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I’m THAT person who doesn’t really like most of the common dragons xD

I’ve learnt enough Dragon Scroll sorting to know exactly where to find holiday dragons on a messed-up scroll (like me) or ones that aren’t alphabetical sorted. Don’t be surprised if I asked you for pairs that you never bred before. 
I breed for free, All lineages I can breed in progress


No CB Prize gang

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    Somewhere in Asia, on Earth
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    Just another person on DC forums, taking 6 months hiatus in total each year.

    Quick Links:

    -Checkers I can breed: Spreadsheet Link
    -Holiday Checkers: Link to group
    -Non Holiday Checkers: Link to group

    Update Feed:
    As of 27/5/2020:
    I have found my reason of existence in the DC forums and community --- it's to bring all the dragons and people together, to create the biggest lineage there can possibly be, reach and set goals for all and connect everyone together as a community.

    Big Projects: (For the record I'll be focusing on one ((or two for one festival)) because I can't have 10 thousand and millions of projects at once, I'm not that kind of multitasker but hey my horoscope says I am. Coughs)


    Rosebud x White enthusiast, pm for more info.

    In 2023, if you have any Rosebud x White checkers you need mates for (without needing a mate with SAs), all you have to do is to ask me cause' I probably can breed one for you! (or know the person who breeds them!) 3gs? 4gs? 5gs? or maybe even 6gs? all ya do is to ask me!

    If anyone owns any of these offsprings below, please pm me!!

    Long Term Goals:
    -To be the first person to reach 12g seasonal x non seasonal even generation checker non inbred.
    -Get male CB Gold for my lil Cb Silver who has been alone for months