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Emerald01 Scroll ~ Emerald01 Profile ~ Wish List

I accept IOUs. I try to answer every PM that I get. If you do not get a response from me, please PM again.

Offering IOUs for 2nd gen offspring of Christmas Past

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    Always looking for Silvers
    1 female Gold
    Azure Glacewing - male
    Bauta - female
    Dusk Pygmy
    Firegem - any color
    Floret Wyvern - any color
    Honey Drake - female
    Kyanite Pygmy
    Red-Tailed Wyrm - female
    Script - males
    Spinel Wyvern - greens
    Tetra - female
    Zyumorph - any color

    2nd gen Shimmerscale dragon
    2nd gen Alt Vine male - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
    2nd gen Alt Black x2 - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
    2nd gen tinsels
    2nd gen Snow Angel from Purple Nebula
    2nd gen Purple Nebula from Snow Angel and Purple Nebula
    2nd gen Purple Neb from Purple Neb and Black
    2nd gen Black from Purple Neb and Black
    Any bloodswaps for Avatars of ? 2nd gen.
    Need mates for 2nd gen holiday dragons on 5th page of my scroll.
    Any bloodswaps for Avatars of ? 2nd gen.

    Any lineage - hatchlings for freezing

    Thunder - female
    Magma - s1
    Ice - male
    Alt black - s1 curled, female curled, female sitting, male curled
    Deep Sea - male
    Spotted Greenwing - female
    --Blusang - s1, female
    --Green Opal - s1
    --Purple Opal - , female, s1
    --Gilded Bloodscale - male, female
    Black Capped Teimarr - male, female
    Olive - male, female
    Bright-breasted Wyvern - female
    Canopy - male
    Seragamma Wyvern - male, female
    Tan Ridgewing - s1, male, female
    Day Glory - male
    Sunstone - male
    Ember - male
    White Stripe - female
    Green Stripe - female
    Black Stripe - s1, male
    Dark Myst Pygmy - male
    Misfit Pygmy - female
    Gold Tinsel - s1, female
    Silver Tinsel - female
    Bronze Tinsel - male
    Spring - s1, male
    Autumn - s1, male
    Winter - s1, male
    Cavern Lurker - s1, male, female
    Shadow Walker - s1, male, female
    Royal Crimson - female
    Blacktip dragons - s1, male, female
    Specklethroat - s1
    --Black Tea - s1
    --Gemshard -
    ----Red - s1, male, female
    ----Blue - male, female
    ----Green - male, female


    If I contact you about an IOU and do not get some kind of response within 24 hours I consider the IOU discharged and will move to the next one.


    >>Completed IOUs<<

    sent - Thanks Sugarbeets!

    2 purple hatchlings 1 female, 1 male in exchange for CB white - Complete

    2 purple hatchlings in exchange for Red - complete

    CB blusang for Royal Blue - complete

    Calelle x Leartica pink (for 2G Bluna) - complete

    Windnose - Complete
    sent CB blusangs and Olives
    Exchange for 2x 2g SW iou

    2G Marrow x Old Pink

    That Simplistic Chaos - Complete
    CB Blusang for CB White - message sent 6:20pm 1/8/13
    No response as of 1/10 11pm - IOU Discharged
    Got PM from this person that they are no longer active and don't need the IOU.

    VampireArmy - Done
    CB Blusang for CB White and Nebula

    Scyleia - Complete
    4 CB low-time hatchlings

    Dawnfur - Complete
    2nd gen PB Red

    Alasse - Complete
    Black x Old Pink

    MrsKoolAid - Message sent 1/24/13 7:53pm EST
    No response 1/26/13 11:00pm EST
    IOU Discharged
    Alt black owed for Nebula

    Ixcalia - Message sent 1/26/13 11:01pm
    Alt black owed for Nebula

    Psykotika - Completed 2/1/13
    3 CB Skywing hatchlings
    2 CB Sunsong hatchlings

    Ponystar17 - Completed
    Tri-Horn Yulebuck baby

    ManyVoices - Completed
    2nd gen Silver trade

    Owe 3 Spitfire hatchlings - 1 sent, other 2 sent

    2nd gen Heartseeker from Old Pink - Sent
    In exchange for #10 on Prize Dragon 2nd gen list

    Valeth - 10 CB GW to me for CB Silver