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6000&p=21622.jpg Hello there! [BreRo stands for BreathlessRose] 6000&p=21622.jpg
Adult | Female | Pansexual | Taken | Russia


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Silver Prize winner [Feb 2020]

Please click the dragon or check the profile if you are looking for my breeding info.

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    Russia; Moscow
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    My common interests are art, photography, graphics, psychology, philosophy, cinema, music and lyrics. I'm also a gamer and spend most of my time online!

    My most loved things at the moment are Starset (music band), Warrior cats (book series), the Witcher (book and game series), horror movies (with mystical aspects) and astrology. The mobile games I play are Summoners War (hiatus), CookieRun, Hello Brave Cookies and Pokemon Go.

    I have a bad physical and mental health, so it can be difficult for me to remain socially active. Sometimes I need time to answer some messages. Sometimes I hesitate to answer them at all. There is nothing personal, it just happens from time to time. I enabled e-mail notifications for any PMs here, but if I'm not active, feel free to write me directly to breathlessrose(at)gmail.com or @candythecorn using Telegram. But please, only use my contacts if we had talked in the forums before or are having any trades/IOUs. I'm not open to any other PMs at this time.

    I was playing Dragon Cave since 2009, yet I had to take several breaks, but then I was blessed with my own male Silver Tinsel named Retrograde. I'm trying to complete my dragon collection, and I'm not very interested in making descriptions for my dragons. Also I rarely name them due to the lack of motivation, but all my named CB dragons share the 'PG' tag, which refers to Panther's Grind (if you know where it derives from, give yourself a cookie!).

    I can breed almost anything I have on my scroll by a polite request, but commonly I just drop my eggs to AP or give them out somewhere on the forums. I also breed my Silver Tinsel every monday and am interested in trading my 2g prizes and prizekins away (IOU friendly). The breeding queue is listed below. Requests are currently OPEN, with the next ones PENDING:

    1. Sunrunner - Silver Tinsel x Heartstealing Dragon

    ↑ this can take a while (I am serious, like a couple of months!), so if you are planning to ask me for a breeding slot, take the long waiting time into account. PM to negotiate or look up for me in the trading section!

    Things I want:
    ✧ Neglects (both gendered and genderless)
    ✧ CBs I don't already have
    ✧ Female Antarean hatchlings (in bulk, 4+)
    ✧ New Xenowyrms
    ✧ 2g-3g SAltkins
    ✧ Nice and interesting lineages (surprise me!)

    Things I'm not interested in, but still can consider as a payment:
    ✧ other 2g prizes and 2g prizekins (pref. 2G offsprings from Male Silver Tinsels or 2G offsprings from Gold Tinsels)
    ✧ CB metals
    ✧ other CB rares (I use Dragcave Wiki as a rarity reference)

    I prefer EG to stairs/spirals. I do not consider messy dragons as anything valuable myself, along with any 'code names'. If you need to know exactly what I'm looking for, ask me or check my wishlist (the link is in the signature).

    Completed IOUs:
    Anilako | quitter [x2] | Lesh4537 [x3] | MinMin | Mystic_Halo | ... |