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Please consult the calendar so you will know your offspring's color! IOUs accepted

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    Need Lunar Herald offspring and Holiday offspring from specific combos listed in spreadsheet. Completed combos are filled with gray. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b-mRnH90osWsOncFlDyPuSnYAk3fo_AbvNDFKalEVa8/edit?usp=sharing

    Valentine's Day
    2G Lunar Heralds x Holidays wish list - Need both Holiday and Lunar Herald offspring
    Silver x Alt Sweetling
    Silver x Arsani
    Gold x Heartseeker
    Gold x Floral-Crowned
    Gold x Soulstone
    Bronze x Radiant Angel
    Bronze x Sakuhana Wyvern
    Indigo x Mutamore
    Indigo x Heartstealing

    Silver x Grave
    Silver x Cavern Lurker
    Silver x Witchlight
    Silver x Omen Wyrm
    Gold x Caligene
    Gold x Cavern Lurker
    Gold x Desipis
    Gold x Kohraki
    Bronxe x Kohraki
    Bronxe x Caligene
    Bronxe x Shadow Walker
    Indigo x Shadow Walker
    Indigo x Cavern Lurker
    Indigo x Witchlight
    Indigo x Omen Wyrm
    Arcana x ???

    Silver x Wrapping-Wing
    Silver x Solstice
    Silver x Mistletoe
    Silver x Aegis
    Silver x Starsinger
    Gold x Wintertide
    Gold x Ribbon Dancer
    Gold x Snow Angel
    Gold x Garland
    Gold x Snow
    Bronxe x Mistletoe
    Bronxe x Aegis
    Bronxe x Starsinger
    Bronxe x Snow
    Bronze x Aegis
    Bronxe x Spriter's Alt Wrapping Wing
    Indigo x Solstice
    Indigo x Mistletoe
    Indigo x Snow
    Indigo x Spriter's Alt Wrapping Wing