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    Reading books, art, role-playing, swimming, fishing, anime, video games, and etc.

    Dragon Wishlist

    Always seeking these dragons, so feel free to message me if you'd rather offer on any CB rares I might have!

    (I would love to have them as CB pairs! Meaning MxF, I'll also be willing to trade rare CBs for a pair on my list. (Excluding: Prizekins/Metalkins/Neglected/Silver/Gold/Copper dragons.) I'll obviously trade more for them as a single.)

    CB Neglected (Female)
    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    CB Copper (Rainbow/Green)
    Blue Dino
    CB Antarean
    CB Aranoa
    CB Avea Pygmy
    CB Balloon
    CB Bauta
    CB Black Capped Teimarr
    CB Black Truffle
    CB Blacktip
    CB Bleeding Moon
    CB Blue-Banded
    CB Carmine Wyvern
    CB Coral Pygmy Wyvern
    CB Dark Mist Pygmy
    CB Ember
    CB Floret Wyvern (Purp/Yellow)
    CB Freckled Dragon
    CB Glaucus Drake
    CB Glowback Pygmy
    CB Hellfire Wyvern
    CB Hooktalon
    CB Kyanite Pygmy
    CB Lunar Herald (Bronze/Silver Variants)
    CB Mint
    CB Monarch
    CB Pinks (Want for breeding.)
    CB Purples (Want for breeding.)
    CB Reds (Want for breeding.)
    CB Common Pygmy
    CB Seasonal (Summer/Autumn/Winter)
    CB Speckle-Throated
    CB Spinel Wyvern (Both Variants)
    CB Spirit Ward
    CB Striped (White)
    CB Sunrise
    CB Sunset
    CB Tetra
    CB Split


    Will take any interesting lineages of dragons preferably, Gen 2, 3 being max. Would love to get clean lineages with dragons above!
    Alt Blacks
    Alt Dark Green
    Alt Sweetling