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Wishlist as of 08/18/2021 ⟵

Looking for: 2g-3g nicely named SAltkins or Prizes (Stairs & Checkers)

Accepting: Messy lineages to freeze | Pretty lineages of inbreds to grow up

Missing Mate: 3g SS (male) from Dark Lumina (female) Stair | For Infinite Jewels

Hoarding: All CBs of Red, Aeon, Xenos, Blue Electric, Amethyst/Aqua/Citrine Gemshards.

Catching up: Naming all my dragons on my scroll, excluding special codes.

Wishful thinking: CB ND, CB Stat, CB Pink/Yellow Sapphire, 2g Prize x SAlt

⟶ Always on the lookout for any holiday checkers or other pretty lineages. ⟵

A special thank you to those who've helped & gifted me dragons to build my scroll.

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    Updated 08/18/2021; All IOUs completed.

    Please PM me first before gifting or trading with me to see if I have room on my scroll. If you see that I have an open spot, double-check with me to see if it's truly open or reserved for an incoming egg and/or hatchie.

    ⟶ I accept any messy lineages, but will freeze the hatchies.
    ⟶ I also accept inbred eggs / hatchies; if they have a pretty lineage, I'll let them grow up as an adult on my scroll, but will not continue the lineage.
    ⟶ All gifted dragons will be placed in the "Gifted From Others" group. Gifters' names are separated with a frozen Daydream hatchie.

    ⟶ Looking for CB Codes: Solar, Aries, Kirby, Yoshi & Oreos. Will trade / breed whatever I can.
    ⟶ Holiday (low-gen) checkers and other pretty lineages are always welcomed. This, also, includes SAltkins.
    ⟶ Holiday Prizes 2g-3g are always welcomed (checkers, stairs, even-gen).
    ⟶ 2g Thuweds would be amazing! I would be over the moon to have a pretty checkered, clean 100% Thuwed lineage.
    ⟶ 2g SA x Prize will be a dream to have!
    ⟶ To view more of what's on my wishlist, please click the link in my signature.

    ⟶ If you are a spriter / pixel art expert and have some free time, I'd like to ask some specific questions and perhaps gain some advice/tips on how to create my very first sprite. Thank you.