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Wishlist as of 10/20/2019 & Halloween LAL as of 10/1/2019


I accept messy lineages to freeze & inbreds to grow up (if they have a pretty lineage).

Currently hoarding CB/PB/Checker Red & Pink (nicely named parents) eggs / hatchlings to get ready for the holidays.

Halloween & Valentine dragons are two of my favorites, but I am always on the lookout for any holiday checkers or other pretty lineages.

A special thank you to those who've helped and gifted me dragons to build my scroll.

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    Please PM me first before gifting or trading with me to see if I have room on my scroll. If you see that I have an open spot, double-check with me to see if it's truly open or reserved for an incoming egg and/or hatchling.

    I accept any messy lineages, but will freeze the hatchlings.

    I also accept inbred eggs / hatchlings; if they have a pretty lineage, I'll let them grow up as an adult on my scroll, but will not continue the lineage.

    All gifted dragons will be placed in the "Gifted From Others" group. Gifters' names are separated with a frozen Daydream hatchling.

    ⤜ Halloween will be my first holiday on DC and Halloween dragons are one of my favorites. I'm hoping to have as many as I can on my scroll along with the other holiday breeds. Checkers and other pretty lineages are always welcomed. This, also, includes SAltkins.

    ⤜ 2g Thuweds would be amazing! I would be over the moon to have a pretty checkered, clean 100% Thuwed lineage.

    ⤜ Valentine dragons have become another favorite of mine, especially Arsani, Sweetling and Heartstealing. A Blue Arsani checker will be a dream to have!

    ⤜ To view more of what's on my wishlist, please click the link in my signature.