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    Hey, glad to see you here! Call me Dust(or Nana on Discord). My scroll name too long and this should sounds like "Tg" what don't have any sense yeah ^^'
     It can be a little bit hard to understand each other because I don't really know English language. I'm only study it right now. I hope is not a problem!
     I like CB and 2G dragons and would cool if we trade our children or something. I don't have really rare thing so I don't know what you can maybe want take from my scroll.. Also I already have some ready breeding pairs and can add more. I'm trying to keep my pairings clean (yeah I made some mistakes)
    Well, I'm absolutely not picky about trading but I have one MAIN rule:
    NO MESSY! (I mean only EG or ST format. If its not a checker it alright)
    3G needed until it have special (project, just cute too) lineage. ^^
    Named parents please, all my dragons have names - one word or phrase, I don't really care. If i breed our babes, its line would look pretty!
    (Also I'm some kind of artist and dream about my own dragon on this site yep)
    I REALLY love almost all Holiday (Halloween, Val) dragons but my favorite are Aegis, Arcanas, SW and Witchlights. Yeah i love all dragons but this breeds more.
    I'm not biting, PM if you know how it works aaand good luck everyone!