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Scroll * Wishlist * Man o' War lineage project

Will happily breed upon request * cool with IOUs

If you have one of my offspring with a missing parent's name, please PM me. I'm working on getting them all named, but it's slow going.

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    If I contact you about an IOU and do not get some kind of response within 24 hours I consider the IOU discharged and will move to the next one.

    Aeria Gloris
    1 female Gold
    Baikala – Blue (Coastal) – female
    Bauta - male
    Dusk Pygmy
    Fire Gem – green and blue
    Floret Wyvern – Purple
    Leodons (low priority)
    Mariner pygmy female
    Morphodrake - males
    Siyat – blue female and purple male
    Tetra - females
    Zyumorph - Pink (Coast), White (Forest) female, Yellow (Jungle), Blue (Desert) female

    Carina – 2g – preference given to Green Nebula-Tan Ridgewing parents
    Need mates for 2nd gen holiday dragons on my scroll.
    2nd gen Boreals from Shadowwalkers
    2nd gen Embers from Grave

    2nd gen Shimmerscale dragon
    2nd gen Alt Vine male - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
    2nd gen Alt Black x2 - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
    2nd gen tinsels
    2nd gen Snow Angel from Purple Nebula
    2nd gen Purple Nebula from Snow Angel and Purple Nebula
    2nd gen Purple Neb from Purple Neb and Black
    2nd gen Black from Purple Neb and Black

    Any lineage - hatchlings for freezing

    Thunder - female
    Magma - s1
    Ice - male
    Alt black - s1 curled, female curled, female sitting, male curled
    Deep Sea - male
    Spotted Greenwing - female
    --Blusang - s1, female
    --Green Opal - s1
    --Purple Opal - , female, s1
    --Gilded Bloodscale - male, female
    Black Capped Teimarr - male, female
    Olive - male, female
    Bright-breasted Wyvern - female
    Canopy - male
    Seragamma Wyvern - male, female
    Tan Ridgewing - s1, male, female
    Day Glory - male
    Sunstone - male
    Ember - male
    White Stripe - female
    Green Stripe - female
    Black Stripe - s1, male
    Dark Myst Pygmy - male
    Misfit Pygmy - female
    Gold Tinsel - s1, female
    Silver Tinsel - female
    Bronze Tinsel - male
    Spring - s1, male
    Autumn - s1, male
    Winter - s1, male
    Cavern Lurker - s1, male, female
    Shadow Walker - s1, male, female
    Royal Crimson - female
    Blacktip dragons - s1, male, female
    Specklethroat - s1
    --Black Tea - s1
    --Gemshard -
    ----Red - s1, male, female
    ----Blue - male, female
    ----Green - male, female