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Hello! I'm Tg! I'm CB and 2G collector! ^^ Spirit Ward Hoarder!
2B07.png.31e5e1630353c29ac683da2cb77cefc8.png   My    scroll   and     wishlists!   sMVB.png.c3d5e7714e2d6c7bd93705242405e39a.png

  latest?cb=20170625234734 Always looking for this!latest?cb=20170625234735  
❤️ ❤️❤️ Spirit Wards, Aegides, Antareans,  Nebulas, Celestials, 2G AvatarsTercorn, Terrae, 2G Alt Blacks ❤️❤️❤️ 
❤️ ❤️ ALL 2G Hybrids, Aeons, Xenos, Swallowtails, Nocturnes, Aethers, Aeria Gloris, Guardians  ❤️❤️
❤️ Coppers, Whites, Pyralspites, Pillows, Trios❤️ 
Just love them the most! ^^

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    with my bear <3
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    Hey, glad to see you here! Call me Dust(or Nana#0996/Tg on Discord). My scroll name too long (1010100_1100111) and this should sounds like "Tg" what don't have any sense yeah ^^'
     It can be a little bit hard to understand each other because I don't really know English language. I'm only study it right now. I hope is not a problem!
     I collect CB and 2G dragons and would cool if we trade our children or something. I already have some ready breeding pairs and can add more. I'm trying to keep my pairings clean (yeah I made some mistakes)
    Well, I'm not so picky about trading but I have one MAIN rule:
    NO MESSY! (I mean only some format, like EG, ST, Heart) Also, I don't really like usual checkers, inbreedings and PB (but I have some anyway xd)
    3G or 4G needed until it have special (project, just cute too) lineage. ^^ nothing up 5G!
    Named parents preferred, all my dragons have names - one word or phrase, I don't really care. If i breed our babes, its line would look pretty!
    (Also I'm some kind of artist and dream about my own dragon on this site yep)
    Right now filling my CB collection and freezed hatchies.I really love Spirit Wards! <3 <3 <3
    I'm not biting, feel free for PM aaand good luck everyone!
    IOU friendly!

    Active IOU:
    none ^^

    My closed IOUs:
    wheeloftime13 - 20/20 hatchie, for Ungendered ND, DONE
    bonvoyage 2/2 rare, 2/2 glowback, for 2g Avatar Prizekin, DONE
    Cyradis4 - 40 hatchie, for 2G SAlt, DONE

    IOU for me:
    None ^^

    Forbidden IOU
    ymmen - 2G SA for 2G Thuwed, dead (scroll are burned ^^")

    ~~My dream <3 ~~