Blue-Banded egg.gif male blue-banded

Bolt egg.gif male bolt

Boreal egg.gif male boreal

Bright-breasted Wyvern egg.gif female bright-breasted

Brimstone egg.png male brimstone

Brute egg.png male brute

Candelabra egg.gif female candelabra

Canopy egg.gif male canopy

Cantormaris egg.gif male cantormaris

Carmine Wyvern egg.png female carmine

Cassare egg.gif female cassare

Celestial egg.png male celestial

Cloudplume egg.gif female cloudplume

Coastal Waverunner egg.gif male coastal waverunner (PENDING hatchie gender)

Copper Dragon1 egg.png female copper

Coral Pygmy Wyvern egg.gif female coral pygmy

Crimson Flare Pygmy egg.gif male crimson flare 

Crystalline egg.gif female crystalline

Dark Green egg.gif female dark green 

Daydream egg.gif female daydream (PENDING hatchie gender)

Deep Sea egg.gif female deep sea

Diamondwing egg.gif female diamondwing

Purple Dorsal egg.gif male dorsal

Duotone egg.png female duotone

Electric egg.png male electric

Elux Lucis egg.png male elux lucis

Ember egg.gif male ember

Equinox egg.png female equinox

Falconiform Wyvern egg.png male falconiform

Fell egg.png male fell

Fever Wyvern egg.png female fever

Flamingo egg.gif male flamingo

Floret Wyvern egg gold.gif male floret iris 

Freckled egg.png male freckled 

Frilled egg.png female frilled

Frostbite egg.png male frostbite

Galvanic egg.gif male galvanic

Gemshard egg.png male gemshard

Gilded Bloodscale egg.gif male gilded bloodscale

Glaucus Drake egg.png female glaucus

Gold-horned Tangar egg.gif male gold-horned tangar

Greater Spotted Drake egg.png female greater spotted drake

Green egg.gif female green (PENDING hatchie gender)

Harvest egg.gif male harvest

Heartseeker egg.gif female heartseeker

Hellfire Wyvern egg.gif male hellfire

Hooktalon egg.png male hooktalon

Hydrophidius egg.png hydrophidius (PENDING hatchie gender)

Ice egg.gif Ice (PENDING hatchie gender)

Imperial Fleshcrowne egg.gif male imperial fleshcrowne

Khusa egg.gif female khusa

Kovos Pygmy egg.png male kovos

Lacula egg.gif female lacula

Leodon egg.gif female leodon

Lumina egg.png female lumina

Dark Lumina egg.gif female lumina dark

Lunar Herald gold egg.gif male lunar herald

Magelight Pygmy Wyvern egg.gif female magelight

Magnesium egg.gif female magnesium amphiptere

Melismor egg.png female melismor

Mimic Pygmy egg.png male mimic

Misfit Pygmy egg.gif male misfit

Mistlet egg.gif female mistlet

Mistra egg.png male mistra

Monarch egg.gif female monarch

Sunbeam Moonglow egg.gif female moonglow

Moonstone egg.GIF female moonstone

Morphodrake egg.png male morphodrake

Nebula egg.gif male nebula

Neotropical egg.png male neotropical

Nhiostrife Wyvern egg.gif male nhiostrife

Nilia Pygmy egg.gif male nilia

Nobleshield egg.png female nobleshield

Nocturne egg.gif male nocturne

Ochredrake egg.png female ochredrake

Olive egg.gif male olive

Pillow egg.gif female pillow

Pink egg.gif male pink

Pipio Pygmy egg.gif female pipio

Plated Colossus egg.gif female plated colossus

Purple egg.gif male purple

Pyrovar egg.gif female pyrovar

Razorcrest Wyvern egg.gif male razorcrest

Red egg.gif male red

Royal Blue egg.gif male royal blue

Royal Crimson egg.PNG male royal crimson

Sandwaste egg.gif male sandwaste

Sapo egg.png female sapo

Sapphire egg.gif male sapphire

Scimitar-wing Wyvern egg.png male scimitar-wing

Script egg.gif female script

Spring egg.gif male spring

Seawyrm egg.gif male seawyrm

Serrati egg.gif female serrati

Shallow Water egg.gif shallow water (PENDING hatchie gender)

Sinii Krai egg.gif female sinii krai

Siyat egg.png male siyat

Skysilk egg.png female skysilk

Skystrider egg.gif female skystrider

Skywing egg.gif male skywing

Speckle-Throated egg.gif female speckle-throated

Spinel Wyvern green egg.png male spinel wyvern

Spirit Ward egg.png female spirit ward

Spitfire egg.gif male spitfire

Split egg.gif male split

Spotted Greenwing egg.gif female spotted greenwing

Stone egg.gif female stone

Storm egg.gif female storm

Stratos egg.png male stratos

Blue Striped egg.gif male striped

Striped River egg.gif female striped river

Sunrise-Sunset egg.gif Sunrise (PENDING hatchie gender)

Sunsong Amphiptere egg.gif male sunsong

Sunstone egg.gif female sunstone

Swallowtail egg.gif male swallowtaail

Sweetling egg.gif female sweetling

Tarantula Hawk Drake egg.png male tarantula hawk 

Tatterdrake egg.gif male tatterdrake

Tercorn egg.gif female tercorn

Tetra egg.gif male tetra

Tri-Horn Wyvern egg.png female tri-horn

Tsunami Wyvern egg.gif male tsunami wyvern

Two-Finned Bluna egg.gif male two-finned bluna

Undine egg.png female undine

Valentine egg.gif male valentine dragon 2009

Venturis egg.gif male venturis

Water egg.gif male water

Water Walker egg.gif male water walker

Waterhorse egg.gif female waterhorse

Whiptail egg.gif male whiptail

Aquilo Xenowyrm egg.gif male xenoworm aquilo

Aso Xenowyrm egg.gif Xenowyrm (Aso) (PENDING hatchie gender)

Astrapi Xenowyrm egg.gif female xenowyrm astrapi

Chrono Xenowyrm egg.gif female xenowyrm chrono

Gaia Xenowyrm egg.gif female xenowyrm gaia

Ke'maro Xenowyrm egg.gif male xenowyrm ke'maro

Mageia Xenowyrm egg.gif female xenowyrm mageia

Obidar Xenowyrm egg.gif male xenowyrm obidar 

Pharos Xenowyrm egg.gif male xenowyrm pharos 

Pyro Xenowyrm egg.gif male xenowyrm pyro

Thalassa Xenowyrm egg.gif female xenowyrm thalassa

Xol blue egg.gif male xol

Yellow-Crowned egg.gif male yellow-crowned



Current Releases still needed (per the wiki- i'm not trying for variants yet)


floret wyvern alstro (any color)


hybrids I am trying to breed for



dusk pygmy



royal eminence





Note: This wishlist is mostly so that I have a single place to refer to for my collecting, but if you'd like to contribute I am grateful and will repay you and/or pay it forward when i am able to. I am fairly new to the game and still learning lots about the mechanics of everything. I played for maybe a month when I first joined and just restarted around february/march of 2021 so I am missing quite a lot.



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